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kubernetes를 부탁해~ Prometheus 기반 Monitoring 구축&활용기


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2018.10.04 SK 주식회사 C&C Digital Labs 밋업
- Introduction to Prometheus
- k8s 주요 Metric 소개
- HPA, Custom Metric HPA(Istio Metric)

Published in: Engineering
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kubernetes를 부탁해~ Prometheus 기반 Monitoring 구축&활용기

  1. 1. Kubernetes를 부탁해 : Prometheus 기반 Monitoring 구축 & 활용기 2018.10 SK 주식회사 C&C 문진수 (
  2. 2. 본 세션에서는... • Introduction to Prometheus ü Prometheus overview ü How to monitoring with k8s • k8s 주요 Metric 소개 ü Node metric ü Pod/Container metric ü Kubernetes metric • 활용기 ü HPA(Horizon Pod Autoscaler) ü Istio + Prometheus
  3. 3. What is Prometheus?
  4. 4. • CNCF Monitoring Project • 시계열 데이터를 저장하고 활용에 특화된 형태의 Database ü Pull(Default), Push(Push Gateway) • Service Discovery ü Dynamic or Cloud 환경에 적합 • Graphing • Alerting (E-mail, Webhook, Hipchat, OpsGenie ..) • Performance ü Millions of Time series ü Thousands of targets Introduction to Prometheus Time Series Database • High write Performance • Quick to process • Easy Range Query • Data Compaction • Cost Efficient Metric Collector + Metric Database Monitoring Target Discover & Pull Metric
  5. 5. Prometheus component diagram Prometheus Server + Local Storage Email Slack … Alertmanager Hipch at Webho ok push Alert Service Discovery DNS, File Kubernetes Openstack EC2, GCE, Azure ② Dynamic Target ① Discover Target Application (/metrics) MySQL Kafka Pushgateway Jobs mysql exporter kafka_exporter Metric Push Web UI Grafana API Clients Prom Query Static Target Prometheus Architecture
  6. 6. Prometheus Metric Collections Prometheus scrape metric • Pulling time series data (Scrape) • Metric Source ü Directly : prometheus metric endpoint ü Exporter : official & 3rd-party exporter Directly Scrape Not Directly Scrape Exporter /metrics /metrics HTTP Scrape HTTP Scrape
  7. 7. Prometheus Metric Collections Prometheus scrape example • Node Exporter ü Hardware and OS metrics 수집 / 노출 ü Host CPU, Memory, Disk, Filesystem, vmstat, netstat, iostat, /proc/~ Server Instance Exporter # HELP node_cpu_seconds_total Seconds the cpus spent in each mode. # TYPE node_cpu_seconds_total counter node_cpu_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="idle"} 710442.62 node_cpu_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="nice"} 0 node_cpu_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="system"} 57773.05 node_cpu_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="user"} 59689.81 # HELP node_load1 1m load average. # TYPE node_load1 gauge node_load1 2.158203125 # HELP node_load5 5m load average. # TYPE node_load5 gauge node_load5 2.14599609375 ... Scrape Interval /metrics Baremetal VM /metrics Node exporter Node exporter
  8. 8. Prometheus Metric Target Prometheus scrape target Prometheus Server Instance Instance Service Discovery DNS, File Kubernetes OpenStack EC2, GCE, Azure Exporter Instance Instance Exporter Discover Target • Service Discovery ü Static Target ü Service Discovery • File-based Discovery • Automated Discovery (DNS, Consul, Cloud Provider, Kubernetes...)
