Southern Illinoiss Univversity yCarbondale Southern Illinoi Uni ersit Carbondale    2008 NSAC AIM Campaign Book2008 NSAC A...
The Great Sphinx in Egypt is carved out of rock. It has the head of a    Pharaoh and the body of a lion, representing wisd...
Executive Summary                                                                                                        T...
Situation			                        Analysis      	      As a part of the digital generation, the executives at Sphinx Adv...
Company Analysis                                            Competitive Analysis	        AOL LLC. is an Internet service a...
Our data shows that our audience spends                do on food (Research Wikis). However, the purchaseConsumer Analysis...
Teens are also now known as “contentTraditional media                                                    creators.” More t...
• Blogging - Blog advertising accounted for 81.4%, or $16.6 million, of totalMarket Trends                                ...
According to our survey, 54% of more than 400                                                        Ease of Use          ...
Brand Analysis                                             Perceptual Map                                                 ...
SWOT                                                                                         Problems &                   ...
Brand			     Strategy            The 20/20 Campaign       12
Brand StrategyObjectives:                                              Target Audence                                     ...
Creative ExecutionsProduct IntergrationAIM Flash	       The portable drive itself is a braceletdesigned for a comfortable,...
The Browser Window Anatomy                                                                           	         Once a user...
AIM and AIM Flash and engage consumers in using                                                         the products.Brand...
Scavenger Hunt                        	        The “Rock your Campus” viral campaign                        will be a mixt...
Brand InteractionPS3 Integration	         AIM will implement a new downloadableversion of its software specially designed ...
Chats	       AIM Chats will allow users to submit questions to celebrities that are deemed popular and respected by the me...
In Store Ads                                              LED Billboards	         Point of Purchase displays featuring AIM...
Web Redesign                                             Social Networking	         As mentioned, some of the major proble...
Media			     Strategy       22
Media Strategy                                           BudgetMedia Objectives                                           ...
Media TacticsInternet: Banner Ads, Skins, Keywords                  Website                                               ...
Product Placement                                        Newspaper Insert	        Sphinx has chosen three television progr...
Flow Chart    Media                  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec % of Budg.    CostPromotional Event  ...
ReferencesAOL Instant Messenger Home Page                          CEO Refresher 2003, MRI Twelve Plus 2003, Projected    ...
Acknowledgements               This campaign was a true collaborative effort involving numerous departments across campus,...
Aaf 2008 aim campaign final files
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Aaf 2008 aim campaign final files


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Integrated Marketing Campaign which placed 2nd in an Regional National Student Advertising Competition.

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Aaf 2008 aim campaign final files

  1. 1. Southern Illinoiss Univversity yCarbondale Southern Illinoi Uni ersit Carbondale 2008 NSAC AIM Campaign Book2008 NSAC AIM Campaigns Book
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. The Great Sphinx in Egypt is carved out of rock. It has the head of a Pharaoh and the body of a lion, representing wisdom and strength.Carbondale is the heart of “little Egypt” in Southern Illinois. It is the home to Southern Illinois University, the Salukis, and Sphinx Advertising. Sphinx measures and defines success by building relationships with clients and providing innovative solutions to their challenges. In the spirit of our namesake, we believe that the best ideas come from a synergistic blend of integrated marketing communications. Brains and brawn. Youthfulness and yearning. Intelligenceand instinct. Learning and living. It is our belief that each of these elements is fundamental in creating an invigorating and successful campaign. Delivering strong results and powerful ideas, we are Sphinx Advertising--an Integrated Marketing Agency. 2
  4. 4. Executive Summary Table of Contents The case study provided by AOL directed us Other features include a new dynamic interface,to develop a recommendation for the implementation synchronization of the Xdrive with the USB storageof an advertising plan targeted at men and women, device, and AIM Tunes. About Sphinx 2ages 18-24. Emphasis is placed on nontraditional We chose to name our brand strategy 20/20 Executive Summary 3marketing vehicles and a creative strategy that will because it reflects a plan that not only addresses themake AIM top of mind among our target audience. Situation Analysis 4-11 problems of today, but plans for the long-term futureThe budget for the campaign is $25 million. of AIM. This plan will bring the AIM brand out of its Company analysis 5The objectives addressed by this campaign are; current myopia and provide perfect 20/20 vision for Competitive Analysis 51) to increase trial and drive usage of AIM AIM and its users. Consumer Analysis 6-7 products by 15%, In order to execute this strategy, Sphinx2) to bridge the gap between AIM Messaging Advertising conceived tactics that adopt a 360° Market Trends 8 and AIM Social Media, and touch-point approach. The approach expands upon Product Analysis 9 AIM’s role in social media and online communication.3) to increase AIM brand awareness. One of our tactics involves a nationwide college Brand Analysis 10 To ensure that the campaign resonates with promotional event to publicize and distribute AIM SWOT/our target market, Sphinx Advertising undertook Flash drives to our target audience members. Another Problems and opportunities 11extensive primary research. We initiated an online tactic involves AIM Chats, in which users can havesurvey and conducted a focus group to understand their questions answered by various celebrities.These Brand Strategy 12-13the buying habits, media usage, and attitudes about tactics, along with others, are designed to engage the Creative Executions 14-21 online communication of those in our target audience in interaction with the brand while providingaudience. them a unique brand experience. Media Strategy 22-26 The information presented by the client The recommended media strategy reflects References 27and our primary research led Sphinx Advertising the media consumption of our target market and emphasizes nontraditional marketing vehicles to Acknowledgments 28to the following conclusion: In order to increasethe audience size of AIM, we need to enhance the efficiently reach its members.The budgetary allocationproduct with certain features that would serve as for the media mix is well balanced and uses differentdrivers for usage. These features are designed to IMC elements such as traditional media, the Internet,provide convenience and expedience by using a social promotional events, and other non-traditional andnetworking framework. This led to the conception of ambient media. The campaign will be evaluatedAIM Flash, a portable drive programmed with already at different stages to gauge its effectiveness andexisting AIM products. This device capsulates many of corrective actions will be taken if necessary.AIM’s best products, and it is the primary element ofour campaign. 3
