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Foreign policy powerpoint


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Foreign policy powerpoint

  1. 1. Foreign Policy Erin Underwood American Government
  2. 2. What is foreign policy? ● The US working with other countries in regards to economics and ideas.
  3. 3. Two ways the president can make foreign policy: ● Responding to foreign events ● Policy statements
  4. 4. Two ways Congress can make foreign policy: ● Informal advice ● Legislative pressure
  5. 5. Truman Doctrine ● ● This document pleaded with Congress for the US to assist Greece and Turkey in their time of need. I believe this is a crucial document to foreign policy because it encouraged the people of the US to help other countries and assist in foreign affairs.
  6. 6. Role of NATO ● ● They protect and preserve peace in the US when dealing with other countries. NATO has been working in Afghanistan to better their lives and help them for many years and still are there today.
  7. 7. United Nations ● ● This is a group of many allied countries who work together to better everyone. The UN recently assisted in a mission in Afghanistan that resulted in civilian deaths
  8. 8. World Hunger Organization ● ● This organization works to help feed the countries who do not have sufficient resources and struggle to find food. WHO recently celebrated World Food Day on October 16th.
  9. 9. Affected the average citizen ● ● One way foreign affairs affect the US people personally is the the amount of people who fight to help the other countries like Afghanistan. Countless soldiers from the US are out there fighting and their families and friends are affected by constantly worrying about their safety and praying for them to return home unharmed.
  10. 10. References ● ● ● ● ● ●