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Folding Jessica Cuervo Bustamante


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1. Chaperone Enzyme Provides New Target for Cancer Treatments 2. Scientists Combine Targeted Agents to Kill Multiple Myeloma Cells
3. Medical aplication

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Folding Jessica Cuervo Bustamante

  1. 1. Jessica Cuervo Bustamante Medicine Student III Semester ID 000171223 2011
  2. 2.  Time takes to ce u o p ro d  ta mutation produce ation T kes ime ta ut a m depends of the d s of th e depen er of number ofrred and numb ccu rrors o  Depending errors occurred and e d. co rrecte umber of corrected. Depending  n on the s, we will ion mutat f there is on the number of i know  fficiency mutations, we ms of  a good syste will  e air know ifetherellis of r p e ce . th  a good efficiency of repair systems of the cell.
  3. 3.  ScienceDaily (Jan. 20, 2011)
  4. 4.
  5. 5.  The dual rolethat Cdc7 plays in the cell lifecycle and DNA repair offers a promising target for potential cancer therapies.
  6. 6.  Studyof enzymes involved in DNA repair is essential to learn about new advances in treatments for cancer and other pathologies associated with the genetic mutation
  7. 7. ScienceDaily (Feb. 11,2011) 
  8. 8.  Know the different methods of combination of Chk1 and Src inhibitors are important in explaining the behavior of pathologies such as multiple myeloma and to develop techniques to improve treatment and promote new discoveries about how to remove without damaging attack DNA healthy cells, in the mechanism of action of carcinogenic diseases.
  9. 9.  knowing molecules involve d in the development of skin cancer will allow us to approach the various  prevention methods that can be implemented to reduce mortality rates
  10. 10.   DNA repair mechanisms are important markers of certain incurable diseases that cause great damage in cells, tissues and organs mutations are rapidly acquired resista nce to the repair of the genome which is usually lethal to human been.
  11. 11. The best condition isassociated with damage to DNA repair iscancer, and it takes special care andoperation of themechanisms thatcontrol the damagebeing as wellessential for thediagnosis andtreatment.
  12. 12.  —MARTINEZ S.Lina María. Biología molecular. 6. ed. Medellín : UPB. Fac. de Medicina,  2009. 81 p.  —University of North Carolina School of Medicine (2011, January 20). Chaperone enzyme provides new target for cancer treatments. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 12, 2011, from­/releases/2011/01/1101181 43220.htm  —Virginia Commonwealth University (2011, February 11). Scientists combine targeted agents to kill multiple myeloma cells.ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 12, 2011, from­/releases/2011/02/1102101 53014.htm