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Introduction presentation nigeria


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Introduction presentation nigeria

  1. 1. Nigeria Introduction Presentation WS420: Global Feminism By Julio Salamanca
  2. 2. About Me  Born and Raised in Los Angeles, CA  Majoring in Computer Information Systems  Love music and movies  I’m a big animal lover
  3. 3. Fun Facts  Experienced Snow for the first time 2 years ago when I moved to Fargo.  I must own the latest Apple products. Huge “Apple Fan Boy”  Love walking down the beach at night and just listen to the waves.  I love relaxing on a hammock
  4. 4. A little about Nigeria  Nigeria is 1/3 larger than Texas  largest population in Africa  Nok people are believed to have been the first settlers in Nigeria (500 BC - AD 200)  On October 1, 1960 Nigeria became independent from the United Kingdom
  5. 5. A little about Nigeria  Nigeria’s biggest export is oil and natural gas ( approximately 2.327 million barrels a day)  Over the years Nigeria has faced conflicts based on the ethnic diversity of their people(over 250 ethnic and linguistic groups)  Fighting between Christians and Muslims has caused instability within the country.  Corruption and violence taints elections
  6. 6. Roles of Women of Nigeria  The roles and statuses of women has evolved.  During pre-colonial period women would played key role in social and economic activities  Women held occupations such as food processing, mat weaving and pottery making.  Older women would have control of the labor younger family members would do  Women would play a key part in the trade market sometimes leading to wealth
  7. 7. Roles of Women of Nigeria  Women are involved in production of black soap, honey, and organizing programs for teaching the young ones.  During pre-colonial era women played a key role in politics because of the division of labor.  Recently women who are interested in politics have formed an Inter-Party Forum which seeks to help women become more aware and hope to soon get a women president.
  8. 8. Women and Marriages  Women are under a lot of pressure to get married and have kids to be “accepted” in society.  Once they are married their status is under their husbands and have little rights.  Women work hard labor in fields and are rarely shown appreciation or see the money profits.
  9. 9. Women and Marriages  1 in 3 women have been involved in domestic violence  Women in Nigeria are more prone to dying from pregnancy and childbirth (1 in 13 women die)  Women are raped in marriages. Marital rape Is not illegal in Nigeria.
  10. 10. Women and Genital Mutilation  130 million women around the world have suffered FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)  1/3 of that comes from Nigeria alone.  FGM violates women's and children's rights  About 3 million nigerian girls are at risk every year of FGM
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