Annual Report 2011


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Annual Report 2011

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  2. 2. Table of ContentsOromocto Pastoral ChargeRev Robert McDowell, M.Div, R.P.C. 3Winter and Spring Meeting of the Congregations 4Joint Session 4Session, Special Report, Pine Grove 6Ministry and Personnel 7Mission and Service Fund 8Pastoral Charge Treasurer 9Pastoral Charge Financial Statements and Proposed 2012 Budget • unaudited 11United Church W omen 16OPH Singers 17Presbytery 17Oromocto United ChurchStewards 18Oromocto United Church Financial Statements and Proposes 2012 Budget • unaudited 20Senior Choir 25Sunday School 26Trustees 27Building and Grounds 27Rotary Club Monday Night Dinners 28Pine Grove United ChurchPine Grove Financial Statements 29 • unaudited 2|Page
  3. 3. Rev Robert McDowell, M.Div, R.P.C.Last summer Jack Layton died. He wrote all Canadians a letter that was released after his death.Remember his final words to us? My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. All my very best. Jack LaytonHis words impacted many of us regardless of political affiliation or leaning. We respected himbecause whatever else he stood for he was genuine and deeply caring. We listened to him becausehe spoke to the kind of change that needs to be embraced if we are to become the kind of societythat can see us collectively navigate the social tumult that is appearing on our horizon.As this report is being compiled the new budgets are beginning to be released. Economic decisions ofthe past are bringing new and difficult realities to us at a time when we are increasingly depending onsocial services. We now see how deeply seated greed is becoming, how shortsightedness compilesinto social fragility and how entitlement translates into a less compassionate country.As a church we have been experiencing revenue declines as those on fixed incomes continue toadapt and those in their earning years see less disposable income. The generosity of our memberscontinues to be a great value within our church. For that we all thank one another. Yet we also seethat harder times are rapidly approaching.In the 1980’s I bought a canoe from an Amish business owner in Pennsylvania. He did own a car butowned a computer, who did use electricity but had a generator to power his computer when heneeded it and he traveled everywhere by horse power. As I discussed this apparent incongruity withhim he said his community very carefully about what they introduced to their lives. They evaluatednew products first from the perspective of health and secondly asking the question “will this give usmore time with our family and more time with our God?” Most new things did not meet the criteria ofthis test. I was struck by the intentionality of this approach. We often fail to recognize that many oflife’s options are like glue. Each time we interact with our choices some of it sticks to us. We liveassuming someone is looking out for our best interests. We are far too casual. We often don’t noticewhat is sticking to us. It is not until we are faced with the necessity of change that we realize who wehave become. .If we are to live a life together valuing that “Love is better than anger, Hope is better than fear andoptimism is better than despair,” than we will have new skills to learn. We live in a very angry societyfilled with depression. We live in a very fearful society. And sadly, we have no idea if we are buildinga better world. We love to sing “Go make a difference, we can make a difference.” We know we do.We make many important differences.The ministry you support me in makes a great difference in Oromocto and area. I know the manyways each of you are involved in boards, committees, groups, neighbours, fellowship, attentiveness,education etc that makes a great difference and is to be valued. Don’t underestimate how important 3|Page
  4. 4. our collective ministry is for we are the church that goes about applying its faith without flying its‘denominational’ flag over our work.As you read the pages of this annual report remember the ministry we have and have had as we thinkabout the kind of ministry we are still asked to have.Winter Meeting and Spring Meeting of theCongregationsOne of the challenges in being the church arises when the business of the church overrides theministry of the church. This is commonly experienced in many churches. It is easier to talk aboutdollars, wood and nails than the things the church ought to be doing. To this end we conducted anexperiment that has been successful in some other places. We tried to separate the meeting dealingwith the ministry of being the church from the business of running the church. This has resulted insome confusion that is still lingering.For the sake of clarity this is where we are at in the evolution of this aspect of our life together. Therewill be one annual report produced for the winter meeting that will receive all reports. The wintermeeting will be the AGM and it will be a business meeting. The Spring Meeting will be a workshopformat and will ONLY have that business that has emerged since the Winter Meeting. There may benone. There may be a nomination. The purpose of the Spring Meeting will be to talk about what weare doing in