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Learning from hiroshima

Examining our personal relation with the making and use of the Bomb and thus finding our personal power to stop the use and eventually eradicate the existence of the Bomb.

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Learning from hiroshima

  1. 1. Learning from Hiroshima 1
  2. 2. From 6th August 1945 2 to 6th August 2014
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. By Jimmy Shroff 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. What have we learned? 6 What can we do?
  7. 7. We know we have currently more than 2000 atomic weapons on the planet, each almost one thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb named “ Little Boy” which burnt and flattened Hiroshima 70 years ago. 7 Learning from Hiroshima
  8. 8. This stockpile of weapons is many times more than what is needed to destroy human civilization on this planet. 8 Learning from Hiroshima
  9. 9. But we do not seem to be too disturbed by this state of affairs. In fact each country tries to gate-crash into the nuclear club and proudly obtain the dubious distinction of having a nuclear arsenal. 9 Learning from Hiroshima
  10. 10. The Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine, (MAD) , projected by the USA, appears to be working. It really has prevented a nuclear war. So far…… 10 Learning from Hiroshima
  11. 11. Newly emerging countries such as India and Pakistan, heeding the success story of MAD, have also decided to get MAD. 11 Learning from Hiroshima
  12. 12. There have been a few hiccups. During the Cuban blockade imposed by President Kennedy against the nuclear build-up at Cuba by the Soviet Union, we did hold our collective breath for a while. We did wonder if it was safe to be MAD. 12 Learning from Hiroshima
  13. 13. Also during the escalation of periodic acts of hostility at the Indo-Pakistan border, there have been times when we came very close to calling the bluff of MAD. 13 Learning from Hiroshima
  14. 14. It may not be too long before a non-state organization, seeking to push its own objective, may be successful in seizing hold of a nuclear weapon directly or by seizing control of a nuclear state. The world is full of real mad persons to whom the MAD doctrine is not applicable. 14 Learning from Hiroshima
  15. 15. There is also the chance of starting an accidental nuclear exchange with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the reduction of effective control over its use. 15 Learning from Hiroshima
  16. 16. But still we have refused to invest in creating a more sane and dependable system of protecting ourselves. 16 Learning from Hiroshima
  17. 17. In other words, we have learned to love the Bomb. We have grown accustomed to being MAD. 17 Learning from Hiroshima
  18. 18. We have also learnt from research carried out at Hiroshima the deadly effects of nuclear radiation. After all, ‘civilian bombs’ such as Chernobyl and the effects of a tsunami on nuclear plants at Japan can also be as devastating as a limited nuclear strike. 18 Learning from Hiroshima
  19. 19. We also did not waste much time after Hiroshima, to carefully measure the destructive effect in order to make more efficient and more powerful bombs, in order to burn and kill more human beings. 19 Learning from Hiroshima
  20. 20. We have enjoyed success beyond all our expectation in creating numerous efficient weapons of mass genocide. Associating the words ‘enjoy’ and ‘success’ and ‘efficient’ with genocide does seem a mockery of the human race. 20 Learning from Hiroshima
  21. 21. We seem to be raising each generation of children as hostage for a mass human sacrifice. Have we mutated so radically in the post nuclear age, in the last 70 years ? 21 Learning from Hiroshima
  22. 22. Although anti-nuclear street protests have diminished over the years, the nuclear threat has not diminished. The nuclear stock-pile is still very much lording it over living beings. 22 Learning from Hiroshima
  23. 23. What should we really learn from Hiroshima ? and equally important, what can we do ? 23 Learning from Hiroshima
  24. 24. The very nature of a nuclear device can offer us hints on what to learn and get confident to act on our learning. 24 Learning from Hiroshima
  25. 25. The vast amount of energy released in a nuclear device is a result of a chain reaction of the splitting of atoms. 25 Learning from Hiroshima
  26. 26. Before the first experimental nuclear test was carried out at New Mexico, USA, there was some speculation among the select group present, that the controlled chain reaction sought for, may become an uncontrolled chain reaction. 26 Learning from Hiroshima
  27. 27. This event, although said to be a distant 100 to 1 odds, could result in a splitting of the crust of the earth. In other words, there was some risk of murdering our mother earth, the womb of human kind. 27 Learning from Hiroshima
  28. 28. But besides finding a way for a chain reaction to occur resulting in a terrible destructive consequence, we have also found a way to channel the energy in a creative peaceful direction. 28 Learning from Hiroshima
  29. 29. Now we must use the above scientific principles in a deeper way, to use the principle of chain reaction, not just for helping to produce electricity, through nuclear power plants, but to empower each of us. 29 Learning from Hiroshima
