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Architectural styles


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Architectural styles

  1. 1. Architectural Styles It’s all in the details
  2. 2. Architectural Styles in Elgin• Greek Revival • Queen Anne• Gothic Revival • Shingle Style• Federal • Colonial Revival• Folk • Georgian• Italianate • Tudor Revival• Second Empire • Neoclassical• Stick Style • Craftsman • Prairie
  3. 3. Greek Revival 1825-1860• Front gable shaped to look like the pedimented façade of a Greek Temple• Small attic windows (frieze band windows)• Front door surrounded by narrow sidelights and transom• Cornice emphasized with a wide board
  4. 4. Greek Revival Pedimented façade of a Greek Temple
  5. 5. Greek RevivalItalianate influenced brackets Front facing gable Multiple pained windowsFront door surrounded by side lites 162 Collegeand transom
  6. 6. Greek Revival 1934 HABSDoor with sidelites and transom 443 E. Chicago
  7. 7. Egyptian Revival 1830-1850 118 Tennyson
  8. 8. Gothic Revival 1840-1880• Steeply pitched roof• Front facing gables• Steep cross gables• Decorated verge boards• Pointed, arched windows• Open cornices with rafters exposed
  9. 9. Gothic Revival Steeply pitched cross gables Drip moldVerge BoardPointed ArchWindowsFront facinggable Rafters exposed 373 Park Quatrefoil
  10. 10. Gothic Revival 277 Gifford Pl. Verge boardsClustered 373 Park Pointed arch Drip moldcolumns
  11. 11. Gothic Revival Steeply pitched cross gables Pointed arch windows 402 N. Spring
  12. 12. Gothic Revival Spire pointing to the Gods Steeply pitched roof Verge board Open rafters 155 S. Gifford Carriage House
  13. 13. Gothic Revival Pointed arch Parapet gable end wall - Flemish Renaissance influenceGothic influenced brackets- quatrefoil 552 E. Chicago
  14. 14. Italianate 1840 -1885• Low pitched, hipped roof • Tall narrow windows• Symmetrical façade • Porch posts often square• Often cubic in form with chamfered edges• Widely overhanging eaves • Large pane of glass in• Decorative brackets front door• Heavily rounded crowns • Heavy spindles on porches on windows and doors or no balustrade (porch railing) at all
  15. 15. Italianate Hipped roof Brackets Cubical in form Chamfered posts 434 E. Chicago
  16. 16. Italianate Gothic influenced roof - steep and cross gabled Paired bracketsBalustradedporch roof Tall windows with round tops Heavy spindles Glass in the doors 155 S. Gifford
  17. 17. Italianate Porch Post Common brackets in Elgin Stop Chamfer 156 S. Gifford
  18. 18. Italianate Heavy window hoods Segmented archLarge pain of glass in the doors Paired brackets
  19. 19. Italianate364 E. Chicago 155 S. Gifford
  20. 20. Second Empire –1855-1885• Mansard Roof (dual pitched hipped roof)• Dormer windows on lower slope• Often have patterned shingles in the roof and cresting
  21. 21. Second Empire 363 Prairie Dormer windows Mansard roofQuoins DecorativeCobblestones brackets
  22. 22. Dormer Second Empire Window Mansard Roof Decorative Corbels Oriel BayThe Murphy House 327 DuPage
  23. 23. Second Empire Rinceau 316 Kimball
  24. 24. 260 Gifford Pl. Second Empire 317 Raymond 117 Tennyson Ct.
  25. 25. Stick Style 1860-1890• Cross gabled steeply pitched roof• Decorative trusses in the gable• Wooden wall cladding interrupted by patterns of horizontal, vertical or diagonal boards raised from the wall surfaces for emphasis (stickwork)• Porches have diagonal braces
  26. 26. Stick style Stickwork Eastlake and Queen Anne influences 259 Villa
  27. 27. Stick Style Stickwork Queen Anne influence 126 Hill
  28. 28. Colonial Revival 1880-1955• Accentuated front door with decorative crown, pediment, pilasters, fanlights and sidelights• Symmetrical• Corner pilasters• Dentils and modillions
  29. 29. Colonial Revival 107 N. Porter
  30. 30. Colonial Revival Dentils PilastersBay window 34 N. Porter
  31. 31. 34 N. PorterColonial Revival
  32. 32. Colonial Revival Accentuated front door Broken Pediment Pilasters 409 DuPage
  33. 33. Colonial Revival Dentils PilasterBay Window 16 Rugby Pl.