our ministry. In this manner it is our goal as a church to spend time together discussingwhat we are doing or can be doing to make our life together better and more faithful at a meetingseparate from the meeting when we do budgets and year end business.Related to this is some concern over communication. Many are still used the former way wherebypeople would make reports to the various meetings such as council. We are encouraging all reportsto be made to the whole congregation from time to time through stand up reporting before worship orprinted reports. This has not caught on yet other than some efforts by the M&P. The Church Councilmeets to review the church financials on a regular basis and to conduct such business as canproperly come before it for decision or discussion. Otherwise we are expecting information to come tothe whole of the church. We are interested in reducing our meetings to what is necessary and givingany group that meets on behalf of us all the authority it needs to lead in its responsibility.Joint SessionThe Oromocto Pastoral Charge has a Joint Session which means that it is made up of members fromboth Oromocto and Pine Grove congregations. Session is the ‘court’ of our church. That means it isthe body of the church that requires all its members to be full members of the United Church ofCanada so it can address those concerns required by the manual to be made by full members only. 4|Page
  5. 5. Such an issue has come before the Session this year in the form of three remits. These pertain tomultiple possible doctrines of faith in the United Church of Canada. This is an example of how theUnited Church of Canada continues to be a leader in the World Council of Churches. The questionbefore the Session is to vote on adopting three new expressions of faith to be added to the statementthat formed the UCC in 1925. What is particularly unique in the question is that these four possibleexpressions are exclusive. That means they do not agree although they have much in common.Collectively they represent the diversity of faith found across the church from what might to be calledtraditional to contemporary faith. Session chose to open up the question to the whole church andalthough the membership of the church does not have a vote on this the members of Session arekeen to hear reactions.An interesting concern that demonstrates some of the sensitivities that Session has to sort out fromtime to time had to do with listing names in the service. When people are unable to attend for onereason or another there was some embarrassment in having their names listed as a candle lighter orreader. We discontinued the practice and then Session experienced feedback that other peoplewished the names be listed so people can come to know one another.We purchased several copies of Marcus Borg’s novel “Putting Away Childish Things” and after theSession members read it we encouraged all church folk to read it. Many did and found this novel ofmodern faith to be not only a good read but very insightful. This was a good program for faithdevelopment and continues as the books continue to circulate within and outside the church.We chose not to have a Christmas Day service as it fell on Sunday and almost all the memberssurveyed said they would not be attending.Notable Session highlights of 2011 Include: The 170th Anniversary Service of Oromocto United Church Hosting the Oromocto Legion for Remembrance Service Welcoming and orienting Karla Gimby and Lisa Blundon as Elders Electing Karen Topilnyckyj as Clerk of Session Hosting the 2011 ecumenical Keep Christ in Christmas service Hanging of the Greens, Passover and expanded Loonie LunchNew Members 2011: Karla Gimby Jennifer Gardiner Andrew Gimby John McNeilBaptisms 2011: Ava Vera Paul 5|Page
  6. 6. Carley Maria June Stennick Elisabeth Ann Deutscher Naquel Antonia Shelby Jean ReidMarriages 2011: John Michael Morrell and Ehmeele Lelania Angella Toney, April 16, 2011 Scott Donald Charles Stennick and Natasha Elisabeth Lees, Oct 1, 2011Funerals/Memorials and Burials 2011: George Caswallen Wall Woodrow Keith Penny Mary Helena Wood Matthew Richard Seeley Thomas Lorne Winter Robert Bertram Reid Jean Elinor Ginter Ena ‘Joan’ Colbourne Denise Kathleen TremblaySession, Special Report, Pine GroveIn 2011 the Pine Grove elders Mary Louise Trynor and Barb Court began a discussion with themembers about the possibilities, benefits and risks involved in realigning the relationship betweenPine Grove and Oromocto United churches.The purpose of this letter is to document what has been said thus far and to outline clearly what isbeing asked, what is behind the conversation and what the process would be should the members ofPG choose to pursue a new option.The first thing to note is that all decisions in this matter begin with the members of Pine Grove. Thesecond thing is that no one is suggesting closing Pine Grove United Church. What is being discussedis a realignment of the current relationship. What is on the table are a number of options stemmingfrom the question, “has the time come to look at doing things differently?”There have been several Sundays this past year when very few came out to worship. The maximumnumber of worshippers is about 14. There has been some modest growth but issues of aging, familyopportunity or need etc has meant others are less able or willing to attend. Is it worth maintaining allthat goes into being two separate congregations when only 7-9 people are attending the 9 a.m.service? 6|Page