  5. 5. Situation Analysis As a part of the digital generation, the executives at Sphinx Advertising have been active users of online communication for several years. Growing up in this technological era has given us the opportunity to fully explore the past and create the future of AOL Instant Messenger. This campaign has proven to be a challenge as the advances in instant messenger services and social networking sites are becoming increasingly innovative and ever changing. We will be introducing you to our primary research findings throughout the Situation Analysis. The methodology used in our primary research consisted of an online survey and a focus group discussion. We surveyed over 400 college students across universities in the Midwest, and our results indicate that AIM greatly exceeds its competition in likeability and everyday usage when compared to other messenger services. 4
  6. 6. Company Analysis Competitive Analysis AOL LLC. is an Internet service and media AOL Instant Messenger is a social media Userplane. AIM Pages also falls behind Blogger andcompany that is owned by Time Warner and based product that allows users to chat and share content Myspace Blogs in posting comments on other users’in New York City. The company began in 1985 as free of charge. It has positioned itself as the national pages. In the same realm, AOL Groups ranks last inan Internet Service Provider known as Quantum leader in usage among the messaging market. average monthly unique visits, with Yahoo! Groups atComputer Services, and later changed its name However, it remains in stiff competition with Yahoo! the top of the list. In mobile usage, however, AOL’sto America Online in 1989. By 2000, AOL usage Messenger and MSN Messenger as well as third parties mobile Web site receives more traffic in the U.S. thanexceeded 30 million and its stock value reached Trillion and ICQ both nationally and worldwide. As that of Google, MSN, and Yahoo! (Hitwise).$226 billion. Since its merger with Time Warner, opposed to in the United States, AIM ranks 4th in According to our primary research, the mosthowever, AOL has seen a significant plummet in its usage in the worldwide market. Yahoo! Messenger, popular email service used is the School Account (30%),value and subscription rates, and is now barely worth MSN Messenger, and Google Talk are AIM’s chief followed by Yahoo! (21.3%), Hotmail (19.2%), Gmail$20 billion with less than 13 million subscribers. contenders, but Yahoo! and newcomer Skype are (11.2%), & AOL (5.3%). About 60% say they do not haveCurrently, Time Warner is trying to spin off AOL looking to incorporate video and voice chat into their their own website or blog, but 96% say they do have aas two separate businesses: instant messengers as well, creating even tougher profile page on a social network. 58% of respondents competition for AIM (AIM Case Study). are on Facebook, 38% are on Myspace, and1.8% use 1) an Internet Service Provider Instant messaging services such as AIM have another social networking site. Only 76% responded that 2) a Content Provider. begun to see a slow decline in users due to the rising they used instant messaging regularly. AIM is the most As an ISP, AOL is attempting to popularity of free, ad supported, social networing sites frequently used messaging service with 82%, followed byreposition itself as a free open Internet content such as Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo. Due to their MSN Messenger with 27% of respondents and Yahoo!provider similar to Yahoo!, rather than offering a increasing usage, these sites are seen as competitors Messenger with 7%.closed set of services to subscribers. AOL’s revised to AIM Pages, People Connection, andmission, as of mid-2006, is “to serve the world’s largestand most engaged community,” looking to push the Brand Unique selling point and featurescompany forward. Among AOL’s brands and servicesare Quigo, Tacoda, Netscape, Moviefone, Mapquest, Yahoo! Messenger Has 17.7 million users. Offers conferencing and is supported by advertising. Partnerships includeTruveo, Goowy, and Weblogs, and the company is Micrsoft, Lotus, and Reuters Communication Services. Currently #2 in messaging.also partnered with the antivirus software provider, Windows Live Has 14.6 million users. Formerly known as MSN Messenger. Their current advertising slogan is “I’m Messenger Making a difference. You IM. We give.” Promotions are currently with Cause and Effect by mtvU called “TheMcAfee ( I’m Inititave.” It is also incorporated with Xbox Live. As a Content Provider, AOL was the first ICQ Has 29 millions users. Current slogan is “Everybody, Everywhere.” Some of its features are greeting cards,Internet service to integrate a web browser into mobile, video chat, groups, and forums.content, and the company also introduced the Skype 3.3 million users. Known mostly for their use of PC phone calling and is incorporated with Sony PSP.Buddy List in order to leverage instant messaging. In Google Talk 12.6 million users. It is a IM system that is bundled with Gmail and has been growing in popularity in the lastMay of 1997, AOL released AOL Instant Messenger, two years.a free instant messaging application that now allows Myspace A social networking site that offers IM, TV, Mobile, and is based around profiles. It is also advertising-supported. It is currently the 5th most popular website in the U.S.users to communicate over the Internet via text Facebook An advertising-supported social networking site. It offers games and applications, and is also based aroundmessaging, voice, and video. profiles. Started as a site exclusively for college students and largely popular among 18-24 year olds. 5
