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Foreign policy


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Foreign policy

  1. 1. Foreign Policy By: Josie Cox
  2. 2. What is Foreign Policy?  A policy that is created to collaborate with other nations to achieve worldwide goals.
  3. 3. How can the President make Foreign Policy?  The President can make foreign policy through many ways, such as responding to foreign events and making legislation proposals.
  4. 4. How can Congress make Foreign Policy?  Congress can make foreign policy by legislative pressure and legislative restrictions/funding denials.
  5. 5. The Marshall Plan  The Marshall Plan was created to assist 16 European countries in rebuilding their society in the aftermath of World War II. Congress approved this plan in 1948, and succeeded in giving 13 million to these countries. I believe that this was important to the creation of Foreign Policy because it was a positive reaction to the disastrous results of WWII, and helped to build more positive relations between the US and Europe.
  6. 6. NATO in Foreign Policy  NATO’s main goal is to safeguard the security of its members. It politically encourages cooperation on defense and security issues to maintain a level of trust between nations. One event that it is involved in at the present time is a new strategic plan, introduced in 2010, to deal with crises that can occur. It is in place to help provide a calm and orderly approach to disasters.
  7. 7. United Nations in Foreign Policy  The United Nations is an organization founded to help keep international peace and security and develop friendly relations between nations. One event that the United Nations was recently involved in was a conference in Brazil to discuss and agree upon policies of global economic growth and environmental policies.
  8. 8. World Hunger Organization in Foreign Policy  The World Hunger Organization works with nations around the globe to help end the fight against world hunger. Their goal is to assist these nations, and provide better sources of nutrition. One event that they currently were involved in was the 2010-2012 Somalia famine that killed many people.
  9. 9. Foreign Policy affect on US Citizens  Foreign Policy can be crucial to the security and safety of the United States Citizens. Foreign Policy is created to insure that peace and stability is placed internationally. If the peace is interrupted, it can cause a breach of safety for our citizens. One example is the issue of terrorism from other nations on the United States. The well being of foreign policy is very important for our safety.
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