Social Network and Open Innovation


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The goal of this Conference, it is to explore the impact of the methodologies of Analysis of Social Networks (ASN) in the opened innovation, demonstrating a radical change as for the distribution ways of the knowledge. The Departments of I+D corporate are disappearing to give step to Networks of I + D. We go on from a defensive strategy, based on legal Departments, managers of the protection of the knowledge, to another offensive based on scientific networks and from innovation, flexes and dynamics, which develop knowledge just in time and they come to the market in a most rapid and effective way.

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Social Network and Open Innovation

  1. 1. Social Networks & Open Innovation REGIONAL PROGRAMME OF INNOVATIVE PAMPLONA, 20th - 21st NOVEMBER Joan Merino Coach Innovate
  2. 2. Department of investigation and corporate development
  3. 3. Network of investigation and development
  4. 4. • INTERMEDIATION - transmission of knowledge - times that a certain node is in the most short way between other two. • CENTER to define the paper of broadcasting center or recipient of knowledge: position in the social network.
  5. 5. Knowledge of my organization 1 conquers: The book 2 conquers: Magazine (scientific publications) ritus of pas 3 conquers: Invisible Colleges. 4 conquers: Open Innovation
  6. 6. Invisible colleges; diffusion of knowledge in scientific communities (1972). Diana Crane • The Invisible College acts as a network of communication and exchange, precursor of the opened innovation. • Scientists' informal community that they exchange information.
  7. 7. To innovate: Another way of seeing, oir, of feeling …
  8. 8. Vision of the Open Innovation Investigation - Research - Governments - Industry - Persons
  9. 9. My Conference describes the beginning of stimulating the creativity, how it is promoted across the Social Networks, which multiply the capacity of opening to the knowledge.
  10. 10. • Innocentive Challenges. A singular problem published in the • The whole seeker of Innocentive, on the marketplace market of the opened Innovation. • Innocentive ONRAMP: (Open orientated when Innovation Rapid Adoption constructs a model of Methods and Practices): set of professional services and I+D, taking like I Innocentive's technical resources shape the social (scientists, doctors, consultants) to help the enterprise to adopt networks, providing processes of open innovation an interesting • Innocentive Work: the first step towards the Innovation opened in exchange of the Organizations: a complete suite knowledge. of offers, which help to create an internal network, based on the collaboration.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. NINESIGMA allows to accede to innovative ideas, technologies, products and services from the exterior of the organizations, across the connection to the best solution of los/as innovators of the whole world.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Network of veteran scientists / veteran offering experience to help to accelerate paces of innovation. Basically they offer quot;connectionsquot; to contribute the only solutions, for exceptional results.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Slideshare is a model orientated to the knowledge
  17. 17. ... the IDEAS born in NETWORK If the knowledge of my organization, is connects with the knowledge of other organizations, my innovation processes will multiply exponentially through social networks.
  18. 18. THANK YOU