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18 March


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Published in: Spiritual
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18 March

  1. 1. MINUTE FOR MISSONThrough Mission and Service, the United Church supports programs around theworld that care for children and protect their rights. Here is an M&S story from oneof our partners in Asia. Order of Worship forThe Barangay Roxas District in Manila is home to many poor and vulnerable families.It is also home to our Mission and Service partner the United Church of Christ in the OROMOCTO & PINE GROVEPhilippines and its Faith Bible Congregation. As outreach ministry, the Faith Bible UNITED CHURCHCongregation works with children and their families to provide physical, emotional,and spiritual support where it is needed most. We welcome everyone to this time together in worship. We gather in this church in the beliefThe congregation offers a preschool program, a summer music and theatre arts that we are all equally God’s guests whether we’ve been here all our lives or this is our firstprogram for older children, and a one-week vacation Bible school. The entire com- time. We welcome everyone in this spirit of Christ as it is our belief that this is how we are tomunity joins in a Festival Day of Celebration showcasing the children’s achievements live. Everyone, without exception, belongs equally at God’s table.through dramatic and musical presentations, food, and community worship. Today we welcome Christina Farnsworth with us to lead on in the theme of restorativeFaith Bible Congregation also supports families through a family feeding program, a justice. Christina will be our guest speaker and workshop leader as we engage this topic with the intent of creating awareness and appreciation for how the restorative justice approach canmedical and dental mission offering basic care, and a Christmas program sharing represent a more faithful response to crime, punishment, accountability and the restoration ofworship and gifts of food and essentials. This is in addition to ongoing pastoral care, relationships damaged and diminished when harm occurs. The workshop will begin at, and worship within the community. There is a pot-luck lunch after worship. Even should you not be able to attend the workshop you are welcome to lunch.Your Mission and Service gifts support many partners like the United Church ofChrist in the Philippines that are ministering to children and their families. If you are visiting with us please sign our guest book opposite the usher’s table. If you are new with us and wish a follow up contact please fill out a ‘Guest/New Member Card which can be found with the guest book. As well you may pick up an orientation package on the table in the entrance. We invite visitors from other churches to pick up one of our Peace Candles to take home with you. An explanation of this symbol accompanies each candle and these can be found on the usher’s table.Rev Bob McDowell Should you require a rest room it is at the end of the hall and it is equipped with a baby change station. If you have young children who become restless there is a nursery behind the backOffice 357-3423; Cell 470-1155; Home 488-2154 pew where they can play while you hear the service over the speakers. You are welcome to bring a coffee into worship with you. The coffee pot is in the entrance.Email: *While we stand for most hymns and at others times in our worship, please feel free not to if Minister Rev Robert McDowell for any reasons you can not or would rather not. VU stands for Voices United and MV for More Voices. You are also invited to pick up a Bible version of your choice at usher’s desk. Should Accompanist/ Choir Director Joyce Andrews you have any concerns please speak to an usher. Office Administration Jennifer Chiasson VU: Voices United – our hard cover red hymn book MV: More Voices – our soft covered hymn book Oromocto United Church 144 Winnebago Oromocto March 18, 2012 10:30 am
  2. 2. SERVICE AnnouncementsAnnouncements: Dates To Note:Welcome and About Today: Mar 12, 5:30, Pine Grove Special Committee Mar 22, Bible Study, 1:30-3pm Mar 24, 1-5pm, OVCL meeting, Hazen Park*Introit: MV 161, I Have Called You by Your Name- Verse 1,2&3 Mar 29, OVCL Board meeting, 4pm, Oromocto Town Hall Committee Room Apr 1, Palm SundayLighting the Resurrection Candle: Apr 5, Bible Study, 1:30-3pm Apr 6, Good Friday, Joint Service, 10 am, Pine GroveLeader: God, for galaxies stretching out beyond all imagining we give you thanks. Apr 19, Session, 7pm May 5, Sat, 4-6pm, Spring Church SupperAll: God, for this spinning planet home peopled by humanity not different from June 23, AGM, OVCL, Hazen Park Watling Room, 1pmplace to place, all of whom are equally loved by you, we give you thanks.Leader: For creating us in your image and blessing us with your grace we give youthanks. Pot luck lunch next Sunday, Mar 18 after church and before the workshop. Please come and join us and bring friends to worship who would enjoy a chance to explore restorative justice.All: For people of vision who have taught us ways of justice and love, for yourson Jesus Christ who points us to your reign we give you thanks. Reverse Offering papers are in the offering plates. These are items the food bankLeader: Isaiah said, “It shall come to be that people will beat swords into ploughs especially needs. If you wish you can select one and bring that item next week.and spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up weapons against nationneither will they learn the way of war anymore.” Please sign up to help lead in worship by lighting the candle, reading scripture or some of the other roles. Signup sheets are in the Narthex [entrance].All: This is our shared vision God, that a world of peace and dignity will replacethis world of injustice and violence. Snow Day Cancellation Plan. From time to time it is predictable the weather willLeader: Jesus blessed the peacemakers calling them the children of God. dictate there is wisdom in cancelling our church services machine. If Oromocto is cancelled we will decide by 8 a.m. We will also try to put it on the website, send out an email and ask the radio stations to broadcast our cancellation. You can alsoAll: This we acknowledge is our calling: to learn the paths to peace in our fami- check the office number 357-3423 and a message should be there if service is can-lies, schools, communities and among the nations. celled. Should the power be off due to a winter storm you can safely assume can- cellation.Leader: This is our faith, that in Jesus we meet the God who, by a reconciling love,bridges chasms of fear and estrangement between all peoples and promises us thegrace to be able to do the same. The last loonie lunch will be Palm Sunday- April 1st. Please sign up for the remaining few Sundays!All: As we light our resurrection candle our prayer is that it will be so for us to-day and for those of earth’s tomorrows. Gibson Memorial United Church will be hosting a "Jigs Dinner" on Wednesday, March 28th from 4:15 - 6 p.m. Adult: $10.00, Child: $3.00. Please call 457-1951 to rerserve your tickets or by chance at the door.*Our Hymn to Begin: MV 1, Let Us Build a House and the food offering collected and presented by the children
  3. 3. Dates To Note SERVICE Our Prayer for This Day and a New Beginning *Our Hymn: Songs for a Gospel People, Give Me Oil In My Lamp -verse 1&2 Time With the Children: Our Prayer and Our Lord’s Prayer *Our Hymn: Part 2 “Give Me Oil In My Lamp” verse 3&4 (while seated) Lighting Our Candle of Concern Our Responsive Psalm: Psalm 107, VU page 831 Our Reading from the Christian Scriptures: TBA *Our Hymn: : MV 28, God of the Bible A Message for Today *Our Words of Faith, page 918 VU [standing] Our Offering Collected Our Offering Presented Offering: [tune 542] These Lenten gifts we bringing, our living faith express. We offer them most lovingly, and thus our hearts are blessed. O loving God, receive these gifts we gladly give That show our faith and hope and trust; Your way we seek to live.
  4. 4. SERVICE SERVICEOur Prayers of Thanks and Concern*Our Hymn to Leave With: VU 651, Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovahOur Benediction:Our Choral Blessing:My Peace I give unto youIt’s a Peace that the world cannot giveIt’s a Peace that the world cannot understandPeace to know, Peace to liveMy Peace I give unto you.