  7. 7. Being separate means three treasurers, confusing annual reports, multiple accounts, 2 boards ofTrustees, separate stewards, separate worship times etc. Would one worship strategy or a moreintegrated strategy mean we all might be more successful in ministry and congregational growth?So what are the possibilities? Pine Grove services could be fewer, perhaps once a month or even anevening service from time to time. We’ll still have summer and Christmas services of course. Or wecould stay with the same service schedule but become one congregation with two properties againeliminating the complexities that accompany separate administration. This would mean onecommittee of stewards, one board of trustees and one Session [as we have now] and one treasurer.Pine Grove could continue to have its own offering envelopes, its own membership, its own buildingfund and account for its own revenue/expenses within one reporting system instead of what we havenow.In this sort of realignment there are interests that need to be identified, defined and agreed upon. Forexample the Pine Grove members may fear that their ‘little’ church may lose its identity in the largerwhole. This may happen but is less likely if an agreement is struck that identifies Pine Groves’primary interests and how these interests will be managed. For example the Pine Grove memberscould be the ones to decide how the building fund monies are used. Identity could also be preservedby showing all Pine Grove revenues and expenses separately on Pine Grove’s own lines within onefinancial statement. We could look at how other churches have managed their amalgamations.There is no pressure to make this decision. The conversation will continue in 2012 and should aconsensus begin to form we will begin a formal process to move forward in such a manner that all thequestions can be clearly answered before a decision is made.Ministry and Personnel Committee Reportfor 2011Committee MembershipThere were four members on our committee in 2011: Roy Lane (PG), Norma MaGee (PG), DorothyBoudreau (OUC) and Fiona Cogswell (OUC).Meetings with Employees and VolunteersM & P met with all but two of the employees and volunteers of the church over the past year. In2011, there were many individuals who contributed to our pastoral charge and we would like to takethis opportunity to thank them for their contributions. As part of its duties, M & P must make surecriminal record checks are up to date according to United Church policy. Each United Church mustestablish its cycle for reviewing these checks.Minister’s Performance Review 7|Page
  8. 8. M & P met with Rev. McDowell for his annual performance review in September. M & P has notreceived any notification of upcoming sabbatical leaves at this time.Hiring of EmployeesJennifer Chiasson, our church secretary, has agreed to take on additional duties as bookkeeper forthe Oromocto United Church and the Oromocto Pastoral Charge.Training for M & P CommitteeIn January, Dorothy Boudreau and Roy Lane attended a training session for M & P committeemembers.Goals for 2012Our goals for the upcoming year remain:To continue to be visible and available to the congregationsTo support and assist employees and volunteers in both congregationsMISSION & SERVICE FUND STATEMENTAT 31 DECEMBER 2011The Mission and Service Fund funds the work of the church nationally and internationally. It supportsthe resources for our worship life, children’s ministry, global partnerships and efforts promotingjustice, peace and care of creation.2011 Covenant $ 23,000.00Amount received from congregations and forwarded to $ 22,345.44UCC M&S fundAmount Contributed under Covenant $ 654.56Amount received from congregation to emergency $ 875.00 8|Page
  9. 9. appeals for Japan Earthquake $ 130.00Respectfully SubmittedHeather Tesselaar, TreasurerOROMOCTO PASTORAL CHARGEPROPOSED MISSION & SERVICE FUND CONVENANT FOR 2011The proposed Mission and Service Fund goal for 2012 is $23,000.00.Pastoral Charge Treasurer ReportAs of the end of 2011, from a financial perspective there are two significant financial challengesfacing the church. After three years of finishing with close to a balanced budget, decreasing offeringscoupled with increased building expenses, caused a major deficit from the Oromocto United Church.This is discussed in more detail in the OUC Stewards Report and has shaped this year’s proposedbudget. It was necessary to reduce the allotment from the churches as not doing so would potentiallyresult in a situation where the OUC did not have sufficient cash in its operating account to coverexpenses. It is possible for the pastoral charge to run a short term deficit this year. However, this itnot sustainable.The second financial challenge is that of fiscal leadership. Louise Ried, who had generously steppedforward to take on the Pastoral Charge Treasurer position in 2010, was unable to continue with herduties into 2011. I, Heather Tesselaar, was asked to take on the position in the interim while theChurch Council sought a new Treasurer. Despite announcements in church, in the bulletin andpersonal contact being made with those whom the Council felt may be willing, no one has beenwilling to step forward to assume the position of Treasurer. To make the position less onerous, theOffice Administrator has taken on the book keeping duties. The responsibilities of the Treasurer nowconsists of communicating with the book keeper on all matters related to the churches finances, 9|Page