  7. 7. Our data shows that our audience spends do on food (Research Wikis). However, the purchaseConsumer Analysis 3-4 hours either hanging out with friends or on the Internet. Most spend 1-2 hours watching TV, reading of cell phones, digital audio players, and hand-held computer devices threaten the hold of the apparel the newspaper, or listening to the radio. industry, as well as the spending priorities of thisDemographics age group. Among college students, 41% own digital Ethnicity Breakdown White audio players and 90% own cell phones. These cell Consumers ages 13-28 make up the Hispanicsecond largest generation known as the Millennials, African American phone users are more likely to use their phones foror sometimes called Generation Y or Eco Boomers. 17% Asian text messaging and Internet use, making 18-24 yearAs of 2006, this generation totalled over 75 million olds the “leading market” in text messaging (Research 61%people, with a growing market value of over $100 Wikis).billion. Approximately 37.3% of 18-24 year olds arefull time college students.They are also more ethnicallydiverse than other generations, with 61% White, Psychographics17% Hispanic, 15% Black and 4% Asian. According to 15% Key characteristics of Millennials are:Deloitte Development LTC. 2006, “38% of Millennials • Tech savvyidentify themselves as ‘non-white.’ ” Also, another 4% Deloitte Development LTC • Optimisticstudy presented by Teenage Research Unlimited in • DiverseNorthbrook, IL concluded that 6 out of every 10 teens Purchasing behavior • Open-mindedsaid that “their friends included members of diverse • Impatientracial backgrounds.” Our audience communicates Not only are Millennials a large market • Connected 24/7face to face mostly with classmates, co-workers, and but they also have a spending power of around • Independentfriends. With acquaintances, our age group prefers $400 a month. The average adult consumer spends • Lifestyle-centeredto use social networking to get in contact with them. 80% of their before-tax income, whereas under-25 • Seek to make a differenceThe phone is used mostly to communicate with family consumers spend 108% of their before-tax income, • Comfortable with changemembers. which is over the index by 28! These figures are expected to continue to grow, reaching a 14.6% This generation has grown up around the increase and total income of $555 billion by 2009. Internet and has a more advanced way of seeking out Teens and adults13-24 years old have an aggregate information. They want instant gratification and look income of $335 billion and they are characterized as at information as simply being a “click away.” They also having excessive spending habits. They spend more hold a strong sense of individualism, self-assurance, on things like clothes and entertainment than they and freedom. The 18-24 year old age group is the “leading market” in Media and Technology ideas and usage text messaging. Millennials want and expect to have control over their media experiences through technology. Teens do not see technology such as DVRs, instant messaging, and wireless phones as anything “new.” Instead, they are considered fundamental extensions of their consciousness. According to Simmons, 15.5% of 18- 24 year olds agree that the Internet changed the way that they obtain information, compared to 19.7% that disagreed. Clearly, rather than seeing technologies like the Internet as innovations, Millennials view them as a way of life. 6
  8. 8. Teens are also now known as “contentTraditional media creators.” More than half of online teens say they create content through a variety of sources such as Males in this generation tend to read the blogs, social networking sites, or personal websites.traditional male magazines such as Maxim and Playboy, They also take existing content on the Internet andand Gamepro remains popular with the younger male make it their own by remixing it, and they often sharesegment. Females tend to read the same magazines as content that they have created with their friends.the younger females with the addition of Cosmopolitan Creating content on the Internet empowers teensto the mix. Popular magazines for females focus on to express themselves and be heard in ways neverlifestyles and celebrities such as Seventeen, People, before imagined. According to a Pew Internet study,and YM. 39% of teens share their own artistic creations online, According to Nielsen’s Media Research, such as artwork, photos, stories, and videos, whileAmerican Idol is among the Top 10 television shows another 51% say they currently download music only 19.5% of adults as a whole. About 25% of collegein teen homes. Generally, there are a higher number and 31% download videos. Teen downloaders get students receive cell phone ads, but only 5% of theof TV addicts among 18-24 year olds, yet they watch their music from multiple sources, either paying for recipients can recall the advertiser and a mere 1%one-third less television programming than 13-17 it through services like iTunes and or responded to the ads. Of these recipients, 92% sayyear olds. using peer-to-peer websites. that the ads are annoying, and 67% are less likely toAge Internet TV Radio Phone/cell purchase a product that uses text message advertising hrs/week hrs/week hrs/week hrs/week Advertising views (U.S. Youth Market Study 2005).13-25 17.4 15.0 14.4 8.116-18 17.3 12 11.3 7.6 Young women are said to pay great attention19-20 16.2 12 936 6.8 to celebrity endorsements and movie theater AIM Users21-24 15.5 13.7 10.9 7.5 advertisements. Among 18-24 year old women, 27.6% Of the 22 million AIM users, 20.7% are Yahoo! and Carat Interactive, 2003 enjoy reading magazine advertisements, compared between the ages of 18 and 24, over indexing total to AIM users by 77. An overwhelming 10.7% of thoseInternet and Social media users are students, with an index number of 299! Entertainment Internet has become a vital part of the teen Top Websites Visited Among users, 75% log onto AIM every day, and the Communicationconsumer’s everyday life. Approximately 88.7% of same percentage has sent instant messages in the past Work18-24 year olds are using the Internet, compared 30 days. According to the same study, 21% of AIM 12% Otherto 77.3% of the adult population. Millennials are also 29% users have published blogs and 34.8% have visitedvery likely to purchase items online, such as computer someone else’s blog in the same time period. Withproducts, travel services, and tickets to entertainment 22% the increase in popularity of cell phones, 28.1% ofevents. Overall, about 51% of females and 43.3% AIM users download content to their cellular devices,of males are active online buyers. Among college and 47.5% have sent or received text messages in thestudents, 97.7 million males and 98.8 million females past month (AIM Case Study).use the Internet, and 27.8% of men and 18% of femaleInternet users are considered to be heavy users.Furthermore, 49.4% of 18-24 year old Internet userssay that they are less likely to use television, magazines,newspapers, and radio due to the prevalence of the 37% Sphinx Advertising Primary ResearchInternet (Pew Internet, 2004). 7
