Challenge your Sales Team - 20 Great Questions


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Simple challenger questions for your sales leader or sales team.

Each question will expose your sales maturity and sales force effectiveness.

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Challenge your Sales Team - 20 Great Questions

  1. 1. JASON  BARGENT   CAN YOU CHALLENGE 20 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR SALES ORGANISATION   Jason Bargent Sales and Marketing Optimisation YOUR SALES TEAM? @JasonBargent +61 412 421 847
  2. 2. JASON  BARGENT   Happy Are you… With your Sales Results?
  3. 3. JASON  BARGENT   STOP! and Ask yourself...
  4. 4. “ ” If you called a spontaneous meeting with your Sales Team,
 could each of them present their Close Plans for Committed Opportunities?
 Would it be up to date, covering strategy to win, risks, mitigation plan and detailed planned activity by week?”" Hope is not a Strategy to Win"
  5. 5. “ ” If you called a spontaneous meeting with your Sales Team,
 could each of them walk through the Next Quarter Pipeline and Forecast? 
 " Could they do this with just your SFDC logged-on at the Projector?" Sales Cadence will demonstrate who is thinking transactionally vs strategically"
  6. 6. “ ” Ask your team to walk you through a close plan?" " Really challenge yourself:" 1.  Is it a list of stages or detailed actions by week?" 2.  Does everyone agree in the team?" 3.  Is it Realistic?" Close Plans should be a specific component of your Opportunity Plan. Ensure it’s SMART and not al ist of stages"
  7. 7. “ ” Does everyone in the company know the Must Win deals for this Quarter?
 What about the next two Quarters?" What if you miss the chance to Influence?"
  8. 8. “ ” What’s the detailed Plan to win the Committed (and still at risk) deals within your Forecast? 
 " Is it a list of steps or a detailed plan?" If you Fail to Plan…you Plan to Fail"
  9. 9. “ ” Ok, so your Sales Team hasn’t made target this quarter.
 " What’s the growth expected next Quarter by Sales Rep?" Stretch Goals based on Quarterly Achievement"
  10. 10. “ ” Are there Consequences to not achieving goals?
 " Ah ok…so it’s ok to fail?" Consequences of Failure drive Personal Accountability"
  11. 11. “ ” Are the close dates ALL the last week in the Quarter?" " Wow…Amazing after the entire quarter, ALL your prospects have decided they want to buy on the same day and it’s the last day. It’s a Miracle!" As a Sales Leader you Must Challenge People – Are Close Dates Confirmed?"
  12. 12. “ ” Do you use the CRM Dashboards in ever team meeting, 1:1 and review?
 (go on…ban the spreadsheet comfort blanket)" Top down consistency drives adoption of CRM tools"
  13. 13. “ ” The Forecast is not looking good against Target." You have the team focused on close plans for the Commited deals….but it’s not enough" " Where are the Gap to Goal Plans? What low hanging fruit is being missed?" Gap to Goal Plans force people to Understand under-achieving is not good enough"
  14. 14. “ ” Step 1 – Pick an Open Committed Opportunity." Step 2 – Call a Opportunity Review with no notice." Step 3 – Prepare to be Amazed. Award those who impress!" Step 4 – So what do you do with those that don’t impress?" " Planning is Essential to running any business. You can’t win a deal by Luck."
  15. 15. “ ” Your VP of Sales at Corporate has just rang and asked you to give the following 4 numbers:" 1)  Actuals for Quarter" 2)  Committed forecast for Quarter" 3)  Size of Top 3 Deals and when they will Close" 4)  Committed forecast for Next Quarter" " Your Heart Races. Is the data you pulled up from SFDC correct? Does your Sales Team feel this dread or confidence?" " If your CRM is wrong, will that make you look a Hero or a Fool?"
  16. 16. “ ” Do you cancel Sales Meetings?
 " Why? " Sales Cadence cannot work if you’re busy. It’s valuable to the team – don’t fall Victim to the ‘…because’"
  17. 17. “ ” You can’t Make the Sales Meeting." " Don’t hit Cancel. Delegate – Keep the Routine Going." Change focus – Make it a Opportunity Deep Dive" Sales Cadence cannot work if you’re busy. It’s valuable to the team – don’t fall Victim to the ‘…because’"
  18. 18. “ ” When’s the cut-off for the Quarter? 
 (when is the last day you can book an order)" " Walk the floor and ask Everyone you see. 
 Oh Sorry…of course that date isn’t front of mind for sales people – erm….Why?" How can you create a Close Plan if you don’t know when your Quarter Cut-Off is? "
  19. 19. “ ” I’m Busy Closing Deals, Being Busy, Doing Busy Selling Things to make the Quarter Targets." " I Don’t have time to Plan or Update the CRM Tool. After all, you want me to sell Don’t You?" " Oh Silly Me…I thought you were a sales professional that planned their activities, success and actions to close using the multi-million dollar investments we made in the systems. You Want to call the CEO and tell him you are too busy to use the tools he’s invested in for business management?" Complex Selling in an Enterprise B2B Environment is Different to Selling FMCG or B2C – do you sell Pencils or Solutions?"
  20. 20. “ ” Call a Spontaneous Meeting with your Sales Team." " Ask them….Why would a Prospect Change to your solution? Pretend you’re the competitor – what’s different that your Competitor can’t say? Use “So What!” to challenge and get people to re-frame" Sell on Value, not features and functionality – Remember You must Address: 1) Why Change? 2) Why You? "
  21. 21. “ ” Perform a detailed Opportunity Review." " Ask your sales person to map out the decision making criteria. Has this been validated with your sponsor?" " Ask your sales person to map out the decision making stages. Who do they need to go to for sign off? How long does it take?" Ensure your Prospect’s Decision Making Criteria is not guesswork – actually review with the stakeholder, it’s the best qualifier"
  22. 22. “ ” Your Sales Team have a Presentation to a Hot / Must Win Prospect." " Who outside of the opportunity team is invited to the Dry Run Rehearsal?" A successful Pitch is about 3 Things: Practice. Practice. Practice. "
  23. 23. “ ” The Proposal is about to be submitted. " Days of work on the RFP. " Input from Sales, Marketing, Technical Specialists." The End is in Sight." The Sales Manager reviews and Gives the Green Light." " Hang on…Where’s the Red Team Review?" Red Team Review is outside of the production process – looks at it from the prospects viewpoint, evaluates fit, language & selling messages / themes"
  24. 24. JASON  BARGENT       Happy Now?
  25. 25. JASON  BARGENT   Drive  Results.   Ensure  your  Sales  Leaders  have  a  Coach