  10. 10. submitting the financial statements to the Church Council on a monthly basis and directing theCouncil’s attention to any anomalies and developing the yearly budget for presentation at the AnnualMeeting. As I will be moving out of the Oromocto area this spring it is imperative that someone stepsforward to fill this position.On a less gloomy note, Mission and Service offerings have remained consistent over the last threeyears. The pastoral charge finished this year within 3% of our Mission and Service covenant againthis year. Consequently, an increase in the covenant is not recommended this year.Respectfully Submitted,Heather TesselaarOromocto Pastoral Charge FinancialStatements and Proposed 2012 Budget -UNAUDITED 10 | P a g e
  11. 11. OROMOCTO PASTORAL CHARGEBalance Sheet As at 31 December 2011ASSETSPetty Cash - Minister 50.00Petty Cash - Office Manager 50.00Chequing Bank Account (1) 13,080.99Total Cash 13,180.99Housing Allowance Fund (2) 111,113.92Relocation Fund (3) 8,935.09Misc Receivable 1,567.00HST Receivable 140.04TOTAL ASSETS (4) 134,937.04 ============LIABILITIESAccounts Payable 205.00TOTAL LIABILITIES 205.00 ____________EQUITYEquity Year Ending 2010 131,373.58Net Income for All Accounts 3,358.46TOTAL EQUITY 134,732.04 ____________LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 134,937.04 ============1. Benevolent Fund Balance of $1608 is currently held in Chequing Account.Youth Group funds of $141.02 are currently held in Chequing Account.2. Housing Allowance Investment is held in a GIC through ManulifeInvestments with a maturity of 27 March 2012, payout annually on 27 March.Redemption from GIC (at 4.25%) to Daily Interest Account at Manulife madeannually on 27 September.3. Relocation Fund is held in cashable GIC (at 0.15%) through Scotiabankmaturing 22 December 20124. The Pastoral Charge has two places of worship whose market value is notinclude in the total assets. Pinegrove United Church was constructed in 1848and Oromocto United Church was constructed in 1961.Respectfully SubmittedHeather Tesselaar, Treasurer 11 | P a g e
  12. 12. OROMOCTO PASTORAL CHARGEStatement of Operations As of 31 December 2011 Actual 2011 Budget 2011 PercentREVENUEOromocto United Church 58200.00 60600.00 96.04Pine Grove United Church 14700.00 15800.00 93.04Pastoral Charge Offering 250.00Interest Income (transfer in from Housing Allowance GIC) 4487.20 4500.00 99.72Fundraising GST Auction 2615.00 3000.00 Passover Supper 365.69Total Fundraising 2980.69 3000.00 99.36Other Income Loonie Lunches 850.32 Bulletin Offerings 40.00Total Other Income 890.32 500.00TOTAL REVENUE 81508.21 84400.00 96.57EXPENSESPersonnel (Payroll and Benefits) Ministers Salary 39519.00 39519.00 100.00 Ministers Housing Allowance 12000.00 12000.00 100.00 Ministers Benefits (CPP, EI, Pension) 10342.06 10500.00 98.50 Continuing Education & Learning Resources 736.88 1500.00 49.13 Mileage - Minister 1537.90 1500.00 102.53 Supply Minister Wages 464.00 500.00 92.80 Mileage - Supply Minister 96.76 200.00 48.38 Office Manager Wages 4210.96 5000.00 84.22 Office Managers Benefits (CPP and EI) 107.59 200.00 53.80Total Personnel 69015.15 70919.00 97.32Office and Administration Costs Office Supplies 1443.66 1730.00 83.45 Electronic Equipment 404.69 2000.00 20.23 Interest & Bank Charges 264.96 150.00 176.64 Postage 215.95 400.00 53.99 Photocopier 318.00 900.00 35.33 Telephone and Internet Access 1291.53 1400.00 92.25 Audit 150.00 150.00 100.00 National Payroll Administration 237.93 250.00 95.17 Ministry and Personnel 0.00 200.00 0.00 Honorarium-Treasurer 620.00 600.00 103.33Total Office and Administration Costs 4946.72 7780.00 63.58 12 | P a g e
  13. 13. Program Delivery and Worship Organist 1520.00 2000.00 76.00 Pastoral Care Team 45.00 100.00 45.00 Membership Development Team 178.00 500.00 35.60 Christian Development Team 30.85 500.00 6.17 Worship Leadership Team 386.73 700.00 55.25 Donations/ Outreach (3) 250.00 500.00 50.00Total Program Delivery and Worship 2410.58 4300.00 56.06Presbytery and Maritime Conference Presbytery and Maritime Conference 2600.00 2600.00Total Presbytery and Maritime Conference 2600.00 2600.00Miscellaneous Website Hosting 110.71 200.00 55.36 Website Maintenance - Honorarium 500.00 0.00 Miscellaneous - Other 7.97 501.00 1.59Total Miscellaneous 118.68 1201.00 9.88TOTAL EXPENSES 79091.13 86800.00 91.12NET OPERATING ACCOUNT 2417.08 -2400.00Benevolent FundBenevolent Fund Offerings 1780.00Benevolent Fund Distributions (2) 852.00Net Benevolent Fund 928.00Relocation FundTransferred in from Chequeing Account 0.00Interest Received and reinvested 13.05Interest Earned since new Issue 0.33Net Relocation Fund Income 13.38Housing Allowance FundInterest Earned on GIC 4481.65Interest Earned on in Daily Interest Account 5.55Transferred to Chequeing Account 4487.20Net Housing Allowance Fund 0.00TOTAL Net Income for ALL Accounts (4) 3358.46Respectfully SubmittedHeather Tesselaar, Treasurer 13 | P a g e