  9. 9. • Blogging - Blog advertising accounted for 81.4%, or $16.6 million, of totalMarket Trends spending on user-generated online media in 2005, but blog ads will comprise only 39.7%, or $300.4 million, of overall spending in 2010, according to the Center for• Use of online video and advertising - Media Research.marketers spent an estimated $225million on Internet video advertisements Forms Of Communication most frequently usedin 2005, and that amount is said to • Virtual worlds - Parks Associates estimated in June 2007exceed $1.5 billion by 2009, according to Face to Face that $15 million was spent advertising in virtual worlds ineMarketer Instant Message the United States in 2006 and projected that it would rise Social Networking tenfold to $150 million in 2012 (eMarketer). Text Messaging• Mobile advertising - text messaging, Web Email Phone • Video game advertising - 2005 spending on in-gamemobile, content (i.e. viral videos, music advertising was $56 million, and this figure is estimatedvideos, commercial messages) - spending in to grow to $1.8 billion by 2010 according to MassiveU.S. on mobile ads exceeded $421 million Incorporated, although Yankee Group gives a lower estimatein 2006 is expected to reach $5 billion by at $732 million2011, according to research by eMarketer. • Within instant messaging: offline messaging, video chat &• The main form of communication most voice chat - will they become more widely used?frequently used is the cell phone, followedclosely by face-to-face interaction. Socialnetworking on a day-to-day basis ranked last asthe most frequent form of communication. 0 20 40 60 80 100• 37% of the target audience spends 3-4 Sphinx Advertising Primary Researchhours on the Internet per day, which account for bothpersonal and work related usage. About 26%spend 5-6 hours on the Internet a day, and 3% of studentsspend more than 10 hours a day browsing the Web. “All new technology comes from old technology, and is going somewhere else,• 99.2% have a cell phone, so mobile alerts would be a very effective way to reach and leaves a trail of terminology, ideas andour audience.. techniques in its wake. Change is inevitable;• Social networking - eMarketer projects that advertisers will spend over $1.3 preparedness for change can spell thebillion on social networking sites by the end of 2008. difference between survival and extinction.” -David Lance Goines 8
  10. 10. According to our survey, 54% of more than 400 Ease of Use File Transfer Product Analysis respondents said that their IM was not constantly logged in on their computer. Nearly 40% of those surveyed have Most Important Features Chatting Buddy Info 8% 5% Customization more than 100 friends on their Buddy List. 65% say 19% Accessibility AOL Instant Messenger, dubbed AIM, is an they exchange more than 10 messages in a typical 11% Privacy Setting ad-supported instant messaging program that is free conversation. 46% of the responses used IM Notifications None to registered users under certain copyrights and during the times of 5pm-10pm. 9% terms of use. Overall, current awareness of AIM is Mobile capabilities make AIM even 10% above 80% and has a market share of about 70% more universally appealing, giving users the (AIM Case Study). The majority of current AIM users option to have IM’s forwarded to their mobile 9% are now college students entering the job market. AIM devices, send an IM from your computer to a 18% became extremely popular among this generation friend’s phone, change your away message or status 11% Sphinx Advertising Primary Research throughout middle and high school. However, today’s by sending a text message to your AIM, or make a teens are more likely to use social networking sites phone call to a mobile phone or land line directly AIM Pro, powered by WebEx, was developed specifically as a means for online messaging, leaving them even from your AIM. Along with mobile messaging, AIM for corporate usage. AIM Pro allows business professionals Universial Address book by Plaxo less likely to sign up for AIM once they graduate provides users with several other driving features to communicate via instant message, video conferencing IM Forwarding (to cell Phone) high school and head to college. Targeting college- and online meetings, and desktop and file sharing (AIM age AIM users in marketing AIM Social Media is ideal, AIM Tunes allows users to create their own playlists with Emotions/Buddy Icons and there are certainly ways to appeal to a younger music files on their own computers as well as stream music AIM Pages, a free service to all AIM users, enables the audience as well. from that of buddies on their creation of a personal social networking page that may be shared with friends. An individual’s AIM Pages can Group Chat Audio Chat Buddy List. Video Chat Text Chat Aim Page include photos, videos, music, and news, and skins. AIM’s Mobile AIM MusicLink detects what song users are currently other social media products include People Connection, AIM Features Used listening to through various media players and displays the Userplane, Groups, Comments, and Polls. Video Chat song or video title as the current status as it appears on the Audio Chat Buddy List and in the Buddy Info ( People Connection is a hub that allows users to connect 120 Text Chat to each other through message boards, blogs, photo uploads, Mobile IM Forwarding (to cell phone) Xdrive provides 5GB of free file storage through the web chat rooms, and profile searches (peopleconnection.aim. Aim Page and accessible on any computer with the use of your AIM com). 100 Universial Address book by Plaxo screenname as the log-in. Group Chat Emotions/Buddy Icons Userplane is an open-widget communication platform for AIM bots provide an interesting medium by which AIM online communities widely used by companies that have a 80 users may receive information or post updates. These strong web base ( special screennames may be sent messages in order to receive search engine-like results or have some specific Social Media Blog, informing users of the latest AIM 60 action taken on your behalf. updates and developments. The site links to several other blogging sites, such as the popular gossip blog TMZ, as well AIM WIMZI is a downloadable widget that may be placed 40 as AIM’s charity website, AIM for Good.0 20 40 60 80 100 120 on a personal blog or webpage to allow instant message capabilities while keeping a user’s screenname anonymous. All of these products and features are available via links on the AIM Dashboard, or AIM Today, the live welcome 20 AIM Whimsicals use lines of HTML to place similar page that pops up upon user sign-in. applications on web pages ( 0 Sphinx Advertising Primary Research 9
  11. 11. Brand Analysis Perceptual Map Exciting The AOL/AIM brand has maintained a highlevel of awareness among those in our target market X ebay X Googlethroughout its transition from an Internet service X You Tubeprovider to content provider. However, the AIM X Facebookbrand does not hold a top of mind position among X Myspacethese users when compared to the competition. X Twitter X YahooThis is due to less public relations efforts on behalf X Imeemof the AIM brand, and a lack of marketing the new X Pandora X MSNand innovating products AIM offers. There appears to be a sense of confusion Bottom of Mind Top of Mindamong the users of AIM products. Although AIM X Xangaand AOL Social Media have features that arepopular among the target audience, it is becoming X Wikipedia X Bloggerincreasingly difficult to explore these featuresdue to the inconsistent strategy currently being X AIMimplemented by AIM. AIM appears to have spreaditself thin by offering too many features, each with its X Microsoftown design and web presence. In order to effectivelyreach new and existing users, AIM should implementand create a cohesive web presence highlighting thefeatures that will continue to drive the brand. Not So Exciting This graph illustrates the positioning of AIMin relation to other online brands. AIM is well knownand close to the top of the target market’s minds,but also perceived as unexciting. AIM’s familiaritystems from its long run as the most popular instantmessenger, but AIM’s unfamiliar array of productsoverwhelms users, which leads to dullness anddisengagement in the minds of the target market.Other sites, such as Google, Ebay, MSN, andYoutube, offer users exciting, relevant content, whilecompeting social networking sites such as Facebookand Myspace are closer to the top of the targetmarket’s minds. AIM needs to increase its level ofexcitement, and brand awareness will surely follow. 10