  34. 34. Tudor Revival 1890-1940• Steeply pitched roof• Front facing gable• One or more cross gables• Half Timbering• Tall windows with multiple panes• Massive chimney
  35. 35. Tudor Revival Half timbering
  36. 36. Front facing Largegable Tudor Revival chimney 427 DuPage
  37. 37. Tudor RevivalHalf timbering Massive Chimney Cross gables Steeply pitched roof Front Facing gable 1182 Cedar
  38. 38. Georgian 1700-1830• Paneled front door with decorative crown supported by pilasters• Cornice emphasized by decorative moldings such as dentils• Windows in symmetrical rows
  39. 39. GeorgianSmall panes Pediment Pilasters 4 S. Gifford
  40. 40. Interesting Details at 4 S. Gifford
  41. 41. Georgian Paneled door Dentils
  42. 42. Neoclassical 1895-1950• Full height porch with classic columns• Symmetrical
  43. 43. Neoclassical Pediment Full Height porch Classic Ionic columns Symmetrical 402 River Bluff
  44. 44. Queen Anne 1880-1910• Irregular shape – no symmetry• Patterned shingles• Bay windows• Towers• Several different materials to make different wall textures• Half have delicate turned porch posts• Lacy, decorative spandrels• Gingerbread and Eastlake detailing
  45. 45. Queen Anne Asymmetrical Several textures Tower Patterned shingles Original porch had turned posts409 Douglas
  46. 46. Queen Anne Patterned shingles Different textures No symmetry Decorative spandrel Turned post 470 Park
  47. 47. Free Classic Queen Anne• 35 % of Queen Annes• Classical columns and no spindle work• Palladian windows• Cornice line dentils
  48. 48. Palladian Window Dentils Classical columnsFree Classic Queen Anne 426 Prairie
  49. 49. Free Classic Queen Anne Shingle style influence Dentils Asymmetrical Tower Art glass Classic columns and no spindle work 600 E. Chicago
  50. 50. Folk Houses 1850-1890• Designed without a conscious attempt to mimic current fashion• Built to provide basic shelter with little regard for changing fashion`
  51. 51. Folk Style436 Fulton 128 Hilton
  52. 52. Folk Style432 North 389 Prairie
  53. 53. Folk Style368 Prairie 380 Prairie
  54. 54. Shingle Style 1880 - 1900• Irregular steeply pitched roof• Large porches• Shingle walls without corner boards• Asymmetrical façade• Decorative detailing used sparingly• Often have a tower• Porch posts are often clad in Shingles• Most commonly found in coastal New England
  55. 55. Shingle Style Steeply pitched roof Shingles without corner boards TowerPosts clad inshingles 33 N. Porter
  56. 56. Shingle Style Shingles without corner boardsPorch posts clad inshingles 419 DuPage
  57. 57. Tower Shingle Style Asymmetrical Irregular, steeply pitched roof Large porch 303 River Bluff
  58. 58. Craftsman 1905 - 1930• Low pitched roof• Wide, unenclosed overhang• Roof rafters exposed• Decorative beams or braces commonly added under the roof• Tapered, square porch columns often extending to ground level
  59. 59. Craftsman Wide overhang Low pitched roof Tapered, square porch columns often extending to ground level 155 N. Channing
  60. 60. Craftsman Decorative braces under the roof Unenclosed overhang375 North
  61. 61. Prairie 1900-1920• Low pitched roof, usually hipped• Widely overhanging eaves• Emphasis on horizontal lines• Massive square porch posts• Geometric patterns of ssmall-panme window glazing
  62. 62. Prairie Large overhangs Hipped roofMassive square Stained glassporch posts Horizontal lines 54-56 N. Liberty
  63. 63. Prairie Stucco Low porch emphasizing the horizontal Massive square porch post 155 S. Gifford
  64. 64. Prairie Low pitched, hipped roof Widely overhanging eaves Horizontal lines 259 River Bluff
  65. 65. Italian Renaissance 1890-1935Low pitched hipped roof of clay tiles Asymmetrical Arches above doors Prairie Influence Small wings 940 Douglas
  66. 66. 121 Villa Bungalow 107 Geneva 109 Geneva 250 S. Channing
  67. 67. American Foursquare Sub group of Prairie 1900-1920• Hipped roof• Simple square plan• Symmetrical façade with front entry centered or off center• Hipped dormers• Full width single story porches
  68. 68. American Foursquare Hipped dormer Hipped roof Symmetrical facade Simple square plan Full width porch 137 N. Channing