  9. 9. Prometheus Alerting & Alertmanager Prometheus & Alertmanager 간 Alert Rule & Notification 연계 기능 제공 Alertmanager Prometheus Alert Rules Prometheus Alert Rules • Alert Rules setting • Alert Trigger Prometheus • Notification Channel Integration • Send to Notification Channel • Alert De-Duplication • Alert Routing • Silence Alertmanager - name: node.rules rules: - alert: NodeCPUUsage expr: (100 - avg by (instance,mode) (irate(node_cpu_seconds_total{mode="idle"}[1m])) * 100) > 75 for: 2m labels: severity: warning annotations: message: CPU Usage HIGH ü node_alerts.rules
  10. 10. How to monitoring with k8s
  11. 11. Native Monitoring 1) Kubernetes Components Metrics • Host/Kubernetes/Container/Application 까지다양한Metric 수집 ü All Components Expose Metrics (/metrics) + kube-state-metrics(exporter) ü Ready to Monitoring with Prometheus etcd cluster K-V Store K8S Master Kube-apiserver Kube-scheduler … Kube-contoller-manager K8S Master kube-apiserver kube-scheduler … kube-contoller-manager K8S Worker Node kubelet kube-proxy node exporter cAdvisor POD POD kubelet kube-proxy node exporter cAdvisor POD POD kubelet kube-proxy node exporter cAdvisor POD POD Prometheus kube-state-metri cs Grafana Alertmanager ① k8s Service Discovery ② Pull component metric Target Endpoint kube-apiservers https://[Master]:443/metrics kube-contoller-manager https://[Master]:10252/metrics kube-scheduler https://[Master]:10251/metrics kubelet https://[Master]:10250/metrics etcd https://[Master]:2379/metrics cadvisor https://[ALL]:4194/metrics Node Exporter https://[ALL]:9100/metrics kube-state-metric (exporter) https://[kube-state-metric- pod]:8080/metrics [Target Config][Metric Scrape]
  12. 12. Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus 2) Prometheus Service Discovery - Kubernetes • Discovery all Node, Pods, Service, Endpoint, Ingress ü Metric 수집 설정 자동화 (Register, Unregister, Update) ü Node의 추가/삭제, POD과 Service의 동적인 변경에 유연하게 동작
  13. 13. 별도의 복잡한 모니터링 시스템 필요 없음 3) Running Prometheus on Kubernetes • Kubernetes 상에Container 형태로 배포 ü 빠르고 작은 규모로 모니터링 시스템 구축/활용 ü Kubernetes Resource를 통한 내부 연계, 설정 자동화 Component DeployManifest Files • Grafana • Prometheus • Alertmanager • Exporter ü Kube-state-metrics ü Node-exporter ü Blackbox-exporter ü … KubernetesObjects • Deployment • DeamonSet • ConfigMap • Service • Ingress • PVC, PV • RBAC
  14. 14. k8s 주요 Metric 소개
  15. 15. Prometheus Type of Metrics • Gauges ü current state : snapshot of a specific measurement ü Memory, Disk Usage 등 실시간 형태로 Metric 측정 Type Gauges, Counter, Histogram
  16. 16. Prometheus Type of Metrics • Counter ü cumulative Metric Type, suffix : [xxx]_total, reset to zero on restart ü rate()/irate() 함수를 통해 변화량/추이 분석에 유리 ü CPU, Request Count, Error Count, Network Usage 등 Gauges, Counter, Histogram
  17. 17. Prometheus Type of Metrics • Histogram ü 구간 별 데이터의 분포도 파악(Cumulative) ü 데이터를 버킷으로 그룹화 - suffix : [xxx]_bucket ü histogram_quantile() 함수를 통해 백분위 별 평균 집계에 용이 Gauges, Counter, Histogram
  18. 18. Core Metrics: kubernetes node • Physical machines (or VMs) • Node-Exporter + DaemonSet 조합 ü prefix : node_[xxx] Kubernetes All Node Level Metric 노출 구분 Metric Type Description CPU node_cpu_seconds_total Count CPU Mode 별 점유 시간(per processor) Load node_load1 / node_load5 /node_load15 Gauge System Load Average 1/5/15 Memory node_memory_MemTotal node_memory_MemeAvailable node_memory_MemFree node_memory_Buffers node_memory_Cached Gauge System Memory Information Disk node_filesystem_size node_filesystem_avail Gauge File System Info node_disk_read_time_ms node_disk_write_time_ms node_disk_reads_completed node_disk_writes_completed Count Disk Latency & R/W Available Network node_network_receive_bytes node_network_transmit_bytes Gauge Network Information System node_time node_boot_time Gauge System Time node_filefd_allocated node_filed_maximum Gauge File discriptor