  12. 12. SWOT Problems & Opportunities • Strong recognizable global brand s trengths • Potential synergies with Time Warner properties • Dominant share of instant messaging market Problem: “Dominance of Facebook and Myspace in • Established presence in mobile media social networking.” • Wide range of online applications offered • Decreasing popularity, usage, and growth Opportunity: We have a chance to gain a whole new • Poorly organized, inconsistent, and helter-skelter audience from our successes with instant messaging W eaknesses web presence • Lack of focus on core businesses while gaining new ground with AIM Pages. • Low key advertising & promotions resulting in low awareness Problem: “Clutter on the website and other various • Lacking online presence / buzz / innovations when compared applications from AIM.” to peers Opportunity: We have a chance to build a cohesive • Abundance of features available O ppor tunities • Exponential growth in mobile web usage • Fickle and constantly shifting loyalties among target audience website and fully integrate all of AIM applications into an easy-to-navigate website. • Existing users as influencers of product • Amount of time spent online by target audience Problem: “The decreased usage of AIM and AIM products to the rise of other popular social networks.” • Popularity of social networking applications T hreats • Text messaging on phones over instant messaging • Development of IM applications within social networking sites Opportunity: We have a chance to create a place where all aspects of social networking can be found • Uncertain company future due to corporate upheaval within AIM and its many products. • A new generation of web users who did not grow up with AIM Problem: “The Younger generation does not know about AIM and its many applications.” Opportunity: Existing users will serve as an influence on new users who are unfamiliar with what AIM and its applications have to offer. 11
  13. 13. Brand Strategy The 20/20 Campaign 12
  14. 14. Brand StrategyObjectives: Target Audence Tone1) Increase trial/usage by 15% The primary target for this campaign will be The tone of our creative executions is 18-24 year olds, with a heavy focus on full-time energetic yet pragmatic, and it emphasizes thePrimary Communication Objective: Promote trial college students in the United States. These tech-savvy, importance of AIM in the day-to-day lives of ourand usage among college students/target audience target audience. This campaign gives members of our trendsetting individuals are connected 24 hours a day, 7members through consumer promotions and target audience a chance to strengthen and develop days a week, and have grown up with the Internet involvedinnovations. a relationship with AIM, thus achieving the established in their daily lives. The online world is ever changing, and this age group is comfortable with adapting to change. objectives.2) Bridge the gap between AIM messaging and AIMsocial media. 13-17 year olds will be the focus for the TouchpointsPrimary Communication Objective: Encourage secondary target. This younger group is the future ofexisting and new users to explore different features our brand and will soon become online influencers, so We have identified four main categories ofincorporated within AIM. attention to this younger market is essential. touchpoints that AIM has with the target audience. We have created and executed our branding strategy3) Brand Awareness based on these touchpoints. Support 1) Advertising and promotionsPrimary Communication Objective: Through the use In order to provide an innovative onlineof traditional and non-traditional media, make AIM 2) Interaction between users and AIM client portal, we have emphasized the strengths of AIM toonce again a top of mind brand. 3) Direct contact between user and AIM personnel expand on its popularity. We will appeal to the target market by making AIM the gateway to the Internet 4) Unexpected contact which includes chatterKey Selling Idea through the promotion of AIM Flash. The elements of among users and target audience influencers the 20/20 Campaign link existing AIM products such as bloggers. Key Selling Idea: The goal of the 20/20 and innovations together through the use of onlineCampaign is to create a clean, integrated, and collaborations and event marketing. Through bothnavigable online presence for the AIM brand. The traditional and non-traditional advertising, we will20/20 Campaign will bring clarity and a futuristic promote the elements of the 20/20 Campaignvision to the brand as well as focus on the essentials and encourage user participation. Both the AIM brandto make the brand usable and stand out among the and today’s youth place a high emphasis on socialcompetition. We will identify the unique features and media, hence making the 20/20 campaign thedrivers of the AIM brand and utilize these features to best fit for AIM in gearing towards the future.create an innovative and top of mind product. 13
  15. 15. Creative ExecutionsProduct IntergrationAIM Flash The portable drive itself is a braceletdesigned for a comfortable, light fit. It is easy to carryand can be worn anywhere at anytime, making it adevice that teens will be less likely to lose comparedto other flash drives. AIM Flash will prompt a browserthat manages your personal settings, and it may beused at any computer with an available USB portand Internet connection. The bracelet design consists of a solid AIM Flashcolor with the AIM logo, with the color being at thediscretion of the consumer. University logos, names,and colors will be used for AIM Flash drives availableat various college bookstores across the UnitedStates.Browser The browser will contain a scroll of iconsrepresenting customized applications for personaluse. These icons will link up to AIM products andother chosen widgets. We plan to give away a free512MB AIM Flash at our special events, and 1GB and2GB AIM Flash drives will be for sale at universitybookstores. The space will be available to store anyfiles in addition to the 5G of space on the Xdrivewith which your AIM Flash will link. AIM Flash Login Screen 14
