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Spiral into control ad words


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Spiral into control ad words

  1. 1. Spiral Into Control AdWords Derek Wilson Jesse Whale Kurtis Cowan
  2. 2. Client Overview: Client Profile● Professional organization services for: ○ Home ○ Office ○ Life● Created and run by Karyn Beacock● Kingston & Eastern Ontario Region● Member of the Certified Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)
  3. 3. Client Overview: Marketing Analysis● Target Market: Medium-high income ($60-$100,000) ○ The busy family ○ The single parent ○ A single income, no kids ○ A busy office● Current or potential competitors● Overview of industry
  4. 4. Client Overview: Marketing Analysis● Market Position/Specialties ○ Chemical Engineering Technology● Unique selling point ○ Trained Professional Organizer ○ Serves on the Executive Board of the Professional Organizers of Canada● Seasonality has no effect on the business
  5. 5. Client Overview: Current Marketing● Social ○ Website ○ Facebook & Twitter ○ Blogging ○ Guest Blogs: Million Dollar Skates, KEDCO, Style Guru● Product Line ○ "Get Organized" Handbag ○ Gift Cards● Affiliate Marketing ○ See Jane Work ○ Franklin Covey ○ Office Candy
  6. 6. Client Overview: Current Marketing● Information Booths ○ Tradeshows ○ Fashion Shows ○ Dress for Success ○ Hockey Tournaments● Guest Speaking ○ KEDCO Workshops ○ Kingston Connections ○ St.Lawrence College● Business Cards, Pamphlets, Tip Bookmarks● Staples Partnership: Organize Your Desk Day
  7. 7. Proposed Strategy● 3 Ad Groups ○ Home Organizing ○ Office Organizing ○ Life Organizing● Budget ○ $250 @ $10/Day for 3 weeks● Target Audience remains the same● Standard Ad delivery● Geotargeting: Kingston
  8. 8. Post Campaign● What worked● What didnt● Clients benefits● Major changes● The outcome
  9. 9. Conclusion● What we would change● Future aspirations Thank You!