Scratch middle school gifted


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Scratch middle school gifted

  1. 1. Scratch for that programming itch
  2. 2. Good MorningJarrod BellPrincipal of TechnologyThis lesson was first used with the #sd60Middle School Gifted class. It ran around 3hours with an hour of discovery timeincluded.
  3. 3. PBJExplain to the person to your left, how youwould make a peanut butter and jamsandwich.Mr. Bell, what does this have to do withcomputer programming!?
  4. 4. PBJOpen up TextEdit/Word etcWrite a series of instructions for your robot tocreate a peanut butter and jam sandwich.You have the following variables● A Loaf of Sliced Bread in a Bag● 1L Jar of Peanut Butter● 500mL Jar of Strawberry Jam● A Knife● A Plate
  5. 5. PBJWhat assumptions have you made aboutyour robot?● Can it identify the items● Does it know how to pick up the knife, open the jars, bag etc● Did you have it open the bag, jars, explain where to put the knife in etc.● Discuss your instructions and where your robot wouldnt know what to do● Computer programs are only as good as our instructions
  6. 6. Scratch● Free Software Developed by MIT● Follows in the footsteps of Squeak, SmallTalk-80● LOGO programming language by Seymour Papert - developed on the work of Jean Piaget●● Unlike our robot, Scratch has been taught how to do many things already (libraries, pre built instructions)
  7. 7. Coordinate Plane & Anglesx-y0,0 is the centreAngles are in Degrees0 Degrees is up-180 Degrees is down-90 Degrees is left90 Degrees is right
  8. 8. Look aroundShow and tell on the major parts of theScratch program, stage, scripts, costumes,editor, programming blocks etc.
  9. 9. Change Costumes and Motion● Example with the cat walking and changing costumes● Wall and how to bounce
  10. 10. SoundMake some noise!Music and Sound examples in section 5, and2 at
  11. 11. VariableRun up the score!● add in another sprite● increment a variable if the cat touches the new sprite● Say something when the score reaches a value
  12. 12. Discover● One Character Moving● Two Characters Moving and increment score if they touch● Keyboard Control for One Character, Avoid the other moving character (Asteroids example from Scratch website edu/projects/SonicPopsDad/245563)● Music● Maze Game
  13. 13. Challenge - One Player PongThree Sprites (paddle, ball, goal)Play against WallAngle of Incidence and ReflectionSpeedCounterHow could you create One player vsComputer so that the computer could miss?Photo Attribution:
  14. 14. Resources