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February 12, 2012


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Published in: Spiritual
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February 12, 2012

  1. 1. MINUTE FOR MISSONCathyann and Peter Hoyle are United Church overseas personnel in Puerto Ca-bezas, Nicaragua. Cathyann works at a health clinic which is subsidized by the Mo-ravian Church, a United Church partner, which has a long history of mission inhealth and education. In Cathyann’s clinic the Moravian Church helps by providingsubsidized medicine for the poor. The work of the Hoyles and the mission of the Order of Worship forMoravian Church both receive funding from M&S. OROMOCTO & PINE GROVEThe Hoyles are interested in the United Church’s work on empire They saw empireat work during the last election campaign when Nicaragua was openly threatened UNITED CHURCHwith a denial of foreign aid if the country elected the Sandinista Front. There waseven a report that Nicaragua would be cut off from the financial gifts that familymembers outside of Nicaragua send to support relatives. These threats did not We welcome everyone to this time together in worship. We gather in this church in thedeter the Nicaraguan people from hoping for change and economic justice. belief that we are all equally God’s guests whether we’ve been here all our lives or thisAs one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere, Nicaraguans know that their is our first time. We welcome everyone in this spirit of Christ as it is our belief that thissuffering is not because of a lack of natural resources or hard work but the result of is how we are to live. Everyone, without exception, belongs equally at God’s table.actions by the powerful and the wealthy. They saw the threats of financial punish-ment as part of the ongoing plan to provide cheap labour and a profitable, tax-free If you are visiting with us please sign our guest book opposite the usher’s table. If youreal estate investment location. Nicaraguans pray that President Ortega is really are new with us and wish a follow up contact please fill out a ‘Guest/New Memberconcerned with economic justice for all Nicaraguans. They hope the empire will Card which can be found with the guest book. As well you may pick up an orientationcooperate. package on the table in the entrance. We invite visitors from other churches to pick up one of our Peace Candles to take home with you. An explanation of this symbolThanks from the Hoyles and the Moravian Church for your ongoing M&S support. accompanies each candle and these can be found on the usher’s table. Should you require a rest room it is at the end of the hall and it is equipped with a baby change station. If you have young children who become restless there is a nurseryTogether, we carry out the work of our United Church. Make a behind the back pew where they can play while you hear the service over the speakers.difference! Join the partnership! Support the work of the Mission You are welcome to bring a coffee into worship with you. The coffee pot is in theand Service Fund today. entrance. *While we stand for most hymns and at others times in our worship, please feel free not to if for any reasons you can not or would rather not. VU stands for Voices United and MV for More Voices. You are also invited to pick up a Bible version of your choice Minister Rev Robert McDowell at usher’s desk. Should you have any concerns please speak to an usher. Accompanist/ Choir Director Joyce Andrews VU: Voices United – our hard cover red hymn book Office Administration Jennifer Chiasson MV: More Voices – our soft covered hymn book Rev Bob McDowell Oromocto United Church Office 357-3423; Cell 470-1155; Home 488-2154 144 Winnebago Email: Oromocto February 12, 2012 10:30 am
  2. 2. SERVICE Announcements THE BULLETIN TODAY IS IN DEDICATED IN APPRECIATION FOR 52 YEARS OF WEDDED BLISS BY MARION AND RALPH HARRIS “GOSPEL MUSIC NIGHT” – On Sunday, February 12th, at 7:00 pm join us here at Nashwaaksis United Church, 46 Main Street, for an evening full of music, led by our Worship Band, that will cause your feet to tap and your spirits to soar. ThereAnnouncements: will be a free-will collection, 100% of which will go towards our Benevolent Fund.Welcome and About Today: Gibson Memorial United Church will be hosting Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper,*Introit: VU 87, verse 1 Feb. 21st, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Cost: $10.00 adult and $3.00 child. Menu: Sau- sages, Ham, pancakes, potato scallop, baked beans, brown bread and dessert.Lighting Our Resurrection CandleLeader; As surely as we belong to the universe we belong together. Public Forum: Access to Justice - Moving Beyond Ability to