Viridis Africa Investment in African cleantech


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Viridis Africa is Africa’s largest cleantech business and investment event: a venture capital conference and exhibition. Viridis Africa ( is to be held on the 15th and 16th of October 2013 at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton in Johannesburg.

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Viridis Africa Investment in African cleantech

  1. 1. Investment in African cleantech projectsWWW.VIRIDISAFRICA.COM
  2. 2. Cleantech venture capital summit Viridis Africa is Africa’s largest cleantech business and investmentevent: a venture capital conference and exhibition Viridis Africa ( is to be held on the 15th and 16thof October 2013 at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton inJohannesburg. The pre-eminent event for investment in clean technologiesthroughout Africa will be the place for local and foreign investors tomeet with principals of projects in renewable energy, waste treatmentand recycling, water and effluent treatment amongst other sectors. It is a platform where innovation and enterprise is showcased. The size and scope of projects seeking funding would range from fewto hundreds of millions of Rands. Participants include speakers / representatives of the leading financialinstitutions both local and international, country traderepresentatives, international funding agencies, clean techentrepreneurs, project developers, technologyprincipals, municipalities and many others.
  3. 3. Key Topics To Cover In The
  4. 4. Submit your business case Viridis Africa invites entrepreneurs and corporates topresent a business case for investment inenvironmentally friendly technologies and envirobusinesses at the upcoming business and investmentmatchmaking conference. Business case presentations are invited in from all overAfrica Submit a business plan proposal in order to be considered forinclusion in the program line-up
  5. 5. 1. Company Introduction Venture Capital and Private Equity funds don’t investin companies or technologies – they invest in people.Therefore the initial section of the investmentpresentation must present to the prospective investorsthat you and your team can execute the plan – presentyour experience and expertise and what makes you agreat team.
  6. 6. 2. Mission Statement Start-ups should use one sentence to state their goal.Don’t be afraid to be bold – you are expected to, butkeep it short and avoid generalized statements. Moremature companies should include a short descriptionof the companys business and positioning
  7. 7. 3. Value Proposition Whether it is a technological edge, a strong client baseor manufacturing power - both start-ups and maturecompanies should state their value proposition in aclear manner.
  8. 8. 4. The Product/Solution/Service Venture capital presentations should include 2-3 slidesdescribing your specific offering. When presentingtechnological solutions, it is important to consider thetechnical aptitude of the audience ahead of time –venture capital presentation delivered to financialoriented audience should cover your relativeadvantages, but shouldn’t be too specific on technicalsubjects.
  9. 9. 5. The Market and Competition Describe your market and competitors in 2-5 slides. Donot try to underplay your competition, investors seemany venture capital presentations and may have metwith your competition.
  10. 10. 6. Business Model A venture capital presentation delivered by a start upcompany needs to convince that the company has asolid business model that will empower actual gains.
  11. 11. 7. Case Study/Client Base A venture capital presentation can be empowered byactual proof of concept in a form of an actual client. Inan investor presentation aimed at raising funds fromprivate equity, a description of current client base isimportant, as it is typically the major asset thecompany holds.
  12. 12. 8. Swot Analysis This slide is important in mature companys analysis.Nevertheless, it can also be useful in certain venturecapital presentation cases.
  13. 13. 9. Financials the message delivered in this section changes fromprivate equity and venture capital presentation. In thecase of a start-up, the company should prove that itcan gain significant cash flow from its activity. Maturecompanies need to provide further informationbeyond future cash flow analysis, as this information isneeded for the company valuation. This additionalinformation can include balance analysis, changes inworking capital etc.
  14. 14. 10. Summary Provide one slide describing your offering. Rememberto emphasize the top key issues you want investors toremember from your venture capital presentation.
  15. 15. Cleantech projects Entrepreneurs and corporates are invited to present a business case for investment in the fields of Renewable energy energy generation, including wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, clean coal technologies, coal bedmethane, etc energy storage, presenters are invited to showcase the latest technology in fuel cells, advanced batteriesand hybrid systems infrastructure management and transmission technologies energy efficiencies, including building efficiency, smart grids and waste heat recovery Water & waste water water treatment infrastructure water conservation waste water treatment and desalination Waste recycling Waste recycling and management, waste treatment (organic matter and plastics). Bioremediation Green chemistry Green buildings Green transport