  16. 16. The Browser Window Anatomy Once a user plugs in the AIM Flash, a browser window will appear, prompting users to log in with their AIM screenname and password. Upon log-in, the user is to click on the AIM logo at the top left, dropping a list of icons linking to different AIM products and other user-customized features. As shown, when an icon is scrolled over with the mouse, the icon enlarges and the application name appears.The arrow button is used to continuously scroll through a user’s customized list, and clicking on an icon will prompt the corresponding application.Customization The links across the bottom of the browser windoware used to edit various features of the AIM Flash device andall AIM products. As demonstrated in the illustrations, the AIMFlash browser may be personalized with multiple colors andtypefaces. These features will allow users to interact with variousAIM products on a more personal level, and the AIM Flash may beused as a universal tool for organization. 15
  17. 17. AIM and AIM Flash and engage consumers in using the products.Brand Experience Mall and Poster AdvertisementsPromotional Events To promote the “RockYour Campus” concert, AIM Flash will set up shop at concerts on 11X17 inch posters will be displayed in shopping mallsand around 50 college campuses nationwide. This and on the designated college campuses. The posterpromotional event will focus on larger schools and is bold and eye-catching in order to attract out targetthose with a high concentration of 18-24 year olds audience’s attention and a grungy, youthful theme isin the surrounding areas. Free 512MG AIM Flash used.The “Rock Your Campus” logo is placed boldly indrives will be handed out to students at booths, and white over a blue background at the top of the page.AIM Ambassadors will demonstrate to students how The date and AIM sponsorship is also in white, and isAIM Flash works. This provides consumers with one- placed below the logo in a complementing font. Theon-one customer service and immediately employs featured Warner Bros. Records band, Green Day, isinteraction with the product. placed in a large, sans serif font in the center of the page. The blue rays of the background draw the eye AIM Ambassadors will be paid for identifying in to focus on the band name. AIM’s logo is placed inwhich concerts to sponsor, setting up the booths at the lower right corner nest to a button, which wheneach concert, handing out AIM Flash wristbands, and pushed, plays a MIDI file of the band.demonstrating product usage. Each ambassador willbe trained on how to use and customize AIM Flashand will be equipped with knowledge of thevarious AIM products associated with it. Itwill also be their responsibility toimplement several marketing effortsfor the concert and scavenger hunt, andto facilitate the scavenger hunt that istaking place on their designated campus. Event PosterThe number of ambassadors will bedetermined by the size of thecampus and the anticipatedconcert attendance. AIM Flash will providepromotional funding for the event in order to attach the brand andproduct name. “Rock Your Campus,”the AIM Flash promotional Event Boothevent, will increase awareness of 16
  18. 18. Scavenger Hunt The “Rock your Campus” viral campaign will be a mixture of Internet, mobile, and instant messaging. The brand ambassadors will facilitate and organize a viral scavenger hunt on each individual campus on which these concerts will be held. One month before each concert date, marketing efforts for the scavenger hunt will commence, encouraging students and community youth to become involved. The advertisements will explain that contestants need to log into AIM and go to the “Rock Your Campus” microsite. A demonstration video and instructions will appear on the web page, and contestants will be asked to enter their screennames and cell phone numbers. Soon after, they will receive an instant message from an AIM bot. The message will contain a picture and a Rock and Roll riddle, and it will be the user’s task to walk around campus and follow the clues. Users can solve the riddle by taking a digital picture of the object and submitting it through the AIM bot or a mobile phone. If the correct image is submitted, the user will receive the next clue. This will continue until there are only four contestants left. Winners of the contest will receive numerous prizes as well as the chance to go back stage at the concert and meet the band. This promotion will not only generate excitement, but will also engage users in use of AIM bots, AIM File Share, and AIM mobile capabilities. In addition, the AIM brand will resonate with our target audience by being associated with a fun event, a popular band, and awesome prizes.Newspaper Insert 17
  19. 19. Brand InteractionPS3 Integration AIM will implement a new downloadableversion of its software specially designed for thePlaystation 3. Currently, Playstation allows users toadd friends and chat via the Playstation 3 Network,but we find this limiting. By incorporating AIM intothe PS3, Sphinx wants to allow gamers to chat inbetween sessions with other friends on AIM, and tostay connected with AIM buddies as well as friendson the PS3 Network. Incorporating AIM into thePS3 Network will also allow users to message AIMbuddies who might not be on PS3, and invite themto join you online to play a certain video game. Sincethe PS3 also has Bluetooth capability, users will havebetter quality voice chat and video chat. Not onlythat, but by providing a more unified chatting systemon PS3, AIM will be expanding its network. In addition, working with Playstation and its Mobileupcoming project HOME, a virtual world much like After conducting research on the latest advertising trends, it becameSecond Life, AIM has another foothold in the virtual apparent that there should be much emphasis in the mobile spectrum. Ourworld. Within HOME, AIM will purchase multiple team wanted to incorporate new ideas, as well as integrate mobile with otheradvertising media and create small shops and virtual advertising media. To accomplish this without being intrusive, we feel it wouldgames. be effective for AIM to combine mobile with the scavenger hunt. AIM users registered for the scavenger hunt would receive the latest clues via text message. This feature is exclusively for AIM users, in hopes that AIM will acquire new users through participation in this event. In addition, we have also devised a program called “My AIM Updates.”This feature gives AIM users the option to receive text messages on their cellphones about content they are interested in. Upon logging into their AIM accounts, users can choose from a list of possible features such as horoscopes, sports, news, weather predictions, and the like. The chosen features will then be texted to the AIM user’s cell phone on a daily basis until the user opts-out. Furthermore, AIM users would also be able to change their status, info, and photo by sending a text or picture message to their screenname. 18
