AIOBA Presentation Feb-2012


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AIOBA Presentation Feb-2012

  1. 1. AIOBA presentation February 2012 1
  2. 2. Mission and Vision MISSION Integral advice to funds, companies and institutions in their entry, development and competitiveness improvement in the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency markets. VISION To be a renowned company for its professional activity in the development of Renewable Energies and the improvement of the Energy Efficiency. 2
  3. 3. Services AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. is a Strategic Consultancy company in the Renewable Energies (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) fields, founded in 2010 that provides services to capitals, companies and institutions (both public and private) in the following sectors of activity: – Advice to companies in their RE and EE market entry or consolidation strategy: • Selection of technologies and processes. • Viability, market and competitiveness studies. • Strategic Plans and Business Plans. • Interim Management. – Advice to owners and/or potential buyers in the sale/acquisition of wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants: • Investment analysis • Profitability study • Asset valuation – Advice to property in the development and construction of wind farms and PV plants including technical, financial and administrative support. AIOBA extends its activities to Europe, Latin America and USA. 3
  4. 4. AIOBA partners´ expertise AIOBA partners show a large experience in key areas for its success. The involvement in the creation and development of the Spanish National Research Institute for Renewable Energies (CENER) and the participation in the expansion and consolidation of GAMESA as one of the largest Wind Turbine Generators manufacturer in the word, give AIOBA its solid foundations in the RE and EE fields. This R&D and industrial background is transformed into essential tools for our Strategic Consultancy projects. Also a strong knowledge of financial institutions allows us to interact with them at the appropriate level and gives opportunities to access capitals with investment interest in Renewable Energies. Large institutional experience (both public and private) gives AIOBA a privileged position to advice companies and governments on the energy regulatory frameworks. Partners of AIOBA have had a strong influence in the development of renewable energies in Spain and some Latin America countries. Finally, our background in laws give us an opportunity to give first legal advice to customers and to coordinate the right specialized firms for each project. AIOBA is creating strategic partnerships with companies in the RE sector, project developers, OEM manufacturers, engineering firms, financial advisors and law firms to provide high value integrated services to its customers. 4
  5. 5. Projects (I) Setting up of a venture capital fund to invest in Renewable Energy power plants – Project presentation round to financial advisors – Association with a financial advisor to set up and manage the fund – Search and valuation of assets suitable for investment – Development of wind farms and PV plants – Technical advise to plant construction – Technical and financial asset management Setting up of a new Energy Services Company (ESCo) for a construction company – Goals: • To increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs (heat, light, hot water, etc.) • To obtain attractive return to investor. – Markets: Industry, Buildings (private and public), Hotels, Sports Centers, … – Activities: • Energy audits • Solution proposal • Construction project • Construction management • Energy management optimization • Technical and financial asset management • Divestment – Search for industrial and financial partners 5
  6. 6. Projects (and II) Advice to an industrial company in the purchasing of an operating wind farm. – Client presentation of a wind farm portfolio • Preliminary technical and financial analysis – Investment analysis • Data Room analysis and purchasing recommendation report. – Transaction process • Support in vendor negotiations and drafting of the binding offer • Support to the technical, legal and financial due diligence • Advice to client in the financial close • Advice to client in the drafting of the Share Purchase Agreement Advice to property in the sale of a wind farm project (115 MW) in Dominican Republic. – Blind Teaser compilation – Selection of potential buyers – Data Room set up – Advise to property in the negotiation process with potential buyers Advice to property in assuring viability of a WTG nacelle assembly and blade manufacturing company – Interim management, restructuring and consolidation of the company – Enabling and promoting the taking of control by a large industrial group – Development of new technologies in direct drive Wind Turbine Generators – Latin America and USA market development. 6
  7. 7. Some other activities Participation in groups sponsored by ADEGI (the regional employers organization) to create synergies among local companies in order to provide integrated products and/or services to off-shore marine and energy storage developments. Assessment to owners and potential buyers in: – Sales and acquisitions of wind farms in Spain and Portugal. – Sales and acquisitions of Solar Photovoltaic plants in Spain. In Poland: – Various activities in the development of wind farms projects (totaling 250 MW) in Pomerania. In Mexico: – Assessment to property in the sale of a 24 MW wind farm. Institutional activities: – Assessment to IDAE (National Institute for the Energy Saving and Diversification) in the organization and conclusion synthesis of the Seminar for Renewable Energies belonging to the EU Spanish Presidency acts in Pamplona. – Assessment to APPA (a Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Producers) in the study of a new regulatory framework of Renewable Energies for Spain. – Participation in the Think Tank of Enerclub (Spanish Club of Energy). Assessment to companies: – Assessment to an utility in the tender process of a electrical distribution company. 7
  8. 8. AIOBA Partners Pedro Ibáñez • Partner and President of AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. • Deputy General Director of the Banco Guipuzcoano (a commercial and investment bank). • Member of the Steering Committee of the Banco Guipuzcoano. • COO, Technical Secretary and IT Services Director of the Banco Guipuzcoano. • President and Member of the Board of Directors of several IT bank portfolio companies. • Project sponsor for the EFQM Excellence Award recognition to the Banco Guipuzcoano (first financial institution in Spain) Xabier Albistur • Partner and Vice-President of AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. • BSc degree in Philosophy . MSc degree in Sociology and Business Administration. • Member of the Board of Directors of APPA (Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Producers). • Mayor of San Sebastián. Member of Parliament and Senator. President of the Energy Commission of the Spanish Senate. • President of the Gipuzkoa Savings Bank. • President of DonostiGas (the San Sebastián gas company). Jesús M. Busturia • Partner and Director of AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Post-doctoral stay at the University of Davis – California. • General Manager of Operations at CENER ( Spanish National Research Institute for Renewable Energies). • Business Development Manager at GAMESA (a Spanish wind turbine generator manufacturer). • General Manager at TRELSA (a wind turbine gearbox manufacturer inside GAMESA). • Director of the Experimental Dynamics Area of CEIT (a technical research institute). Eduardo Armendia • Partner and General Secretary of AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. • BSc degree in Law. MSc in Accounting and Taxation (University of Deusto). • Practicing lawyer since 1992. • Consultancy companies: SAYMA Consultores, Norgestión. • Industrial and construction companies: Corporación UCEM, Construcciones Adolfo Sobrino, Grupo Siderúrgico BAMESA, ACR. • Investment search for real state and renewable energies operations (EROSKI). 8
  9. 9. Contact AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. Parque Tecnológico de Miramón Paseo Mikeletegi 56, Edif. B-8, 1ª Planta 20009 Donostia- San Sebastián Spain Ph.: +34 943 30 92 81 E-mail: Web: 9