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MINUTE FOR MISSON These days many of us are investing in seeds and plants, expecting to see great results over the coming ...
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SERVICE*Our Hymn: MV 154, Deep In Our HeartsOur Message for TodayOur Anthem:*Our Words of Faith: page 918 VU, A Contempora...
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April 22,


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Published in: Spiritual
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April 22,

  1. 1. MINUTE FOR MISSON These days many of us are investing in seeds and plants, expecting to see great results over the coming months. Mission and Service is investing in agriculture in a bigger way. Here’s a story about conservation farming in Zimbabwe. Order of Worship for Christian Care, a Mission and Service partner in Zimbabwe, is part of an exciting project helping farmers produce more maize on less land and also work independ- OROMOCTO & PINE GROVE ently of global farm corporations. All that’s needed is mulch and a hoe. UNITED CHURCH Farmers in Zimbabwe have faced seven droughts in eight years. Their soil is less viable, and they have become dependent on chemicals and unreliable hybrid seed We welcome everyone to this time together in worship. We gather in this church in on the bad advice of commercial seed corporations. As a result, up to 80 percent of the belief that we are all equally God’s guests whether we’ve been here all our lives households have needed food aid donations in recent years to survive. or this is our first time. We welcome everyone in this spirit of Christ as it is our belief that this is how we are to live. Everyone, without exception, belongs equally at The Christian Care conservation farming program has significantly improved the God’s table. situation for over 500 families by training farmers and organizing farm exchange visits and community seed banks. The results have been extraordinary. The farmers If you are visiting with us please sign our guest book opposite the usher’s table. If produced ten times as much, even in drought conditions, and were able to save and you are new with us and wish a follow up contact please fill out a ‘Guest/New share huge amounts of seed. The techniques are simple: create an organic layer of Member Card which can be found with the guest book. As well you may pick up an mulch over all the ground; fertilize with manure; and prepare the fields well during orientation package on the table in the entrance. We invite visitors from other the dry season for planting. Another partner supported by United Church congrega- churches to pick up one of our Peace Candles to take home with you. An tions and Mission and Service, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, collaborated with explanation of this symbol accompanies each candle and these can be found on the Christian Care in this project. usher’s table. Your gifts to Mission and Service are supporting conservation Should you require a rest room it is at the end of the hall and it is equipped with a farming in Zimbabwe. Together, we can focus on people’s baby change station. If you have young children who become restless there is a right to food. nursery behind the back pew where they can play while you hear the service over the speakers. You are welcome to bring a coffee into worship with you. The coffeeRev Bob McDowell pot is in the entrance.Office 357-3423; Cell 470-1155; Home 488-2154Email: *While we stand for most hymns and at others times in our worship, please feel free not to if for any reasons you can not or would rather not. VU stands for Voices United and MV for More Voices. You are also invited to pick up a Bible version of Minister Rev Robert McDowell your choice at usher’s desk. Should you have any concerns please speak to an usher. Accompanist/ Choir Director Joyce Andrews Office Administration Jennifer Chiasson VU: Voices United – our hard cover red hymn book MV: More Voices – our soft covered hymn book Oromocto United Church 144 Winnebago Oromocto April 22, 2012 10:30 am
  2. 2. SERVICE AnnouncementsWelcome and Announcements A New Offering Process: Beginning today we will be reversing the offering process at the request of the Committee of Stewards. They remain after the service to pre- pare the bank deposit, often with family members waiting. This will give them someA Time of Silence as We Begin additional time.