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Six Word Story, Six Words, One Picture: Writing Strategy


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Just a quick instructional strategy for writing using Six Word Stories

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Six Word Story, Six Words, One Picture: Writing Strategy

  1. 1. Six Word Story Six Words, One Picture Writing Activity
  2. 2. -13C is pleasant after last week
  3. 3. Some Strategies • Examples on Twitter -> Search #sixwordstory (might not want to do this live with kids as there is no filtering) • Can do it in powerpoint, word processor • Use inspiration to do a six word story in each item with a picture and link it to the next related six word story – transfer to outline, copy paste to word and continue to write • Student can create their own images in seashore (OS X), MSPaint (Win), (online)
  4. 4. Some Strategies • Use Smartboard to create words that the students can pick from • Use Smartboard for the students to write their stories • Use Notebook for smartboard for students to create images, text for story, and record audio and animation • Share Six Word Stories with tools like Voicethreads, (their own blog), edublogs (comment on a teacher post) • Paper cutouts of words on desks (like magnet Shakespeare on fridge, keep in an envelope for next time)