Trademark Registration in Middle East Countries


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Avail Worldwide Registration Services of Trademark Registration Europe,Africa, Patent Registration Europe, Business Registration Africa, Intellectual property registration in Europe. Avail complete patent registration services, trademark registration services, Europe business registration services, Africa. Intellectual Property Services in Europe, Trademark Registration provides Record Amendments to a trademark Including Change of name, Change of address, Assignment, Merger, Mortgage, Licensing and Franchising of rights.
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Trademark Registration in Middle East Countries

  1. 1. JITENDRA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY(A division of Jitendra Consulting Group) is one of theprominent firm handling all aspects of intellectual propertyregistration including trade marks, patents and industrialdesigns in UAE. We aim at presenting high quality service atreasonable cost to all clients.We provide reliable services in worldwide to our clients. Wealways do what we have committed to our clients. Clientsatisfaction is goal of our business.
  2. 2.  Advise on the registrability, selection and retention of trademarks Prepare and prosecute trademark applications Handle trademark rights maintenance including payment of renewal fees Record amendments to a trademark including change of name, change ofaaddress, assignment , merger, mortgage, licensing and franchising of right Conduct rapid, in-house searches foe trademarks Provide anon-going watch services to monitor the relevant jurisdictions foracts of trademark infringement Provide market investigations to detect potential acts of counterfeit and piracy Cancel or oppose the grant of registrations before national offices
  3. 3. Oppose the grant of patents Record amendments to a patent including change of name, change of address, assignment, merger, mortgage, licensing and franchising ofright Conduct rapid, in-house searches of patents Prepare and prosecute patent and design application Advise on applying for plant variety protection Handle the payment of maintenance fees
  4. 4.  Patent Design Registration of Trademark Registration with PatentDesign Trademark Agents in UAE Guides towards the procedure of PatentApplication Design Protection Period and Worldwide Trademark Registration Design Registration offers Registered Trademark Agents with Ministry ofEconomy suggest idea of Intellectual property registration in UAE.
  5. 5. High Quality ServicesWe are keen to providing our valued clients with professional and high qualityservices that could best meet their requirements. For this end we depend onaccurate understanding of the clients needs, and follow up until their fullsatisfaction is reached.Cost Effective ServicesWe provide cost effective patent registration, trademark registration Europe,business registration services Africa by completing a high quality job in a shorttime, and at a reasonable rate within the clients budget. Our fee system is fairand practical, and therefore, the clients can entrust their cases to us andexpect satisfactory service with an excellent cost to performance ratio.