Appendix E: Matching & Adapted Porches Styles


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Appendix E: Matching & Adapted Porches Styles

  1. 1. APPENDIX E: Matching and Adapted Porch Styles Richmond, Virginia The following catalogue offers a collection of instances of the same wood porch design found throughout the Richmond area, as well as very close matches. This catalogue includes instances encountered during the course of this research, and acknowledges that there could be more candidates in existence that the author did not happen upon. All photos by author.
  2. 2. 70 Built: 1889 811, 813 & 817 S. Cathedral Place Dwelling Aesthetic: Modern French 3rd story mansard roof; 3 story canted bay window, 3 bay side hall plan. Building and porches originally had iron cresting on rooflines. Notes: Side porch. Slate shingled roofing, six “lambrequins,” bullseye incised detail at top and bottom of posts. Unable to locate pattern for brackets in any catalogues.
  3. 3. 71 Built: 1890, noted on Historic Register plaque 1420 Grove Avenue Dwelling Aesthetic: 3 Story Italianate with 3 story canted bay window Notes: Matching details throughout, from turned posts to incised floral detailing and brackets. 9 “lambrequins” vs. 6 on Shafer’s Row. Original white cresting remains, style also seems to match those from Shafer’s row, as described in pictures. Shingled roof.
  4. 4. 72 Built: 1895 per Richmond City assessment records 2600 Block E. Broad Street Dwelling Aesthetic: Italianate with 2 story canted bay window; mansard roof Notes: Noted five consecutive units in Church Hill row. Showcasing the companion cresting, this time in an alternate style and painted black. Dimensionally, a more shallow version, otherwise appears to be an exact match in manufacturer production, including same rail baluster pattern. Metal roofing.
  5. 5. 73 Built: 1890 per Richmond City assessment records 1404-1406 Floyd Avenue Dwelling Aesthetic: 2 story Italianate with 2 story canted bay window; cresting a top roofline Notes: Joined side porch. This design spreads across two dwelling’s entries, which share a porch. Captivating and unique turned post at porch center featuring spiral design and bauble motif. “Bead-and- Reel” style finials, and none positioned at either side of the row of 10 lambrequins. Metal roofing.
  6. 6. 74 Built: 1890 per Richmond City assessment records 212-216 W. Main Street Dwelling Aesthetic: Classic Queen Anne freestyle, incorporating elements of Italiantate, stone base Richardsonian, and aesthetic details such as bowed oriel window and varying turrets. Notes: One side porch and one joined side porch. “Queen Anne Row” Recorded to the National Historic Register in 1994. Different applications of style in the frieze finials, added dentil molding under roofline, and basketweave pattern on bracket face. More plain turned posts, and no side rails. Three of five units have one individual porch and one shared porch across two units. Metal roofing.
  7. 7. 75 Built: 1900 per Richmond City assessment records (suspect error) Dwelling Aesthetic: Italianate with 2 story canted bay window; mansard roof, neighboring units retain cresting along rooftops Notes: Alternating style to Shafer’s row in brackets and upper frieze height. Same style turned posts. Side rail & balusters retained and kept in original position. Metal roofing. Neighboring units offer similar style porches.
  8. 8. 76 Built: 1890 per Richmond City assessment records; 1901 per Richmond News Leader article, Nov. 16, 1967 609 W. Cary Street Dwelling Aesthetic: this dwelling is a typical Italianate 3 bay side hall plan with three stories. Notes: Full porch. Very close cousin of the Shafer porches. Keeping most of the same stylistic elements, same turned posts with incised “bullseye” rather than floral design. Same baluster railing. This home was built by R.A. Siewers, a building contractor, wholesale supplier and retail dealer of lumber, laths and shingles, and builder and manufacturer of sash, blinds, doors, windows and door frames.