  19. 19. Core Metrics: kubernetes node
  20. 20. Core Metrics: kubernetes Container • Container Resource Usage 중심 (CPU,Mem, Network, Disk..) • Pod, Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet 등 Replica controller 기준으로 조합 활용 ü prefix : container_[xxx] cAdvisor : Docker Daemon 내 Running Container Metric 노출 구분 Metric Type Description CPU container_cpu_usage_seconds_total Counter Container CPU Usage (per processer) container_cpu_cfs_throttled_seconds_total Counter Container CPU throttled Time Memory container_memory_usage_bytes Gauge Current memory usage in bytes(all memory regardless of when it was accessed) container_memory_working_set_bytes Gauge Current working set in bytes Network container_network_receive_bytes_total Counter Cumulative count of bytes received. container_network_transmit_bytes_total Counter Cumulative count of bytes transmitted. System container_start_time_seconds Gauge Container start time
  21. 21. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Kube-state-metric : Generate metrics about k8s API • Exporter로 Container 구동되어 Kubernetes Metric 수집 • kubectl get ~ : node, service, deployment, replicasets, pods, pv, pvc, configmap, quotas, secret, etc… ü prefix : kube_[xxx] ü metrics Node Metric Pod Metric Deployment Metric - Node Info IP (Name, IP, Version) - Node Condition - Node Capacity - Pod / Container Info (Pod IP, Namespace, Node IP) - Pod / Container status - Container Resource (Requests,limit) Service Metric - Service Info (Cluster IP, Name) - Service Type - Deployment Replica Count - Replica Availables Quota Metric - Resource Quota 할당 정보
  22. 22. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Node Status Condition • 전반적인 k8s cluster Node의 알람 설정과 Node Status 파악에 용이 구분 Metric Type Description Node Info kube_node_created Gauge Node Create Time kube_node_labels Gauge Node Label 정보 kube_node_info Gauge OS Image, kernel, Conatiner Runtime, kubelet kube_node_spec_unschedulable Gauge Cordon 정보 kube_node_taint Gauge Taint 정보 Condition kube_node_status_condition Gauge Condition : Ready, MemoryPressure, DiskPressure, DIskPressure, OutofDisk
  23. 23. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Node Capacity • 전반적인 Cluster Node 용량 관리와 증설 시점 판단 • Node Overcommit 관리 • Pod QOS 에 따른 Node 부하 분산&Eviction 관리 (Guaranteed > Burstable > Best-Effort) 구분 Metric Type Description Node Capacity kube_node_status_capacity_cpu_cores Gauge Node Capacity (CPU) kube_node_status_capacity_memory_bytes Gauge Node Capacity (Mem) kube_node_status_capacity_pods Gauge Node Capacity (Pod), Default 110 kube_node_status_allocatable_cpu_cores Gauge Node Allocatable (CPU) kube_node_status_allocatable_memory_bytes Gauge Node Allocatable (Mem) kube_node_status_allocatable_pods Gauge Node Allocatable (Pod)
  24. 24. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Pod/Container Summary • Pod 배포에 따른 Node 위치 정보 • 분산 scheduling 상태 파악 • Namespace, Node 별 Pod 추이/Count 구분 Metric Type Description Pod/Container Info kube_pod_info Gauge Pod Info(Pod-name, namespace, Host-IP, Pod-IP) kube_pod_start_time Gauge Pod 시작 시간 (UnixTime) kube_pod_created Gauge Container 생성 시간 (UnixTime) kube_pod_container_info Gauge Container Info(Container-name, Pod-name, namespace, image, image-id, container-id)
  25. 25. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Pod/Container Summary • Container 별 Resource Current/Reqeust/Limit 비교 ü QOS 설정 파악 (Guaranteed > Burstable > Best-Effort) ü Replica count 조정 또는 HPA, VPA 참조 구분 Metric Type Description Pod/Container Resource kube_pod_container_resource_request_cpu_cores Gauge Container Request CPU kube_pod_container_resource_request_memory_bytes Gauge Container Request Mem kube_pod_container_resource_limits_cpu_cores Gauge Container Limit CPU kube_pod_container_resource_limits_memory_bytes Gauge Container Limit Mem