*Introit: to the tune VU 352 We will begin with the sung offering response, have the prayer of dedication and then collect the offering and the counters will leave and begin their work.It’s a time to be welcomed, it’s a time to be free,It’s a time to join hands in community; Please sign up to help lead in worship by lighting the candle, reading scripture or some of the other roles. Signup sheets are in the Narthex [entrance].And when we feel released from all shame and fear,We’ll know that the love of God is near. G. S. T. AUCTION & PLANT SALE Reserve Saturday ,June 2 ,7 PM for our annual G.S.T. (Goods,Services & Talents) Auction & Plant sale.Refrain: We hope you will plan to join us for an evening of Fun, Fellowship & Fundraising.True affirmation is gained Please add your items to the sign-up sheet in the narthexWhen all God’s children are loved the same.For justice, we’ll seek what is right, Annual cemetery cleanup at Pine Grove will take place April 28th atWith the Spirit’s guidance we’ll spread God’s light 9AM. Rain date will be May 5th.To embrace diversity is Christ’s greatest call. Concert to help Bishop McAllister CollegeWe will love our neighbour and reach out to all. A country, bluegrass and gospel show will be held on Saturday evening, May 12th, at St. Marys Anglican Church on Frederictons north side to support Canon PaulThe barriers will fall down so all belong; Jeffries and Bishop McAllister College.Our stories we’ll tell, and we’ll sing our songs. "John Jeffries, who is an excellent musician, is organizing the concert again this year to help his cousin Paul," said Samuel Mayo, chair of the Missions Committee at Christ Church Cathedral. "Its a fun evening and a good way to help the students*Our Prayer for a New Beginning and staff at the school in Uganda." In addition to John Jeffries, featured entertainers include Al Sherwood and Eileen Hanson, Reid Merritt, Amy Yerxa, Bubs Brown and many others. Admission is $8 at*Our First Hymn: VU 409, Morning Has Broken the door. The start time for the concert is 7:30 p.m. The church is located at 770 McEvoy Street.Lighting our Resurrection Candle: The lists are coming out this week for the church supper. We will be calling forLeader: We dedicate this candle God to this time of worship. We gather to open people to bring vegetables etc for the dinner. Also will be asking for servers andour hearts to you and to one another. dishwashers as we desperately need help. Our dinner has changed its time from 4.00- 6.00 PM More to follow. Thanks,All: We confess our hearts are not always open. We often leave our hearts Joanne, Co-ordinator. 357-3064closed, as we do our minds and our hands as well.
  3. 3. Dates To Note SERVICE Leader: Yet we also acknowledge that we are here because our hearts are restless.Apr 23, 6pm, Pine Grove Special Com MeetingApr 24, 6:30, Church Council All: We want to live more openly and more lovingly than we do now. We knowApr 26, 4pm, OVCL Board Meeting Oromocto Municipal building there is a better life in living with open hearts, with open minds and with open hands.Apr 26, 6pm, Oromocto Pioneer Garden Cemetery AGM, Hazen Park CtrApril 28, 9am, Pine Grove Cemetery cleanup Leader: Stir our hearts God.Apr 29, Ecumenical service to recognize and thanks Emergency Service Personnelat SVDP, 7pm, Rev Bob speaker All: Reclaim us, renew us, and enliven us in our hearts, in our minds and in our reaching out.May 4, Oromocto Baptist Church 175th Anniversary serviceMay 5, Spring Supper 4 pm Leader: Bless us such that we might leave your presence this day shifted, alteredMay 10, 7pm, Special Meeting of Session to vote on the Remits and changed in the ways we need to be.May 14, Municipal Election Day People: May we leave here open and receptive, honest and vulnerable, unafraidMay 31st, Oromocto Pioneer Garden Fund Raising Dinner to Honour Mayor Tidd and embracing of life.June 2nd, GST Auction and Plant Sale Leader: Unto you God-June 23, OVCL AGM, 1pm, Hazen Park Ctr, Watling Room All: Not unto each otherThe Oromocto and Valley Co-operative Living Project has been granted SEEDmoney from CMHC to draft a business plan and conduct a professional feasibility Leader: Not unto our pet projectsstudy. That should be complete about the end of May. We will then submit thePDF [project development funds] application for $100,000 to complete the plan- All: Not unto our favourite charity or passionsning phase for part one of the new Aging In Place Non Profit Seniors Housing Pro-ject. But unto you may our hearts be opened for we are yours. Our Hymn: VU 639, One More Step Along the World I Go, vs 1-3 Some Time with the children Our Prayer & Lord’s Prayer Our Hymn [seated] : VU 639, vs 4-5 Light Our Candle of Concern Our Reading for Today:
  4. 4. SERVICE*Our Hymn: MV 154, Deep In Our HeartsOur Message for TodayOur Anthem:*Our Words of Faith: page 918 VU, A Contemporary Creed*Our Offering [603 VU, vs 1]In loving partnership we come,seeking , O God, your will to do.Out prayers and actions now receive,we freely offer them to you.*Our Offering DedicatedOur Offering Collected:Our Prayers of Gratitude, Concern & Our Lord’s PrayerOur Hymn to Leave With: MV 161, I Have Called You By Your Name*Our Benediction*Our Choral BenedictionEv’ry Morning is Easter morning from now on.Ev’ry day is resurrection day, the past is over and gone.Ev’ry Morning is Easter morning, Ev’ry Morning is Easter morningEv’ry Morning is Easter morning from now On!