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Scratch To Flex Your Creativity Workshop


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NYSCATE Conference November 24, 2013
Rochester, NY
3-hour Workshop

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Scratch To Flex Your Creativity Workshop

  1. 1. Scratch To Flex Your Creativity! NYSCATE ~ November 24, 2013 3 Hour Workshop
  2. 2. Karen Vitek Computer Studies Teacher Spackenkill High School Poughkeepsie, NY Teacher Web Page Traveling the Technosphere
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Why coding? 3. Scratch Basics a. Cards b. Tutorials 4. Projects 5. Sharing 6. Resources
  4. 4. Coding Code Stars Learn to Code, Code to Learn Scratch 2.0 Overview Video Hour of Code: December 9-15, 2013 ‣ Scratch Tutorial
  5. 5. Scratch Basics Scratch Website* ‣ Create an account Scratch Cards *Offline Scratch 2.0 Editor Test Scratch Beta Player
  6. 6. Scratch Cards Change Color ‣ Interactive Whirl Move to a Beat ‣ Animate It Say Something ‣ Moving Animation Follow the Mouse ‣ Keep Score
  7. 7. Change Color
  8. 8. Move to a Beat
  9. 9. Say Something
  10. 10. Follow the Mouse
  11. 11. Interactive Whirl
  12. 12. Animate It
  13. 13. Moving Animation
  14. 14. Keep Score
  15. 15. Nuts and Bolts User Interface ‣ Blocks Tips: Menu & Panel ‣ Backpack ‣ Sprite Information ‣ Costumes & Paint Editor ‣ Sound Editor Step by Step Intro How To: ‣ Effects ‣ Animation ‣ Games ‣ Stories ‣ Music Freesound SoundBible Musopen
  16. 16. Project 1 10 Blocks Think: What can you create with only 10 Scratch blocks? How creative can you be when you can only use 10 different blocks? Background: In this activity you will only be uses these 10 blocks:
  17. 17. Project 2 Debug-its Think: How can you troubleshoot a program when it doesn't work the way you want it to? Can you debug a Scratch program? Background: Debugging is an important skill to learn for any coding project. In this activity, you will investigate what is going awry and find a solution. •Debug-it 1 When the green flag is clicked, both Gobo and Scratch Cat should start dancing. But only Scratch Cat starts dancing! How do we fix the program? •Debug-it 2 In this project, when the green flag is clicked, the Scratch Cat should start on the left side of the stage, say something about being on the left side, glide to the right side of the stage, and say something about being on the right side. It works the first time the green flag is clicked, but not again. How do we fix the program? •Debug-it 3 The Scratch Cat should do a flip when the space key is pressed. But when the space key is pressed, nothing happens! How do we fix the program?
  18. 18. Scratch Sharing Project Page Studios Remixing Projects
  19. 19. Scratch Extras ‣ ScratchEd ‣ Makey Makey ‣ Picoboard ‣ Lego WeDo ‣ Tynker ‣ iPad Apps for Coding ‣ Scratch Resources
  20. 20. ‘ Ultimately, what is needed is a shift in mindsets, so that people begin to see coding not only as a pathway to good jobs, but as a new form of expression and a new context for learning. - Mitchel Resnick
  21. 21. Q& A
  22. 22. Thank yo u *This presentation can be found on Slideshare and at