  26. 26. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric Pod, Container Condition • Pod Restart, Pod Status Phase 상태 모니터링 지표 구분 Metric Type Description Condition kube_pod_status_phase Gauge Pod Lifecycle 상태 <Pending, Running, Succeeded, Failed, Unknown> kube_pod_container_status_restart_total Counter Pod Restart Count kube_pod_status_ready Gauge Pod Condition 상태 (true, false, Unknown) kube_pod_status_scheduled Gauge Pod Scheduling 상태 (true, false, Unknown) kube_pod_container_status_waiting_reason Gauge Container waiting status <ContainerCreating|CrashLoopBackOff|ErrImagePull | I magePullBackOff> kube_pod_container_status_terminated_reason Gauge Container terminated status <OOMKilled|Error|Completed|ContainerCannotRun>
  27. 27. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric APIServer Request & Latency 모니터링 설정 • APIServer Latency • HTTP Response code 5xx 비율 구분 Metric Type Description Apiserver apiserver_request_count Counter APIServer Request 요청 수 apiserver_request_latencies_sum Gauge API 작업의 총 지연 시간 apiserver_request_latencies_count Gauge API 대한 요청 수 apiserver_request_latencies_bucket Histogram Latencies bucket
  28. 28. Core Metrics: kubernetes metric kubelet metric 모니터링 • Pod from pending to running Latency • Node 별 Pod/Container Create Rate 구분 Metric Type Description kubelet kubelet_running_pod_count Counter kubelet running Pod kubelet_running_container_count Counter kubelet running Container kubelet_pod_start_latency_microseconds_sum Counter kubelet Pod 기동 횟수 kubelet_pod_start_latency_microseconds_count Counter kubelet Pod 기동 시 latency 합계
  29. 29. Kubernetes Auto Scaler Istio + Prometheus
  30. 30. Kubernetes Auto Scaler (Horizon Pod Autoscaler) • Heapster Collect cAdvisor Metric (CPU, Memory, File system, Network) • Only Support HPA v1 Pod CPU Utilization Heapster is DEPRECATED k8s 1.11
  31. 31. Metric Server - successor of Heapster • Using memory-efficient API (kubernetes.summary_api) • HPA v2 with Metric Server • Support Pod CPU/Memory Utilization • Collect Cluster Resource – (Node, Pod) $ kubectl get --raw "/apis/" | jq . $ kubectl get --raw "/apis/" | jq .
  32. 32. Custom Metrics Adapter for Prometheus • Need to Custom Metrics API Server (adaptor) • HPA V2 API를 통해 Custom Metrics 기반의 HPA 적용 가능 • prometheus-hpa-adapter ü Custom Metrics API Support Kubernetes 1.6 ü container_cpu_usage_seconds_total -> cpu_usage (Counter) ü container_memory_working_set_bytes -> memory_working_set_bytes (Gauge) ü container_cpu_load_average_10s -> cpu_load_average_10s (Gauge) ü container_network_tcp_usage_total -> network_tcp_usage (Counter) ü tomcat_requestcount_total -> tomcat_requestcount (Counter) apiVersion: autoscaling/v2beta1 kind: HorizontalPodAutoscaler metadata: name: spring-music-hpa namespace: default spec: scaleTargetRef: apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 kind: Deployment name: spring-music minReplicas: 1 maxReplicas: 10 metrics: - type: Object object: target: kind: Pod name: spring-music-854b4f6884-87lbf metricName: tomcat_requestcount targetValue: 100
  33. 33. Istio + Prometheus • Istio Prometheus format Metric 노출 • Service-Discovery + Directly Scrape 형태로 Metric 수집 • Rich Metric Mixer comes with a built-in Prometheus
  34. 34. Istio + Prometheus Demo 1) Istio + prometheus + prometheus+hpa-adapter 배포 2) Sample App + nginx Ingress 3) Injection 4) App restart & Envoy 확인 5) Gateway & VirtualService 생성 & istio ingress 확인 6) Istio Custom Metric HPA 설정 7) 부하 발생 & HPA 확인 Istio + Prometheus-hpa-adapter