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Lecture 1 (April 3, 2012) for BUS 94- The Company Is the Content: Marketing in a Social World

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  • Why are you here?We’re talking about internet tools so people can share cat videos and Lady Gaga rumorsFacebook-> started by a guy in a dormroomTwitter-> a profound thought in 140 charactersSlideShare-> right, we don’t get enough powerpointYoutube:
  • System used to be striaghtforwardInfo comes into a companyCompany targets info outside
  • Strategy remained the same-> newer tools meant newer tacticsGoogle became popular-> value of search was understoodLots of email tools, CRM toolsBut overall the picture was consistent-> get market info and communicate it to the market in a controlled and predictable manner
  • Rise of new category of ecosystem partner-> the influencerThe person who seems to be in the know, who people just listen to
  • So what happened?How did things evolve from the classic strucutre up to 2003 until everything came apart in 2009How did the 95 Thesis of the Cluetrain Manifesto go from a piece of “gonzo marketing” to common practice.
  • Social tools
  • Direct conversations with customers
  • Fast conversations across highly fragmented marketListening is first part of social… way to create community
  • SlideShare- make a presentation, embed a call-to-action
  • FacebookFriendly-> super viralNeed to earn your way to the top-> Algorthym punishes you for un-interesting contentWith the timeline, follow a story arc… understand what is happening within the company
  • way to share videoClever, informal
  • Social media in context v04 01-12

    1. 1. The Company is the Content Lecture 1: Social Definitions and Tools
    2. 2. Intro and class goals Business Development, Mozilla +10 years in Corporate Communications  DDN, Cisco, Applied Communications Connect:  Twitter: @ronpiovesan  Blog:  LinkedIn:  Slideshare:  Facebook: are Introduce concepts around social networks, why they relevant Practical approach to marketing and communications Main Argument: B2B Must Engage in Conversations
    3. 3. Course outline April 3- Social Definitions And Tools  Lecture April 10- Intersection Between Social Media And Marketing  Speaker: Larry Yu, Facebook  Class Presentations  Case Discussion: Cisco Systems: Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing  Lecture April 17- Creating The Social Brand  Speaker: John Earnhardt, Cisco  Class Presentations  Lecture April 24- Goals and Metrics  Speaker: Tim Marklein, WCG Group  Class Presentations  Lecture May 1 Class 5- It’s All About The Customer  Class Presentations  Case Study: OSSCube: Leveraging Social Media
    4. 4. Expectations Everyone:  Contribute to group presentations  Participate in class discussions Expecting a grade:  Complete case study questions  April 10: Cisco case study  May 1: OSSCube case study
    5. 5. Social media class: can we share? Yes!  Blog  Like/Facebook  Tweet  Video  Images Only me or if you have someone’s express permission Respect each other Respect copyrights Guest speakers: Only with their permission
    6. 6. Agenda: Social definitions and tools Evolution of marketing  Rise of social media Concept of a conversation Deconstruct the conversation  See social medial in practice Discuss class presentations
    7. 7. OMG…… LOL!!!! You are your wasting time
    8. 8. Waste of time?
    9. 9. Classic marketing c. up to 2003 Press PR Analysts Market Compan MarketingInformation programs Customers y Channel Programs Channel Company tried to control the flow of information to its ecosystem
    10. 10. Gets complicated c. 2003-2009 Press PR Analysts Marketing Customers programs Market Compan ChannelInformation Channel y Programs Web/SEO Search Email Opt-in Strategy of controlling info remained, new tactics
    11. 11. Things got out of control c. 2009 PressCustomers Analysts Compan yChannel Influencer Markets truly became a conversation
    12. 12. 1999: Cluetrain ManifestoA powerful global conversation hasbegun. Through the Internet, people arediscovering and inventing new ways toshare relevant knowledge with blindingspeed. As a direct result, markets aregetting smarter—and getting smarterfaster than most companies. These markets are conversations.
    13. 13. Deconstructing the 95 theses 2- Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. True in B2B, your customer is still a human 28 - Most marketing programs are based on the fear that the market might see whats really going on inside the company. What did Kodak say about digital? 83 - We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal. One influencer can impact your business more than any media outlet
    14. 14. What made Cluetrain Manifesto real?
    15. 15. Serious numbers
    16. 16. Who is Social? What social accounts do you maintain? Why do you do it? Work or fun? What is the underlying concept that makes an activity “social”?
    17. 17. Social activities Community Content Listen Engage Share
    18. 18. Community: Listen Understand how your company, your brand is viewed What are the discussion? What is being said about your company that impacts you? How can you react? In the conversation: this is listening
    19. 19. Dell: Un-fragmenting Twitter stream to listen to SMB customers Notoriously fragmented market; hard to reach Why Twitter?
    20. 20. Mansa: Presenting to the world• Website has standard corporate info on offering
    21. 21. Collecting the leads SlideShare links embedded Walk customers through offerings on the website Used to collect leads
    22. 22. Content: Share Providing information not just on your product, but on the market Get customer talking about the forces that shape your industry Position your company as an expert… not just in its own business but in the market Sharing is about demonstrating an awareness of your business surroundings
    23. 23. Talking to customer’s customer Contests, updates, links Engaging B2B2C strategy-> Intel sells to businesses, but they engage consumers about anything tech related Why Facebook?
    24. 24. Carrier Evolution: MetaSwitch news News site that is automatically and human curated Destination for carrier news
    25. 25. Cisco Video Lighter side of Cisco Communicate complex technologies in a simple way
    26. 26. Finding the conversation Community Content What are Who are you you going to speaking to? say? Conversation
    27. 27. Groups Enterprise Software Enterprise Hardware Telecoms BioTech/Pharma IT services Professional Services (lawyers, accountants, etc) Other
    28. 28. Assignment Launch a company Get people interested in  Who you are  What you sell  Your position in the market Four slide preso:  Slide 1: Name of company, product, competitive differentiator  Slide 2: What is the campaign: what are you doing; why will it make a difference  Slide 3: What social tool will you use? Why?  Slide 4: Inspiration: How did you come up with this idea? What company did you use for inspiration? Must be B2B (or B2B2C)-> No B2C
    29. 29. Assignment Due April 10 All groups must hand in their preso  Email:  Post on SlideShare Three groups will be chosen at random to present Those seeking a grade:  Submit questions for Cisco case study