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Ex mex by jorge castaneda

  1. 1. Presented By Denise MitchellEX MEX BY JORGE CASTANEDA
  2. 2. The Changing Landscape of Migration Ex Mex widely explores the issue of immigration and how trends have managed to trend overtime. This exploration covers the complex relationship between the United States and Mexico. What contributes to this complexity is the inability for both governments to compromise and agree. Because of this negligence the consequences have increasing multiplied.
  3. 3. Figure 1.1An Analysis of the varying destinations and current locations of Mexican immigrants.
  4. 4. Exploitation of Workers Jorge Castaneda discusses what appears to be an eagerness to exploit migrant workers that seek job opportunities in the United States. Their rights to transportation, permits, housing, and set hours of work are denied time and time again. Mexican immigrants are the commonly taken advantage of for their labor. Yet they tolerate the humiliation, exhaustion, fear, pain, and prejudice in order to pursue possibility.
  5. 5. Figure 1.2This chart examines the dominating percentages of illegal immigrants in various fields.
  6. 6. Criminalization of Immigrants or Mexicans? The growing flow of illegal immigration has lead to a mutual fear among Latinos in the United States. This fear is due to the potential of discrimination and prejudice. Multiple policies have been enacted to tend to the issue of immigration. Yet this policies are aggressive in that they compromise the integrity of American citizens. Racial profiling has been legalized through Arizona lawmaking. Labeling illegal immigrants as aliens leads to xenophobia and a distancing between nations although Mexico is our neighbor. (Interestingly enough the states we now call California and Arizona were once regions of Mexico.) An arrested on entry approach to illegal immigration charges illegal immigrants prior to deporting them. Are these appropriate solutions or do they have the potential to lead to discrimination?
  7. 7. Figure 1.3This chart notes of the deportations categorized as criminal and non criminal.
  8. 8. Immigration Reform Immigration reform is necessary to better regulate the flow of immigration. Castaneda believes that we must take a proactive approach in offering work visas, and temporary worker programs. Border enforcement as well as bilateral cooperation is also necessary.
  9. 9. Figure 1.4This graph illustrates the level of importance that immigration reform holds. Urgency hasincreased, but has it already become too late?