  14. 14. Notes to Pastoral Charge Income Statement1. The church operated as a registered charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act.2. Five Distributions were made from the Benevolent Fund.3. Donations/ OutreachAtlantic School of Theology 250.00 250.004. All Expenses net 50% HST. Capital items are expensed as acquired 14 | P a g e
  15. 15. OROMOCTO PASTORAL CHARGE 2012 Actual Proposed Actual 2009 Actual 2010 2011 BudgetREVENUEOromocto United Church 57,600.00 57,900.00 58,200.00 57,600Pine Grove United Church 14,400.00 15,000.00 14,700.00 14,400Interest Income 4,498.25 4,487.20 4,487.20 4,500Fundraising 4,475.96 2,687.70 2,615.00 2,500Miscellaneous 1,827.00 640.50 1,506.01 500TOTAL REVENUE 82,801.21 80,715.40 81,508.21 79,500EXPENSESPersonnel (Payroll and Benefits) Ministers Salary 38,514.96 39,401.04 39,519.00 40,230 Ministers Housing Allowance 10,800.00 10,800.00 12,000.00 12,000 Ministers Benefits (CPP, EI, Pension etc) 10,009.15 10,251.92 10,500.00 10,700 Continuing Education & Learning includes purchase Resources Allowance 563.03 942.87 736.88 2,500 of new laptop Mileage - Minister 1,737.45 1,320.84 1,537.00 1,500 any extra reqd to come from relocation fund to be repurposed - Supply Minister Wages 111.00 338.00 464.00 500 "Relocation and Mileage - Supply Minister 11.70 12.00 96.76 200 includes 1500 for Office Manager Wages 4,549.48 4,022.25 4,210.96 6,000 bookkeeper Office Manager Benefits 168.58 123.15 107.59 170Total Personnel 66,465.35 67,212.07 69,172.19 73,800Office and Administation Costs Office Supplies 1,730.91 1,449.29 1,330.71 1,400 Electronic Equipment 2,697.30 404.69 0 Bank Charges 198.66 96.97 255.96 200 Postage 478.18 209.68 215.95 300 Photocopier 617.70 617.70 318.00 700 Telephone and Internet Access 1,224.56 1,344.23 1,291.53 1,600 Audit 125.00 150.00 150.00 150 National Payroll Administration 170.40 237.66 221.08 250 Ministry and Personnel 40.48 0.00 200 Honorarium-Treasurer 600.00 600.00 620.00 0Total Office and Administration Costs 4,746.01 4,807.92 4,800Program Delivery and Worship Organist 1,640.00 1,345.00 1,520.00 1,800 Pastoral Care Team 80.65 39.88 45.00 100 15 | P a g e Membership Development 436.01 499.68 178.00 300 Christian Development 1,094.46 203.06 30.85 300 Worship Leadership 811.47 746.38 386.73 500 Bulletins 129.17 0.00
  16. 16. United Church Women Report for 2011For the year of 2011, we met at the church, as had 8 meetings in the year. As a group we take part inThe World Day of Prayer, with other churches in the community. We go to the CareHome called At Your At Home Retreat in Burton.We go there for Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas, as give them treats, and sing old time songswith them. They really enjoy this as this is part of our outreach. To give ourselves some revenues ,we sell the Church Calenders every year. When called , we cater for Funeral Receptions. Last fall 2visiters came from Fredericton Presbetry discussing , maintaining our group and suggestions, on howwe can this. Hopefully we will succeed and new members are always welcome.Respectfully SubmittedCarol LindsayUnited Church Women Treasurers ReportJan 01, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011Opening Balance Jan 01, 2011 $ 704.43Revenues:Funeral Receptions $ 450.00Calenders $ 380.00Total Revenues $ 830.00 $1, 534.43Expenses :Books $ 75.47Food $ 133.52Misc $ 12.42Calenders $ 151.73Total Expenses $ 373.14 $ 373.14Balance Dec 31, 2011 $1,161.29Respectfully submitted: 16 | P a g e
  17. 17. Joanne Bell, TreasurerO P H SINGERSA group of people who enjoy singing meets on the third Wednesday of each month to singwith patients in the Duffie Unit at Oromocto Public Hospital.With the leadership of Mary Hawkes on the piano, we join together in singing the old favorites ,oftenwith the accompaniment of shakers ,tambourines & other instruments.It`s wonderful to see the smiles & foot tapping as those in attendance join in the music.We invite any one who enjoys singing to join us in what we consider an important area of outreach inour congregation.Respectfully submitted.Shirley DuboisPresbytery Report - 2011 Merle Blake and Barb Kelly have continued in the elected position as Presbyteryrepresentatives for the Oromocto Pastoral Charge. We have enjoyed this work representingyou, the Pine Grove and Oromocto congregations, through six Woolastook Presbyterymeetings and the Maritime Conference annual meeting each year. By being yourrepresentatives, we hope to relate your cares and concerns to our presbytery and carry thecares and concerns of our presbytery back to you. Upon being a representative topresbytery, it is part of our work to serve on a presbytery committee to help carry out thework of the wider church community. Throughout these years representing you, we havefound our work challenging and rewarding. Merle works as co-chair of the Pastoral RelationsCommittee, helping churches throughout the presbytery as they proceed through JNACs andsearches for ministry personnel. Barb is chair of the Stewardship committee which includesthe work of our Mission and Service Fund. She completed her further commitment to theStewardship Committee of Maritime Conference in May of 2011. If we can help with any concern or question, please ask us. We will direct you in the rightdirection if we are unable to answer it. 17 | P a g e
