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Proposal For Carlos


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Proposal For Carlos

  1. 1. Juan Hernandez 649 W 80th St Proposal Hialeah, Fl 33014 Phone: 305-725-8209 Email: Hrnndju3@yahoo. To: Carlos From: Juan Hernandez Date: May 31, 2009 Re: Building Communities in the Americas To build housing development(s) in the Americas that will suit the needs of the “Baby- Boomer” generation; the most affluent consumer group that exists.
  2. 2. Project Description: To build housing development(s) in the Americas that will suit the needs of the “Baby-Boomer” generation; the fastest growing population segment. These communities will allow the retiree’s to feel comfortable moving abroad. 2 2 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2222 Needs Assessment: With so many Baby-Boomers coming of age to retire, many are looking for a place to retire to. An area where baby boomers can afford to live comfortably if not better than where they are located now. This is the generation that has moved from an “Isolationist” society to a “Global” society. This generation is willing to move out of the United States once they retire if their basic needs will be meet. These need are: Communication Housing Education Financial Medical Recreation Security Baby-boomers are an active group who will live longer than generations before them. Why target the baby-boomers? Every 7 Seconds someone in America turns 50. The 50+-age group: which makes it the fastest growing population segment. They are the most affluent consumer group that exists and account for over 40% of total consumer demand. quot;Americans older than 50 years of age control more than 77% of the country's financial assets and that number is even greater worldwide.quot; Baby-boomers average $24,000 in annual disposable income. They control over 48% of all discretionary purchases that occur. Studies show their spending at almost $2 Trillion on goods & services each year. They visit malls more often than any other age group and dine out 4-5 times per week. 74% of the baby- boomers use the Internet to find health information while 78% make online purchase. Over 70% are willing to try new brands. They spend over $29 Billion yearly on grandchildren's gifts. Women over 50 spend $21 Billion on clothes annually. Source: Gary Onks - SoldOnSeniors, Inc. - SENIORS AND TECHNOLOGY More than 76% of all seniors age 55 and up have made a consumer electronics purchase in 2003; 79% of seniors age 75 and up say new security technologies
  3. 3. like alarms and integrated surveillance systems make them feel safer. (Consumer Electronics Association, 2004) This is why a gated community or one with an onsite Manager would be an asset. Americans over 65 who use the Internet has increased by 47% since 2000, making them the fastest growing online user segment. While 22% of American over 65 go online, compared to 75% of the 30 to 49 age group. (The New York Times, 2004) By the time the last baby boomer turns 65, the population aged 65 and older will have doubled. In 2003, Baby Boomers represent 12% of the nation’s population. In 2030, Baby Boomers will represent 20% of the nation’s population. (USA Today, 2003) The percentage of the population 65 of older has more than tripled from 4.1% in 1900 to12.4% in 2000. There were 50,545 persons aged 100 or more in 2000 (0.02% of the total population). This is a 35% increase from the 1990 figure of 37,306. (Administration on Aging, 2002) Population 65 and older (in millions) 2000 35.0 2010 40.2 2020 54.6 2030 71.5 (USA Today, 2003) 3 Expected Outcome: A community for the baby-boomer generation will need to meet and possibly acceded their needs in order to remove any doubts or concerns amid their relocation decision. The region will need to provide a quality health care system, financial institutions that provide easy access to their monies being transferred to and from countries. Communication is also key. They will need to be able to access their friends and families back in the states via phone, Internet, and transportation. The communities’ location must also provide opportunities for work and play for this active generation; this also includes access to education. Research has noted that this generation is not only physically active but also mentally active. The trend is to relocate to a community that can meet their educational needs to take classes to stimulate their mental capacity.