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Jackie Robinson Power Point


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Published in: Education
  • this is good. probably best info on him in the world
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Jackie Robinson Power Point

  1. 1. Jackie Robinson By Darwin J.
  2. 2. Family of a hero
  3. 3. Racism • He had to deal with it his whole life, • Rock fight • Army
  4. 4. College • Pasadena Junior college to UCLA • Track, Football, Baseball, Basketball • Four letters in college
  5. 5. Branch Rickey • Owner of Brooklyn Dodgers • Had His list of possible players
  6. 6. Game Racism • Lowest paid salary you can get at $5,000. • Hate letters • Players spiked him, pitchers beaned him, and fans would try to provoke him
  7. 7. successes • Rookie of the year his first season • First African American inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 1962 • Stole home base 19 times
  8. 8. His end • Died of a heart attack due to complications with diabetes. On October 24, 1972
  9. 9. The end
  10. 10. The end