  16. 16. Who attends Entrepreneurs looking for funding to grow their businesses in cleantechnology Innovators with new technologies Corporates looking for new emerging technologies Venture capitalists and private equity investors looking for clean techinvestment opportunities Renewable energy consultants and cogeneration project managers Researchers working on water, energy and environmental issues Government agencies involved in water, renewable energy andenvironmental issues Electricity and water utilities and planners Environmental consultants and professional service providers Investors including institutional, private equity, venture capital fromoutside Africa will be presenting their particular interest, investmentcriteria and inviting principals to submit their business proposals.
  17. 17. Who should attend Financiers & Investors Project developers and consulting engineers Municipalities Power producers and utilities Large energy users Independent power producers Co-generators Government & Regulators Law firms & advisory Agriculture Transport Petrochemicals
  18. 18. Who presents More than 28 expert speakers, cleantech investors andentrepreneurs from energy, water, agriculture, lifesciences, urban development and investmentfunds, cleantech companies, government, andacademia will share their views on cleantechinvestment in Africa and opportunities for investment.
  19. 19. InvestorsCuratio CapitalSW SecuritiesLereko MetierInspired EvolutionIndustrial Development CorporationTechnology Innovation Agency
  20. 20. Past business case presentors Michael Addinall, CEO, Bettalights Greg Austin, CEO, BiogasPro Agama Dwight Rosslee, managing director, Biogas-power Peter Pichler, consultant, BioTech Lda Mark Williams, managing director, ECA Technologies Africa Eben Mulder, managing director, Steenkampskraal ThoriumLimited Carl Snyman, managing director, GridCars Gjalt Hooghiemstra, Owner, Hooghiemstra Logistical services cc Rolf Papsdorf, CEO, Alternative Energy Development Corp, PV Tech Inc, Keita Broadwater, CFO Sandra Donker, COO, Bio Energy Resources
  21. 21. Social media forums on Linkedin Mining Exploration in Africa 7 307 members Mineral Beneficiation in Africa 405 members Megalopolis - developing green cities in Africa 184 members Sub-Saharan Plant Science & Technology forum 281 members Sub-Saharan Water Science & Technology group 307 members Sub-Saharan Africa Sustainable Energy group 1030 members Investment Analysts in Africa 1812 members Lifesparks Southern African Life Sciences initiative 634members Viridis Africa - investment in clean tech 465 members Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental SustainabilityExecutives in Africa 99 members
  22. 22. Social media groups onFacebook & Google+ Facebook Clean technology for Africa (page) 795 likes Clean technology in Africa (group) 171 members Mining Exploration in Africa (page) 71 likes Mining Exploration in Africa (group) 129 members Investor relations in Africa (page) 1 023 likes Investor relations in Africa (group) 12 members LIFEsparks Southern African Life Sciences Network (page) 212 likes LIFEsparks Southern African Life Sciences networking group (group)30 members Google+ Clean technology in Africa (group) LIFEsparks Southern African Life Sciences Network (group) Green cities in Africa (group)
  23. 23. Who should exhibit Turnkey suppliers, project developers & consulting engineers Biomass & waste to energy applications, equipment & services Plant operators and maintenance Biofuels Petrochemicals Feedstock Gas cleaning services Financial services, law firms and advisory Renewable infrastructure Generation infrastructure Energy efficiency infrastructure
  24. 24. Exhibitors Limited exhibition space is available for entrepreneursand industry participants to showcase theirinnovations or inventions. 12 Exhibition booths standard shell scheme. Exhibitors are free to make use of standup banners toplace next to their table. Cost for an exhibition table is R14 500. It entitles the exhibitor to two registrations for theconference. To book your space email
  25. 25. CrystalRoomRECEPTIONAREAVERANDAHSCREENTOILETSRoomDimensions15mtswide22.2mtslongVerandahDimensions8mtswide23.6mtslongScreenDimensions5.4mtswide3mtshighENTRANCE7 8 9 10 11 121 2 3 4 5 6
  26. 26. Platinum sponsorship Investment: R75000 The Platinum Sponsorship is for organisations that wish to engage at the highest level, offering speaking opportunitiesand access to our community. The following benefits are included:* Speaking Opportunity: A C-Level Executive is guaranteed a presentation in our exclusive Viridis Africa businessmatchmaking and investment conference to talk to an audience of leading researchers, technologists, start-upexecutives, licensing agents, private equity and venture capital firms.* Acknowledgement of sponsorship during opening remarks.* Final ateendee list with contact information* Print Advertising: Your corporate logo will be prominently positioned on all printed advertising.* Conference Brochures: Your corporate logo will be prominently positioned on the cover of all conference brochures/ programmes.* Emails: Your corporate logo will be prominently positioned on all email promotions.* Web Site: Your corporate logo with link to your home page along with a 150-word corporate description will beprominently positioned on event web site.* Press Release: A dedicated release announcing company’s participation will be sent to all Viridis Africa media andanalyst contacts.* Corporate material: Your corporate material in conference bags* Company details included in the conference proceedings and program * Registration area signage* Event Signage: Your corporate logo will be prominently positioned on all event signage.* Exhibit Space: An exhibit space (table) in premium position will be provided. Additional space may be purchased ata discounted rate.* VIP Conference Passes: Six (6) full conference passes to Viridis Africa.
  27. 27. Venue
  28. 28. Awards Best financial support to the cleantech industry Best renewable energy project in Africa
  29. 29. Get involved If you would like to become anexhibitor, sponsor, business case presenter, fundpresenter or speaker at Viridis Africa call Suza Adamon +27 11 880 0364 or