Shoe Shine Boys Small Business Idea


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Small Business Idea BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Business Administration

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Shoe Shine Boys Small Business Idea

  1. 1.  Our small business idea is about shoes shining & polishing shoes . We give 2 different kinds of services e.g. standard & premium. It takes around 5-10 minutes polishing your shoes, depending onwhat service you use. Our services will take place in college street and Debden tubestation too.
  2. 2.  First step: Clean the Leather Second step: Use a Leather Dye Third step: Use a Leather Lotion Fourth step: Polish the shoes Fifth step: Buff the Shoes
  3. 3. MARKET RESEARCHWhat is your Gender?MaleFemaleWe surveyed the Male, Femalein the college and this is ourresults
  4. 4. 02468101214Under 16 16-17 18-30 31-39 40-49 50-64 65 overNumberofpeopleAgeWhat is your Age?We surveyed a range of age groups but the most peoplewe surveyed were 16-17.
  5. 5. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30YesNoWould you consider using a Shoe ShineService?This graph shows us that most people are willing to useShoe Shine Service.
  6. 6. 05101520Mon- FiWeekendAny DayPeriod of TimeWhen would you prefer to use this service?This graph shows that most people would like to get their shoe service on a weekday
  7. 7. 051015Spring Summer WinterTermsWhen would you want this service avaible?The most popular season is summer, sowe will be having more people working inthe summer and less in other season.
  8. 8. 0246810Two puinds Two poundsfiftyThree poundsThree poundsfiftyFour pounds Four poundsfiftyFive poundsNumberofpeopleAmount of moneyHow much would you be willing to pay?This graph is showing us that most people are willing topay either £2 or £3 so we will stick to £3 as we will makemore money out of it and the customers seem to thinkthat £3 is a reasonable price.
  9. 9. 13141516Standard-Clean and polish Premium (£2 extra)-Clean, leather dye, leatherlotion, polish,buffWhich service would you prefer?The graph shows us that both services were very popular sowe would provide both.
  10. 10. TARGET MARKET Our target audience for our shoe shine service will be aiming atthe staff and students in the college also Debden train station so wecan get the customers in the morning.
  11. 11.  10 x brushes 2 x packs of rubber gloves 3 x chairs 1 x footstall Leather lotion & leather dye Lint Cloths Polish(black, dark tan, medium tan, light tan, neutral & whitener)
  12. 12. SOURCES OF FINANCE We will set up our business by taking some savings from our bankaccount . The budget we are looking for is roughly £65.00 as with thismoney we need to invest on the equipment we need to set up thebusiness.
  13. 13.  Shoe polish 100 ml £3.75 10x Brushes £27.50 Ladies tights £7.00 Leather dye £5.00 Leather lotion £4.75 Leather cleaner 3 in 1 cleans (250 ml) £12.99 Soft clothes £2___________________________________________________________________________ Total £62.99
  14. 14.  Standard : Only £3• Clean• Polish Premium : Only £5• Clean• Use leather Dye• Use leather lotion• Polish buff• Final buff We charge £3 for standard shine because we asked people in our questionnairewhat they felt would be a suitable price and £3 was reasonable for a standardshine. £5 for premium because thats how much people said they would pay for it.
  15. 15. Shine bright like a diamond!!If you want to get your shoes shined you can have standard shine or the premiumshine.The standard shine consists of:•Clean leather and polish£5 for premium shine! £3 for standard!The premium shine consists of:•Clean leather•Leather dye•Polish buff•Final buffOur services will take place in street collegeand Debden tube station too
  16. 16. WHERE WILL WEADVERTISE THE FLYER?We will promote our flyer in Epping Forest college and the DebdenHigh Street. You will be able to see our flyer hanging up on the wallaround the college, it will also be on the college website, t.v screens.Our flyer will say when and where abouts, what we do, how much wecharge, what day’s we are working and information on what we offer.We are usually working weekdays from 8-10 in the morning and 5-6 inthe evenings.