  30. 30. We already know that every structure on our planet is composed of atoms : air, water, rock, trees, animals, humans …….. the very planet and all on it, enveloping it and within it. 30 Learning from Hiroshima
  31. 31. This organic inter-connection and inter-penetration is actually far deeper than what the above characteristic of nature points to. 31 Learning from Hiroshima
  32. 32. Modern physics has pointed to an underlying more fluid field of energy than that composed of atoms or even particles of atoms. Our intimate relation with the planet, with our solar system and even beyond is not restricted to atoms being the final indivisible building blocks of creations. That is old physics. 32 Learning from Hiroshima
  33. 33. When we look at the violent separation which we designed at Hiroshima 70 years ago, we must remind ourselves of the strong underlying unity which exists by default….. a unity which we trained ourselves to break, although temporarily. 33 Learning from Hiroshima
  34. 34. Without the existing natural unity, there could not have been any artificial forced temporary separation, no extravagant, destructive and wasteful show of energy. The separation indicates the unified state. 34 Learning from Hiroshima
  35. 35. It is this default condition of unity which we should recognize and remember from Hiroshima. 35 Learning from Hiroshima
  36. 36. So let us retain our unity and use our energy within safe bounds. We should not yet aspire to become stars, burning brightly to provide the surrounding worlds with energy. 36 Learning from Hiroshima
  37. 37. By taking heed of unity, we have a chance to avenge the past. We have a chance to dance with joy. In a way, we really are miniature individual stars, learning to blossom eventually into full size ones. 37 Learning from Hiroshima
  38. 38. This is possible since we are not just physical robots. In common with the other great kingdoms of nature, the vegetation and animal kingdoms, we have another unified field to enable communication and inter-action : Feelings. 38 Learning from Hiroshima
  39. 39. and although still not admitted by science openly, basic emotional activity is present even amidst the inmates of the mineral kingdom. But right now it is not necessary to stray into this particular debate. 39 Learning from Hiroshima
  40. 40. The physical unity we have with our universe provides us with an explanation of the mechanical unity of the One : it is the left-over of the ultimate unity which was the state at a Big Bang, the birth of a universe. It was the change-over from the compressed latent consciousness towards the growth of full expanded universal consciousness. 40 Learning from Hiroshima
  41. 41. 41 The Big Bang The start of a Universe
  42. 42. The higher emotional unity is constantly being modified, affording each of us the facility to dance with joy, without treading on each other’s toes. 42 Learning from Hiroshima
  43. 43. So how does Hiroshima remind us of a way to empower ourselves? 43 Learning from Hiroshima
  44. 44. Besides common physical and emotional fields linking all of us, human beings have developed one more specialized atmosphere : the unified field of thoughts. 44 Learning from Hiroshima
  45. 45. When properly understood, the latent energy of this field, which allowed the energy to be displayed for destruction in the fire ball and the shock wave at Hiroshima, can be used to surpass the above and demonstrate great benevolent activity. 45 Learning from Hiroshima
  46. 46. Our intellectual activity, developed over millions of years, has resulted in this refined unseen but nevertheless actual energy field flowing through and around each of us. 46 Learning from Hiroshima
  47. 47. Our thought creations do possess high energy and can and are being transmitted and received each moment by each of us. 47 Learning from Hiroshima
  48. 48. But since most of us are not accomplished artists, most of our sub-conscious thought creations contribute to what may be termed high energy smog. 48 Learning from Hiroshima
  49. 49. This mostly neutral energy of ours can be used by those comparatively few beings amongst us who know how to, both for good or evil purposes. 49 Learning from Hiroshima
  50. 50. We know we think, we know thoughts require energy to exist, we know energy is indestructible. So let us admit we are creating patterns of this high frequency form of energy incessantly. 50 Learning from Hiroshima
  51. 51. We are creating semi-conscious objects of this high frequency form of energy each time we think and feel. 51 Learning from Hiroshima
  52. 52. and with this admission of our natural empowerment, we must start taking responsibility of consequence for each feeling and thought we create. 52 Learning from Hiroshima
  53. 53. We, the majority of world citizens have contributed to the current state of our mental soup in which we splash around. 53 Learning from Hiroshima
  54. 54. And it is the pressure of this self- created mental atmosphere which reacts on us, which in turn influences our choices and way of life. A vicious circle is created but its quality and influence need not be vicious but life enriching. 54 Learning from Hiroshima
  55. 55. The breaking of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent breaking up of the Soviet Union, is a prime example of the effect of pressure exerted by the build up of feelings and thoughts by those who suffered under the yoke of an oppressive system for generations. 55 Learning from Hiroshima
