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Maine Residence Presentation

Landscape design and construction project on the seacoast of Maine

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Maine Residence Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Maine Residence The property was purchased about 6 years ago with the land already cleared. New architectural plans began to come together with the house being placed where a previous house once was located. EGD's goal was to fit the house within the surrounding landscape. Our plans included the deck extension, all of the hardscape and plantings. We are still developing this landscape, working our way out from the ocean side due to the limited accessibility. The stone comes from on-site and from a nearby quarry and has been installed by a local stone artisan. This has been a very exciting project for us, and we look forward to continuing with more stone work and plantings this spring.
  3. 3. Before we began, the house sat in the air and was disconnected from the landscape.
  4. 4. This is before the screen porch was installed, but again you can see how high the house was in comparison to the land.
  5. 5. On the corner of the house, we had to connect to the driveway and garage, not pictured, as well as have a nice transition in grade of about six feet.
  6. 6. The connection was made with the deck extension and stone path. The stone wall will have a set of stone stairs wrapping the curve down to the lower grade this spring. During the construction of the landscape, no cement has been used, everything is dry layed stone.
  7. 7. Plants have been used to add color and to soften the stone surrounding the site. It has also brought lots of birds, butterflies, and many other great creatures.
  8. 8. The dry layed stone wall will have the steps on the right, leading up to the drive.
  9. 9. The South terraces are a wonderful place to read and overlook the ocean while working on your tan!
  10. 10. The terrace, only two steps down from the deck, help to set the house within the landscape, and give you a wonderful view of the ocean.
  11. 11. Our latest addition to the project is the stone table and small terrace. In the afternoon when the south terrace may be too hot for some, this sits in the shade, with a cool ocean breeze. It is also a wonderful place to sit and have your morning coffee while reading your favorite landscape book!
  12. 12. Would you really not want to have breakfast here?
  13. 13.