  18. 18. We wish to thank the Pastoral Charge for the support they have given us in this work andfor their willingness shown when we have asked to host a meeting, knowing this is extrawork for many of you. We offer this report in the name of Jesus who taught us, through example, love and carefor everyone.Merle Blake - Pine Grove United Church Barb Kelly – Oromocto United ChurchCOMMITTEE OF STEWARDS REPORT –10 FEBRUARY 20121. The Committee of Stewards currently has five members: Ralph Harris,Brian Knowles, Margaret McNelly, Rob Tesselaar (Acting Chair), and BruceParks (Chair). In addition, Dave Bell attends our meetings and provides inputinto our decision making. Margaret McNelly has stepped down as the treasurer,but continues to help with the church finances while we seek another volunteerto assume those duties. To ease the burden of the treasurer, Jennifer Chiassonexpanded her role to act as bookkeeper for the Church in addition to her currentoffice administrator duties. It is essential that we identify a new treasurer toprovide continuity and oversight to the financial situation of the church.2. The Committee of Stewards held eight meetings in 2011.3. The Operating Account for Oromocto United Church ended last year witha significant deficit, almost $8000. This is due to a drop in offerings from ourcongregation, and on the expense side, an increase in heating oil and hydroexpenses. Offerings were down was about $3000 and heating oil went upalmost 20% from an average of $0.77/L in 2010 to an average of $0.92/L in2011, contributing to just over a $3000 increase in fuel expenses. We continueto benefit from revenues from the church turkey suppers and the Rotarydinners, and the volunteer janitors and grounds keepers are providing greatservice to the Church at a reduced cost. Despite their good efforts, we cannotsustain running a deficit and the congregation must be aware of the situationand ramifications of continuing on this path. 18 | P a g e
  19. 19. 4. The Committee continued with infrastructure improvements to the churchover the past year, with a focus on preventive maintenance and improvementsthat will reduce energy use in the future. Repairs were made to the church roof(one side only, largely covered by insurance, we paid $1000), the lights on theupper floor were replaced ($1000), and windows were replaced in theSecretary’s office, above the stairwell to church basement, and in the Minister’soffice ($3700). Cliff Nickerson worked diligently with a summer student onpainting and other small jobs throughout the church – a job well done.5. The Stewardship Committee has not met in the past year. This is animportant structure that needs to be reinvigorated or the function provided bydifferent means.6. The Committee is assessing requirements and projects for 2012 from thebuilding fund with the following projects in the planning stage: a. finishing repairs to the fascia on the North side of the church (costto be determined) b. replacing the lights in the church hall (approximately $2500) c. putting in some handicapped parking spaces in front of the church7. 2011 was a challenging year for the Committee and for the Church. Weare looking forward to 2012. Respectfully submitted Rob Tesselaar, Acting Chair 19 | P a g e
  20. 20. OROMOCTO UNITED CHURCHBalance Sheet As at 31 December 2011ASSETSBuilding Fund (1)Memorial Fund 5,606.76Chequing Bank Account 7,443.14Total Cash in Bank Accounts 13,049.90Organ Fund GIC (2) 5,862.60Misc Receivable 200.00HST Receivable 1,884.06TOTAL ASSETS 20,996.56 ===========LIABILITIESAccounts Payable 3,590.32Misc Payable 100.00Total Current Liabilities 3,690.32TOTAL LIABILITIES 3,690.32EQUITYEquity Year Ending 2010 24,882.09Net Income for all OUC Accounts (7,575.85)Total Church Equity 17,306.24TOTAL EQUITY 17,306.24 ___________LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 20,996.56 ===========Notes to OUC Balance Sheet1. Building Fund balance is currently held in Memorial Fund Account Account.2. Organ Fund is held in cashable GIC at 2.45% through Scotiabank maturing 14October 2013Respectfully SubmittedHeather Tesselaar, Treasurer 20 | P a g e
  21. 21. OROMOCTO UNITED CHURCHStatement of Operations As of 31 December 2011 Actual 2011 Budget 2011 PercentREVENUEOffering Local Church Offerings 65793.64 74000.00 88.91 Special Offerings (2) 2555.00 3500.00 73.00 Itntial for Offering Envelopes 33.00 100.00 33.00Total Offering 68381.64 77600.00 88.12Fundraising, Space Rental and Other Suppers - Net Income (3) 4345.88 4000.00 108.65 Space Rental 3472.95 3000.00 115.77 Special Dinners 1500.00 Other 4085.56Total Fundraising & Space Rental 11904.39 8500.00 140.05TOTAL REVENUE 80286.03 86100.00 93.25EXPENSESBuilding Fuel 12515.32 10000.00 125.15 Hydro 2599.49 2300.00 113.02 Routine repair &maintenance 1707.06 2500.00 68.28 Piano Tuning & Organ maintenance 863.00 650.00 132.77 Other Maintenance (4) 1089.13 0.00 Insurance 2565.58 2500.00 102.62 Water & Sewage 607.24 500.00 121.45 Custodial Services (summer student) 3284.98 0.00Total Building Costs 25231.80 18450.00 136.76Office & Admin Costs Audit 150.00 150.00 100.00 Postage/Office Supplies 277.80 250.00 111.12 Bank Charges 418.49 400.00 104.62 Telephone 307.44 350.00 87.84 Treasurer Honorarium 720.00 720.00 100.00 Offering Envelopes 196.49 200.00 98.25Total Office & Admin Costs 2070.22 2070.00 100.01Worship Related Costs Organist 1495.00 1800.00 83.06 Choir Music 100.00 0.00 Childrens Worship 376.04 500.00 75.21 Bibles 275.00 Bulletins 49.35 Worship Supplies 89.43 100.00 89.43Total Worship Related Costs 2009.82 2775.00 72.43 21 | P a g e
