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Product Launch Plan Presentation

This presentation outlines the user journey of a potential customer over 30 days and concludes with the timelines and next steps necessary to make the vision a reality.

I built this for marketing, sales, and C-suite leadership to build consensus for the direction of the product portfolio.

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Product Launch Plan Presentation

  1. 1. 2017 Product Launch Plan Prepared by Aaron Roy | @aaron_wa
  2. 2. One Bond One Experience
  3. 3. Who Buys Bond - “Jane” The savvy marketer ● Cares about connecting with users in innovative ways and building brand loyalty ● Values time, convenience and measureable results ● Knowledgeable about tech, likely mid-thirties and quite busy ● Budget conscious of marketing spend
  4. 4. Day 1 Jane sends her first note ● Jane reads about Bond and visits to send her first note to herself as a sample ● She gets an email reminding her how thoughtful and awesome she is and explains how to download the app ● She reads about how we're offering 10 free notes for inviting 5 uses to a new organization and makes a mental note to learn more
  5. 5. Day 4 Jane feels the power of a handwritten note ● Her sample arrives and the footer lets her know her next note could be in her own handwriting ● She visits, adds an organization to her profile and invites 5 people from her team to earn the 10 free notes promotion ● She gets an email reminding her to send a unique note for Halloween, she follows the link to download the app and redeems one of her promotional credits
  6. 6. Day 7 From one message to many ● Jane visits and sends her 9 VIP clients handwritten notes with her other promotional credits ● Phil from account management follows up with a video case study about how campaigns have helped other organizations engage and retain their users
  7. 7. Day 15 User management and white glove service ● Jane is interested in sending a campaign for the holidays. ○ She visits and connects her customer data via 3rd party integration and can review the cost of sending a specific amount of users an engagement campaign ● Phil follows up with her and explains how Bond for business can make her life easier
  8. 8. Day 30 The cycle starts anew ● Phil sends a handwritten note to Jane thanking her for sending her first campaign ● She receives an email notifying that her campaign has been sent and links back to her profile page to track progress ● Her dashboard reports back usage from her entire organization and enables her to report on the ROI of using Bond
  9. 9. A Unified Bond Experience
  10. 10. 1 x 1 Thoughtfulness On The Go Bond Mobile ● Subscription and a la carte purchasing of messages ● Automated engagement emails and notifications around occasions ● User defaults (Handwriting, Stationery) are saved for faster checkout
  11. 11. In depth – Mobile App Mobile ad spend is down while revenue is up
  12. 12. In depth – Mobile App (cont.) Mobile ad spend is down while revenue is up
  13. 13. The Complete Thoughtfulness Platform Web App 2.0 ● Users can send 1 x 1, 1 x Many, and International messages ● Companies can create organizations, invite users, view analytics in a dashboard and manage assets ● Handwriting digitization is broadly advertised as upsell at checkout
  14. 14. How will this generate return? Charting the course to sustainable revenue
  15. 15. How do we get there?
  16. 16. Targeted launch plan Low spend, high yield results ● Empowering existing users to evangelize ● High-touch onboarding process for new users ● Listing on product hunt and other inbound traffic platforms ● Coordinated press outreach and article placement ● High-value incentives for early organizational adopters (I.E. free handwriting digitization) ● Strategic partnerships to increase brand exposure ● Rolling releases of new features
  17. 17. A complete team effort Leveraging the whole team to hit aggressive timelines ● Project kicks off: 7/31 ● User tests for Web 2.0 begin: 8/15 ● Testing and press outreach begins: 9/1 ● Web 2.0 launches: 9/30 ● Organizational dashboard released: 10/31 ● Full scale tracking of notes: Q1 2018