  20. 20. Chats AIM Chats will allow users to submit questions to celebrities that are deemed popular and respected by the members of our target market. AIMBots will relay these questions to the chosen celebrities, such as Perez Hilton or Rihanna, who will then read them and respond to questions they chooseto answer. The celebrities’ responses will be sent back to the users who asked the questions via the same AIM Bot. This promotion will appeal teens andyoung adults who look to admirable celebrities for trends within multiple facets of life. This will attract new users as well as encourage current AIM usersto more frequently use instant messaging.Internet Advertising Our Internet advertising will comprise of banners and skins that incorporate the same designelements as the AIM Flash browser window. The banner ads will promote AIM Flash, “Rock YourCampus,” the scavenger hunt, and the 6.5K Charity Run. Throughout the year, the banner ads willchange to correspond with each promotion. Myspace Skins Banner Ads 19
  21. 21. In Store Ads LED Billboards Point of Purchase displays featuring AIM Our 18-24 year old target frequently uses text messaging throughout the day, every day. AIM willFlash will be assembled in college campus bookstores take this popular, growing form of communication to a larger level by placing large, LED billboards featuringacross the United States.The displays will exhibit the 30-character text messages at college sports arenas and outdoor stadiums.These electronic billboards will be1GB an 2GB flash drives and their prices. The in- sponsored by AIM and encased in AIM’s signature red speech bubble.They will allow game spectators to sendstore displays will remain consistent with the overall their text message to a server, which will then be displayed on the large screen.theme of the campaign and its design elements.In addition, $50,000 of the profits from AIM Flash Large-scale sports stadiums, such as Busch Stadium in Saint Louis, MO, charge $2.99 for each textwristbands sold will go to a non-profit organization message that is published on the LED screen. This $2.99 cost is a bit steep for our 18-24 year old targetfeatured on the AIM for Good website. audience, so a cheaper $0.99 fee will be charged per message. The revenue for these messages will benefit one of the charities sponsored by AIM for Good.Banner Ad The LED billboards are a great way for users to merge text messaging with a social cause, while incorporating a fun way to publish a simple “I love you” or “Happy Birthday” message at a live sports event. AIM YourCharity Run Text Here AIM for Good will partner up with one of itsfeatured charities and holding a 6.5k run, sponsoredby AIM 6.5. Participants will receive free 512MBAIM Flash wristband, which will be co-branded withthe featured charity. The run will take place in citiesacross the nation with high concentrations of 18-24year olds. . Send Your Text To #5555 . . Max. 30 Characters . $0.99 Per Message . 20
  22. 22. Web Redesign Social Networking As mentioned, some of the major problems Since AIM has one of the largest instant messaging networks, it needs to utilize its current user base tofacing AIM are the vast amount of websites, develop the groundwork for a social network. This network could start off as an independent entity and theninconsistent navigation, and low awareness of be integrated with Bebo at a later stage. By doing this, AIM can break free from a one-dimensional messagingcertain products. Sphinx Advertising has developed service to that of a multi-pronged networking system.a list of Web suggestions to minimize these setbacksin order for AIM to become a front-runner in the IM Window and AIM Page social media category, while also becoming more We also suggest that AIM integrate a mini AIM Page into the IM window, while still allowing users toattractive to new and current users. manage their tabs as they chat with multiple buddies. Users can customize their mini AIM Page, and all users will have a link their AIM Page and their AIM Tunes. This will make both AIM Pages and AIM Tunes more visibleAIM Homepage to AIM users, and we feel that more users will utilize these social networking tools with this integration. Sphinx suggests that the AIM homepage,Buddy List, AIM email, and AIM Pages all be integratedinto AIM Dashboard. This would create a seamlessproduct encompassing all of what AIM has to offer.Consequently, this will eliminate the large number ofAIM web pages that currently exist, making it mucheasier for users to navigate and locate various AIMproducts and affiliates.Customization From the AIM Dashboard, also known asAIM Today, users can access their email account, AIMPage, and the various blogs and links on the currentwebsite. User and software updates will also beavailable and may be customized. Furthermore, thehomepage will be a dynamic interface that allowsusers to arrange features however they so choose.Widgets and Applications The latest widgets and AIM Plug-ins willbe available for download by AIM users throughthe homepage. These may also be customized to auser’s liking and may be added or removed from theAIM Dashboard at any time. 21
  23. 23. Media Strategy 22
  24. 24. Media Strategy BudgetMedia Objectives Item Budget % Amount Spent1) Create national awareness of AIM and its Media Buying 58% $14,500,000 products among 18-24 year olds. AIM Flash Production 10% $2,500,0002) Target advertising to 18-24 year old college Charity Promotions 10% $2,500,000 students because of the influencer effect. P.O.P. Displays 8% $2,000,000 Celebrity Chats 8% $2,000,0003) Reach 60% of target audience an average of Ambassador Salaries 2% $500,000 3 times and 40% of target audience an average of 5 times during the campaign. Contingency 4% $1,000,000 100% $25,000,0004) Increase overall registration for AIM by 15% by the end of the campaign year.Media Plan The execution of this campaign will Target Markets: Top 50 Universities in the United Statesconcentrate in 50 United States cities that SphinxAdvertising has identified as cities with a growingpopulation of 18-24 year old college students.Internet advertising and product placement willsupplement these efforts and reach members ofthe target audience who do not reside in these pre-determined cities.Media Strategy Sphinx Advertising will use traditional aswell as non-traditional media. The message will bevisually placed in front of a captive target audiencevia the web, print, mall displays, and video games.Themessage will be carried through popular, influentialdisk jockeys, creating a positive image for the brand.Product placement will allow AIM Flash to t beintegrated into situations that reflect how pervasiveAIM has become in our daily communicationneeds. 23