  22. 22. Miscellaneous Costs Conference Expense-Presbytery Rep 211.11 250.00 84.44 Kitchen Supplies 430.37 250.00 172.15 Other Miscellaneous 400.00Total Miscellaneous 641.48 900.00 71.28Pastoral Charge Expense 58200.00 63000.00 92.38TOTAL EXPENSES 88153.32 87195.00 101.10NET OPERATING FUND -7867.29 -1095.00Building FundMemorial and Building Fund Offerings (6) 4875.00Interest Income 2.39Expenses (7) 4689.71Building Fund 187.68Organ FundInterest Received and Reinvested 2.44Interest Earned since New Issue 101.32Net Organ Fund 103.76Net for ALL Accounts (8) -7575.85Respectfully SubmittedHeather Tesselaar, Treasurer 22 | P a g e
  23. 23. Notes to OUC Income and Expense Statement 1 The church operated as a registered charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act. 2 Special Offerings Anniversary 1545.00 Christmas 1010.00 2555.00 3 Supper Net Income Revenue Spring Supper 2695.00 Revenue Fall Supper 3155.00 Supper Expenses 1504.12 4345.88 4 Other Maintance Service Master Roof Repair 950.68 Topsoil for lawn repair 138.45 1089.13 6 Building Fund Offerings 890.00 From Provision of Suppers for Rotary Meetings 3100.00 From Memorial Donations 885.00 4875.00 7 Building Fund Expenses Windows 4671.71 Bank Charges 18.00 4689.718 All Expenses net 50% HST. Capital items are expensed as acquired. 23 | P a g e
  24. 24. OROMOCTO UNITED CHURCH Proposed Budget Actual 2009 Actual 2010 Actual 2011 2012REVENUEOffering Local Church Offerings (incl Sunday School) 68412.07 67907.90 65793.64 70000.00 Special Offerings (Easter, Christmas, Anniversary) 4694.61 3308.23 2555.00 3500.00 Other Gifts 2405.71 Initial (for Envelopes) 110.00 80.00 33.00 100.00Total Offering 73216.68 73701.84 68381.64 73600.00Fundraising Space Rental and Other Suppers - Gross Income 3779.88 4089.77 4345.88 4000.00 Space Rental 3477.50 3497.50 3472.95 1700.00 Special Dinners 1364.74 2901.96 1000.00 Other 3118.90 1024.70 4085.56 1000.00Total Fundraising & Space Rental 11741.02 11513.93 11904.39 7700.00TOTAL REVENUE 84957.70 85215.77 80286.03 81300.00EXPENSESBuilding Fuel 9371.12 9159.02 12515.32 12000.00 Hydro 2159.99 2184.11 2599.49 2400.00 Routine Repair and Maintenance 2123.88 3241.32 1707.06 2000.00 Piano Tuning & Organ maintenance 589.50 618.50 863.00 750.00 Other Maintenance 5775.41 1089.13 Insurance 2294.00 2280.17 2565.58 2600.00 Water & Sewage 310.88 444.08 607.24 600.00Total Building Costs 22624.78 17927.20 21946.82 20350.00Office & Admin Costs Audit 125.00 150.00 150.00 150.00 Postage/Office Supplies 197.97 373.66 277.80 250.00 Bank Charges 402.80 473.60 394.44 400.00 Telephone 299.59 307.44 307.44 325.00 Treasurer Honorarium 600.00 550.00 720.00 0.00 Bookkeeper Salary 1200.00 Offering Envelopes 197.49 180.20 196.49 200.00Total Office & Admin Costs 1822.85 2034.90 2046.17 2525.00Worship Related Costs Organist 1430.00 1480.00 1495.00 1600.00 Choir Music/ Gowns 94.08 1919.55 94.08 100.00 Childrens Worship 278.85 461.81 376.04 500.00 Bibles 229.36 275.00 Bulletins 49.35 50.00 Worship Supplies 55.66 94.14 89.43 100.00Total Worship Related Costs 1858.59 4184.86 2103.90 2625.00Miscellaneous Conference Expense-Presbytery 204.00 206.00 211.11 250.00 Kitchen Supplies 209.55 242.18 430.37 400.00 Other Miscellaneous 418.08 102.37 200.00Total Miscellaneous 831.63 550.55 641.48 850.00Pastoral Charge Expense 57600.00 57900.00 58200.00 57600.00TOTAL EXPENSES 84737.85 82597.51 84938.37 83950.00NET OPERATING FUND 2912.24 2618.26 -4652.34 -2650.00 24 | P a g e
  25. 25. SENIOR CHOIR FINANCIAL REPORT2011Balance December 31, 2010 $ 735.14Income: Offerings 168.75Total $903.89Expenses: Loonie lunch 64.64 Fruit Plate – Presbytery 22.58 Binders and 3-hole punch 62.02 Picnic 61.60 Anniversary Banners 140.00 Anniversary gift 300.00 Christmas candles 22.60 Christmas gift 10.00 Christmas gift to general fund 100.00 $ 783.44Balance December 31, 2011 120.45Total $903.89Organist and Choir Director - Joyce AndrewsSopranos: Fiona Cogswell, Shirley Dubois, Charrie Harris, Jan McCormackAltos: Mary Hawkes, Elizabeth Munn, Mary WardTenors: Don Kelly, John Munn Respectfully Submitted, Elizabeth Munn, Treasurer. 25 | P a g e
