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Notion Theory: UX Lessons Learned


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Kristian Bouw, founder of NotionTheory, talks about UX lessons his company has learned developing products for 15 other companies. This presentation was shared on August 12, 2015, at that month's NoVA UX Meetup, and sponsored by NotionTheory and AddThis.

NoVA UX Meetup:

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Notion Theory: UX Lessons Learned

  1. 1. launching 15 products in 12 months. UX LESSONS LEARNED NotionTheory (1 year birthday, yay) - kristian bouw
  2. 2. understanding requires context.
  3. 3. 2X Startup Founder I help startups build and launch their products in just 4 weeks through NotionTheory.
  4. 4. SERVICE 1 4 week minimum viable product.
  5. 5. SERVICE 2 3 week clickable prototype.
  6. 6. light weight design deliverables. LEAN UX
  7. 7. Account ­ User  ● User  ○ The user shall be able to log into and out of the application  ○ The user shall be able to reset their password  ○ The user shall have a profile, where they can list details such as:  ■ Name  ■ Profile image  ○ The user shall be able to create an event, and give the event a:  ■ Title  ■ Date  ■ Time  ■ Description  ■ Location  ● Clarifying note:​ the location will link and open in google maps  ○ The user shall be able to invite friends to an event  ○ The user, after choosing to invite a friend, shall be able to select the desired  invitees from their phone’s contact list  ■ The selected invitee shall receive a text invite if they do not have the  application downloaded, and a push notification if they do have the app  downloaded    Event Invitations  ● When a user has been invited to an event, they shall receive:  ○ A SMS text if they do not have the application downloaded  ○ A push notification if they have the application downloaded  ● When a user receives an SMS text, it shall:  ○ Include the title, date, time, and location of the event  ○ Include the option to reply their availability within the text message (“yes” or “no”  reply)  ○ Include a link where the user shall be directed to download the application and  create an account  ■ When the user creates their account from a link provided within a SMS  invite, they shall receive a notification of the invite after they login  ● When a user receives a push notification, it shall open the application with an option to  accept or decline the invite      Event  ● A user shall have a list of events, which will include events they have been invited to,  events they are attending, and events they have attended  ● An event shall have a list of attendees  ○ Each attendee will have their name and profile image displayed 
  8. 8. great experiences through managed expectations. LEAN UX
  9. 9. LEAN UX rapid forward progress.
  10. 10. 10 user experience lessons learned.
  11. 11. LESSON 1 the interface is not the solution.
  12. 12. LESSON 2 everyone is an experience designer.
  13. 13. LESSON 3 user types over traditional personas.
  14. 14. LESSON 4 be an advocate for the user.
  15. 15. LESSON 5 customers should feel good about using your product.
  16. 16. LESSON 6 perfect every detail, but limit the number of details.
  17. 17. LESSON 7 the product never gets skinner.
  18. 18. LESSON 8 test and validate to accelerate learning.
  19. 19. LESSON 9 nothing beats observing people using your product.
  20. 20. LESSON 10 the product is never finished.
  21. 21. @kristianbouw