  25. 25. Media TacticsInternet: Banner Ads, Skins, Keywords Website YouTube Ad Type Banner Ads Reach % 64% Unique Imp. (1000s) 36,500 Frequency 3 CPM $8 Gross Imp. (1000s) 109,500 Total $ 875,000 MySpace Banner Ads/Skin 68% 36,500 3 $8 109,500 875,000 Internet advertising will be focused on Perez Hilton Banner Ads/Skin 42% 15,000 6 $5 90,000 450,000websites that are popular with the target audience ESPN Banner Ads 26% 18,750 3 $8 56,250 450,000to increase brand presence. Banner ads will be CNN Banner Ads 16% 20,000 4 $3 80,000 240,000 Digg Banner Ads 10% 7,300 8 $3 58,400 175,000placed on YouTube, MySpace, Perez Hilton, ESPN, IMDB Banner Ads/Skin 18% 10,800 6 $4 64,800 260,000CNN, Digg, IMDB, IGN, Pandora, E! Online, and IGN Banner Ads 15% 7,300 8 $3 58,400 175,000 Pandora Banner Ads 15% 5,000 10 $1 50,000 50,000Career Builder. In addition, AIM Flash skins will E! Online Banner Ads 25% 8,750 8 $5 70,000 350,000be placed on MySpace, Perez Hilton, and IMDB. Career Builder Banner Ads 14% 6,250 8 $2 50,000 100,000 4,000,000Internet advertising will take place throughout theyear, focusing on promotions and events that are Google Keywords • • • • • 500,000occurring during the current month. Yahoo! Keywords • • • • • 500,000 1,000,000 As of March 2008, the competition isnot taking advantage of search engine marketing.Relevant keywords and names of competitors willbe bid on through Google Adsense and Yahoo! PS3 In Game AdsSearch Engine Marketing. Gamers are able to recall about 25-30% of brands in the short-term, and their attitudes toward product placement in video games is generally positive. In-game advertising is a profit-heavy endeavor that will generate millions for AIM in terms of reach. Both males and females in our target market are heavily into playing video games. 18-24 year olds are gaming approximately 8 hours a week. The market for hardcoreFacebook gamers, who play 15 hours or more a week, will grow 40% to 17 million this year. Facebook is one of the most popular AIM will tap into this medium by advertising in the virtual arenas and playing fields of the hottestwebsites among the members of our target audience. sports games titles through companies such as Double Fusion, IGA, and Adscape.Frequent visits to Facebook will allow for increasedad exposure and help drive our promotional efforts Video Game Type of Ad Costfor the scavenger hunt and “Rock Your Campus.” NCAA March Madness Billboard $500,000 Madden NFL Billboard $500,000Ads and News Feeds will give event information as $1,000,000well as scavenger hunt updates and will be cateredto each school’s network. 24
  26. 26. Product Placement Newspaper Insert Sphinx has chosen three television programs Full color inserts will be placed in campus newspapers at the 50 colleges at which AIM will be holdingthat have a large reach among our primary and promotional events. Color inserts have greater visibility and exposure than a standard newspaper ad of similarsecondary target audiences - The Office, Gossip Girl, size. Also, these newspapers are a niche media directed specifically to our target market.and American Idol. These programs will be used asa vessel to broaden the awareness of AIM throughproduct placement. Not only is this a more cost Radio Live Linersefficient way to penetrate televised media, but Members of the target audience are active consumers of radio. Popular disk jockeys in the selectedit is also more positively viewed than television college towns will announce live liners to further promote “Rock Your Campus” and remind listeners of thecommercials among our target audience members. event. Local disk jockeys are key influencers to the target audience and will allow for a familiar and local tone.Mall Displays To promote “Rock Your Campus,” Sphinx Sidewalk Chalkwill advertise through the use of mall displays. Sidewalk chalk is an affordable way to get information out on college campuses. Chalking will be doneShopping centers are a commonplace frequently in high traffic areas that are frequented by students on the average school day. This will create awareness ofvisited by the target audience, not only to make “Rock Your Campus” and will also serve as reminder advertising.purchases but also to socialize.Evaluation Media Objective: Create national awareness of AIM and its products amongMarketing Objectives 18-24 year olds.Objective: Increase trial and usage of AIM products by 15% Evaluation: Conduct brand performance studies in comparison with other similarEvaluation: Examine registration data available from AIM to determine if objective brands to gauge top of mind perception.was met. Objective: Target advertising to 18-24 year old college students because of theObjective: Bridge the gap between AIM Messaging and AIM Social Media influencer effect.Evaluation: Incorporate tactics that will encourage existing and new users of AIM Evaluation: Examine profile data of new members to determine the increase into supplement their messaging activities with social networking capabilities. registration among 18-24 year olds who are not college students.Objective: Increase AIM brand awareness Objective: Reach 60% of target audience an average of 3 times and 40% of targetEvaluation: Conduct brand performance studies in comparison with other similar audience an average of 5 times during the campaign.brands to gauge top of mind perception. Evaluation: Use web metrics and newspaper readership as well as radio listenership data to evaluate set goals.Creative Execution Objective: Increase overall registration for AIM by 15% by the end of theCreative executions will be evaluated by copy testing various creative elements in campaign year.order to ensure its effectiveness among the target audience.These evaluative tests Evaluation: Examine registration data available from AIM to determine if objectivewill be used for likeability, interactivity, and persuasive ability. was met. 25
  27. 27. Flow Chart Media Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec % of Budg. CostPromotional Event 14% 3,500,000Radio Live Liners 7% 1,750,000Mall Displays 5.60% 1,400,000Posters 1.40% 350,000Scavenger Hunt 4% 1,000,000Newspaper Inserts 2.20% 560,000Facebook 1.20% 300,000Ambient 0.60% 140,000Product Placement 8% 2,000,000The Office 4% 1,000,000Gossip Girl 2.50% 600,000Dirt 1.60% 400,000Other 32% 8,000,000Internet 20% 5,000,000Playstation 3 4% 1,000,000In-Game 4% 1,000,000Arena Texting Billboards 4% 1,000,000 58% 14,500,000 26
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  29. 29. Acknowledgements This campaign was a true collaborative effort involving numerous departments across campus, including: School of Journalism, Department of Cinema and Photography, Department of Radio and Television, Department of Speech Communication, American Marketing Association, Saluki Advertising Agency, and Public Relations Student Society of America. We are extremely grateful to Prof. William Freivogel, Ms. Karen Waldron, and Ms. Sherida Evans at the School of Journalism for theirhelp in organizing our trip and representing Southern Illinois University Carbondale at NSAC. We would like to thank our professors in the School of Journalism for laying a strong foundation towards our future careers in advertising. We would like to extend a special thanks to Professor Linda Correll, Dean Gary Kolb, Ron Graves, and Clare Mitchell AAF Officers President: Erin Koelkebeck Vice President: Jenny Methling Media Director: Nathan Brendal Secretary: Ashley Henna Fundraising Director: Sara Ingold Presentation Team Jacob Feasby Sara Ingold Cole Singleton Karyn Graham Adrian Ortiz Thanks to the Following AAF Members: Kelly McCarty, Jenna Smith, Erin Kressner, Dwight Jae Williams, Daniela Burgos, Robert Yancey, Stephen Hardnett, Bryan Haupt, Meredith Hanson,Tiphani Lenoir, Bridgett Moran, Whitney Priebe, Laura Hackstadt, Scott Kinkelaar Special thanks to our faculty advisor Prof. Narayanan Iyer 28