Pay, February 24th atAll: We join together here to transcend the isolated self, To reconnect, To know Wilmot Church. The Forum is a continuation of the project initiated by Maritimeourselves to be at home, Here on earth, under the stars, Amid all the noise in our Conference of the United Church to improve access for those without the means tolives, engage a lawyer. It developed into the Access to Justice Coalition beginning with the research project by Social Work and Law students housed at Wilmot in fallLeader: we take this moment to sit in silence -- to give thanks for another day; togive thanks for all those in our lives who have brought us warmth and love; to give 2010. The Coalition has begun a province-wide network, met with the Minister ofthanks for the gift of life. Justice and received support from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The one day Forum opens at 10:30 and has an Information Fair of organizations which helpAll: We know we are on our pilgrimage here but a brief moment in time. Let us people without means, a Keynote Speaker at 12:15 - Donna Franey, Exec. Dir. ofopen ourselves, here, now, to the process of becoming more whole -- of living Dalhousies Schulich School of Law on "Sustainability: Diversity in Delivering Legalmore fully; of giving and forgiving more freely; of understanding more com- Services" and four Workshops at 1:45 on: Restorative Justice, Family Lawpletely the meaning of our lives here on this earth. (challenges/improvements), Access to Benefits and Interdisciplinary Access to Jus-Leader: we light our candle and dedicate it to the one who linked us with each tice - exploring how various professions, organizations and volunteers might workother in the promises of the universe, the promises of God. together. The Forum is free and all are welcome! Website: : http://*Our Hymn to Begin: VU 271, There’s a Wideness In God’s MercyOur Prayer for This Time TogetherOur Children’s Hymn: VU 639, vs 1-3 One More Step Along the World I GoSome Time With the ChildrenPrayer and Our Lord’s PrayerOur Children’s Hymn part 2 VU 639, vs 4-5Lighting Our Candle of Concern:Our Reading from the Christian Scriptures, Mark 2:1-12
  3. 3. SERVICE SERVICEDates to Note: Our Hymn: MV 79, Spirit Open My HeartAnnual Reports are due ASAP.Feb 15, 2:30 Singing OPH Duffie Unit A Message for TodayFeb 19, Communion SundayFeb 16, Thursday, 7pm, SessionFeb 19, Annual Reports available Anthem:Feb 23, Thurs. Bible Study, 1:30 pmFeb 26, Annual Meeting Sunday, finger food pot luckFeb 27, 2nd meeting on Statement of faith Remit, 7pm *Our Words of Faith, page 918 VU [standing]Feb 29, Wed, 6pm, Membership and Pastoral Care Team MeetingMar 18, Restorative Justice SundayApr 1, Palm Sunday Our Offering CollectedApr 6, Good Friday, Joint Service, 10 am, Pine Grove Our Offering PresentedRestorative Justice Sunday, Mar 18. We will be hosting a special Sunday on this Joyful Joyful Lord we give youtheme that is offering hope for new approaches to restoring people to proper rela-tionships in society when thing go awry. Christina Farnsworth will be our guest Gifts that You may use this dayspeaker and workshop leader as we engage this topic with the intent of creating Take them, Bless them, may Your Kingdomawareness and appreciation for how the restorative justice approach can represent Spread to all the world we pray.a more faithful response to crime and punishment. The workshop will begin atabout 12 noon. Please invite neighbours and friends to both or just the workshop. Here we are, our time our talentsOf course they are welcome to join us for lunch. We now dedicate as well.Reverse Offering papers are in the offering plates. These are items the food bankespecially needs. If you wish you can select one and bring that item next week. May we show Christ’s love within usPlease sign up to help lead in worship by lighting the candle, reading scripture or By our lives of faith to tell.some of the other roles. Signup sheets are in the Narthex [entrance]. Our Prayers of Thanks and ConcernSnow Day Cancellation Plan. From time to time it is predictable the weather willdictate there is wisdom in cancelling our church services machine. If Oromocto iscancelled we will decide by 8 a.m. We will also try to put it on the website, send Our Hymn to Leave With: VU 166, Joy Comes with the Dawnout an email and ask the radio stations to broadcast our cancellation. You can alsocheck the office number 357-3423 and a message should be there if service is can-celled. Should the power be off due to a winter storm you can safely assume can- Our Benediction:cellation. Our Choral Blessing Go make a difference, We can make a difference Go make a difference in the World Go make a difference, We can make a difference Go make a difference in the World