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Sales Call Planner Tool


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Want to run more effective, professional and well thought out Sales Calls?

Use this Sales Call Planner template to effectively plan your next successful sales call. Designed to be used as a brainstorming planning tool either by yourself (to get your thoughts out and some structure), or with your team, this template allows you to ensure you focus on how to ensure your meeting is effective.

Also see the more general Meeting Planner version here:

Sales Call Planner Tool

  1. 1. Our  Objec)ve   Our  Planned  Advance   A1endees   Attendee Name and Role Supporter or Blocker of our Objective? Problem or Pain Wishing to be Solved Potential / Known Objections they are Likely to Raise Our Response / Mitigation Questions We Need to Ask (and by who?) Their  Expecta)ons?   Agenda  for  Mee)ng   Implica)ons  (making  problems  urgent)  Problems  (we  can  solve)   Best Case Minimum Worst Case Topics  to  Reinforce  (Benefits  we  can  offer)  Explicit  Needs  (wants/desires)   Sales  Call  Planner   _______________________   What  we  Need  to  Validate  or  Learn?