Business planning class 2013, Coldwell Banker Plaza


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Business Planning

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  • Business planning class 2013, Coldwell Banker Plaza

    1. 1. Company LOGO Business Planning Class #1 What does this year look like for you?
    2. 2. Formulating The Plan • While you are formulating your business plan, you should discuss it with a trusted advisor, a mentor, or your broker. Ask your advisor to give you additional suggestions, insights, and opinions that will help you craft your plan for success.
    3. 3. Entrepreneur • As an entrepreneur, your ability to plan your course of action, and your understanding of your business, will directly affect your success. • We will look at your business in new ways and help determine the direction your business will take. • A plan is a roadmap, or a guide, to enable you to achieve your goals and objectives. • You have entered into an occupation that requires specialized education, licensure, skill, and knowledge that enable you to provide a service that most individuals seek and require in our complex economy.
    4. 4. Evaluation: Why Real Estate? • • • • Procuring freedom Making a difference Educating and informing Providing income
    5. 5. What a plan will do for you: • Your plan must document your vision/mission, set goals for your business, and develop a clear picture about products you sell services you provide. • Your plan will give structure to perform daily activities, market properties, find clients, and generate sales. • You will know how much you have to work to build the level of income you seek and have a clear understanding of what it takes, both of time and in money, to achieve those objectives.
    6. 6. Analysis of my Business •for the Year 20___ •Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months so we can learn from •the experience and decide what our objectives are for the next twelve months.
    7. 7. Analysis of my Business
    8. 8. Business Plan
    9. 9. Business Plan
    10. 10. Business Plan
    11. 11. F inancial Goals
    12. 12. Net Worth Goal Worksheet Current Net Worth_ _______________________________ as of____________________ (date) $___________Net worth (A-B)
    13. 13. Net Worth Goal Worksheet Goal Net Worth___________________________________ as of____________________ (date) $___________Net worth (A-B)