  26. 26. Sunday School Report – 2011 Jesus said to his disciples “Do you see this child? I want you to become like this child.Unless you can become like a little child, you will not be part of God’s shalom. Remember -when you are being kind to a child, you are being kind to me.”(The Family Story Bible byRalph Milton, based on Matt.18:1-5) I have used this quote before, but it has great meaningto me so I wish to continue to share it with you in my report. We have two Sunday school classes with 4 to 20 children attending on any one Sunday.The junior class has approximately 8-12 children each Sunday aging in range from 3 to 8years It can be a challenge from week to week with the uncertainty of attendance and theage range, but it is never dull, routine or without surprise, fun and excitement. The seniorclass has 3 – 6 young people, aged 8 to 12 years. Tammy Parker is their weekly leader, withRev. Bob giving his leadership through lesson planning and personal presence when he isable. The junior class continues to use the Whole People of God curriculum. We pay to accessthis on line. The main leader is Karen Topilnyckyj with help from Dana Whittaker and BarbKelly. Many moms are involved with helping at various times, and we thank them all for theirmany contributions. I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for the dedication and leadership given to ourSunday school through Karen, Tammy and Dana. I also want to thank the parents for theirdedication of bringing their children to our church community and entrusting the children’sspiritual teachings to us for that duration. The special early offering to the food bank during the early part of the church service hasbeen successful. It is the children’s offering, and their way of sharing their abundance withothers. They love to gather that offering. Thank you to all who are able to participate with thechildren by offering items of food at this time. I hope it has become a meaningful part of yourworship time.My special thanks to all the children who share their Sunday morning with us at OromoctoUnited Church. It is a wonderful privilege to worship and learn together with them.I present this report to the glory of God’s Presence amongst us.Barb Kelly 26 | P a g e
  27. 27. Oromocto Board of TrusteesThe church guaranteed investment is maturing on March 27, 2012. Unfortunately the interest rateshave gone down in the last five years from our present rate of 4.25 percent to (not sure what the ratewill be on renewal in March) around 1.85 to 2.0 percent. This is a drop in income from approximately$4250 to $1850 or $2000. This means a loss of $1700 to $1900. We will advise what the rate will beon renewal.The east side of the roof was repaired and covered by insurance in 2011 minus the deductible of$500. The cost of repair that the insurance paid was $8952.00The board of trustees would like to thank those who helped clean and repair the church property. Iwould like to thank Karl Johnson for keeping the church clean and Dave Bell for repair andmaintenance of the church.Dave MillerReport of the Building and GroundsCommittee 2011In general the committee had concerns and the following was completed.They ensured the North side of the church was re-roofed ( storm damage Dec 2010 )The 3 windows were replaced as follow:1) Ministers office, 2) Secretaries office, 3) The one on top of the stairs.The lights in the offices and the Narthex were replaced.Also ensured the steel support posts in the main part of the basement have nowbeen covered with a type of cushion protection for safety.Respectfully submittedDavid Bell 27 | P a g e
  28. 28. Rotary Club Monday Night DinnersOur Monday night dinners once again were very worthwhile. We delivered dinners to three of ourchurch members each Monday. Thanks to so many who helped us in various ways. We appreciatethis very much. Thanks to many of the Rotarians who also assisted us.In 2011 we purchased a number of items for the kitchen for a total of $38.00. The remaining funds of$4290.00 was given to the building fund of the Oromocto United Church.Thanks to all,Audrey, Gail, Grace, Karl, Laurie, Marion, Ralph, Wendy and VelmaPine Grove Financial Statements andProposed 2012 Budget -UNAUDITED 28 | P a g e
  29. 29. Pine Grove United Church Financial Statement 2011Balance 31 December 2010 $22,976.06Revenue: Local Account $20,008.07 Building Account $202.52 Cemetary Account $2,321.17 $22,531.76Expenses: Local Account $17,137.45 Building Account $1,426.89 Cemetary Account $1,050.00 $19,614.34Balance 31 December 2011 $25,893.48Respectfuly SubmittedMerle Blake, Treasurer 29 | P a g e
  30. 30. Pine Grove United Church 2011Local AccountBalance 31 December 2010 $13,639.94Revenue: Envelopes $19,179.00 Loose $407.00 Other Donations $300.00 Towards Envelope Costs $28.00 Special- Easter $40.00 Special - Christmas $45.00 HST Refund (2010) $9.07 $20,008.07Expenses: Pastoral Charge Commitment $14,700.00 Organist $945.00 Donation to OUC Heating $1,000.00 Prebbytery Rep Conference $200.00 Audit $75.00 Bank S/C and PAR $64.50 Safety Deposit Box $45.20 Church Envelopes $81.25 NSF cheque and charges $26.50 $17,137.45Balance 31 December 2011 $16,510.56Mission & Service Collected and Sent $4,265.00Respectfuly SubmittedMerle Blake, Treasurer 30 | P a g e
  31. 31. Pine Grove United Church 2011Cemetary AccountBalance 31 December 2010 $6,743.89Revenue: Sale of Grave Plots $900.00 Memorials $980.00 HST Refund (2010) $337.68 Grave Services $75.00 GIC Interest $28.49 $2,321.17Expenses: Mowing and Clean-Up $975.00 Grave Services $75.00 $1,050.00Balance 31 December 2011 $8,015.06Respectfuly SubmittedMerle Blake, Treasurer 31 | P a g e
  32. 32. Pine Grove United Church 2011Building AccountBalance 31 December 2010 $ 2,592.23Revenue: Donations $ 100.00 HST Refund (2010) $ 42.52 Wedding $ 60.00 $ 202.52Expenses: NB Power $ 801.89 Insurance $ 625.00 $ 1,426.89Balance 31 December 2011 $ 1,367.86Respectfuly SubmittedMerle Blake, Treasurer 32 | P a g e