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Trafficking In Persons


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Trafficking In Persons

  1. 1. Trafficking in Persons: Forced Labor in the Bayou City
  2. 2. Modern Day Slavery• Slavery is more prevalent today than ever before. Second most common crime in the world.• Annually, 2.5 Millions victims of human trafficking worldwide. Estimated between 500K ~800K trafficked through the U.S. 79% of victims are forced into prostitution. 17% are forced into other forms of labor.
  3. 3. Trafficking Vs. SmugglingSmuggling• Trafficking is non-consensual. Human trafficking can be domestic, intra-state, or trans-national.• Profits are derived from the exploitation of their labor rather than their transportation.
  4. 4. What about Houston?• Houston is a major hub for human trafficking. Top 10 destination worldwide for victims of human trafficking.• Top 5 U.S. cities for human trafficking: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Atlanta.• #1 U.S. city for human sex trafficking. #1 U.S. city for child sex trafficking.• Location, demographics, heavy use of migrant labor.
  5. 5. Prostitution & Labor• 2005, Maximino Mondragon was discovered to be operating a major prostitution ring in Houston, Texas. 120 women and girls were working as waitstaff, hostesses and other domestic positions within the brothels.• Victims of forced labor often submit only through use of rape and brute force.• Prostitutes are not only female; laborers are not only male.• Conservative estimates place 425K people into forced labor each year around the world.
  6. 6. La Raza and Trafficking in Persons Location on U.S-Mexico border Dependent on migrant labor force: agriculture, textiles, construction, manufacturing, shipping and transportation Thriving hospitality, food service and tourism industries Large Hispanic population; multinational population Conditions along the Southwest border contribute to the immense exploitation of Hispanic foreign nationals.
  7. 7. Julio Cesar Morales Phantom Sightings, 2008Undocumented Interventions, 2009
  8. 8. Signs & Symptoms Hotlines Hotlines Credits