  56. 56. The Soviet Union was one of the most heavily policed state known in history. It was not just President Reagan, Pope John Paul or General Secretary Gorbachev who dismantled the empire, although they certainly provided the proverbial last straw which broke the camel’s back. 56 Learning from Hiroshima
  57. 57. It was mostly the culmination of incessant emotional and mental activity over several generations which finally tipped the balance in the favor of the citizens who, en masse, dared to feel and think of a change, who did not give up hope. 57 Learning from Hiroshima
  58. 58. The World Wars, global poverty, global slavery, global warming and the build- up of the world nuclear arms inventory are other prominent examples of conditions which derive their subsistence from the world atmosphere. 58 Learning from Hiroshima
  59. 59. It does not require much deliberation on our part to admit that the atmosphere currently is not very joyful. Mass disaster is held barely an arm’s length away. 59 Learning from Hiroshima
  60. 60. We appear to be at the nadir of our ebbing waters, when all the greed, cruelty and rapacity latent in us is laid bare. 60 Learning from Hiroshima
  61. 61. This is good news, for it means the flood tide is at last nigh, to refresh us and lift us to higher ground, to the glorious high water mark, if we allow ourselves. 61 Learning from Hiroshima
  62. 62. And in the meantime we start cleaning up the polluted mental environment. We have polluted, so We have to clean up the mess. We cannot hire other gods and goddesses to do it for us. 62 Learning from Hiroshima
  63. 63. The threats to our physical environment is a direct effect of the state of our influential mental atmosphere. The mental field is the sowing field, the physical is what we reap. 63 Learning from Hiroshima
  64. 64. Its not just Americans or Germans or Japanese or Pakistanis or Indians or the poor or the rich who pollute ; its all of us, at our different capacities to do harm…….. Or good. 64 Learning from Hiroshima
  65. 65. So, it is not just statesmen and scientists who will save the world for us. Their number is small compared to the rest of us. We will have to save ourselves. 65 Learning from Hiroshima
  66. 66. But, learning from Hiroshima, we know the underlying unified condition, although mostly remaining out of sight, facilitates individual action born from individual feelings and thoughts, propelled by the individual will. 66 Learning from Hiroshima
  67. 67. If we have managed to learn to tear apart, we can also begin to remember how to rejoin. 67 Learning from Hiroshima
  68. 68. The same facility by which we pollute, the same facility can be used to purify. Our thoughts get together by topic magnetically and thus have a general global effect. Thoughts directed solely to local issues, besides a local particular effect also have their general effect component. 68 Learning from Hiroshima
  69. 69. Is there any simplified guide line whereby we can more consistently purify and charge the mental atmosphere within our environment ? 69 Learning from Hiroshima
  70. 70. Yes, there is. In fact there is only one ability available to all living creatures to help us make our choice of any act, mental, emotional, verbal or physical act : 70 Learning from Hiroshima
  71. 71. We can only choose that what appears to us as most joyful at each moment. 71 Learning from Hiroshima
  72. 72. Of course we often choose what appears to us as most joyful but after experience, we find our choice was not so joyful. But we cannot opt for freedom and then settle only for error-free second- hand experiences. Incident- free voyages are welcomed by insurance companies, but Mariners look forward to adventures, for that is Life. We are Mariners. 72 Learning from Hiroshima
  73. 73. However, unless we prefer to experience Hiroshima first hand again, let us take heart and learn heartfelt lessons from the heartless event we enacted at Hiroshima. Let us embark on more joy-filled adventures. 73 Learning from Hiroshima
  74. 74. For the persons at Hiroshima experiencing that terrible energy of separation on that fateful morning, and for us who experience it now second-hand, we can all learn from Hiroshima and can now make stronger attempts to secure joy. 74 Learning from Hiroshima
  75. 75. By being more discerning and thus being more consistent in securing joy in our small every day acts, we automatically contribute to purifying the atmosphere, setting off a chain reaction of benevolent energy through our joy. 75 Learning from Hiroshima
  76. 76. And in a purified atmosphere, in an atmosphere charged with love and enthusiasm for life, what need is there to opt for setting off any weapon of mass destruction, of mass suicide ? Why would we even opt for the burden of maintaining one ? 76 Learning from Hiroshima
  77. 77. We cannot intentionally choose distress. We can only choose joy. We will at last stop being in love with the Bomb and resume loving our Self. 77 Learning from Hiroshima
  78. 78. Love provides the highest level of joy, and hence the most dependable and surest form of safety. 78 Learning from Hiroshima
  79. 79. Love can do all this because Love is really the term used to designate the highest form of energy. 79 Learning from Hiroshima
  80. 80. So, if we can derive any advantage for us to have planned Hiroshima, it is this, it is this. 80 Learning from Hiroshima
  81. 81. Learning from Hiroshima END OF A BEGINNING 81
  82. 82. 82 You are a part of Me Message from Our Universe
  83. 83. 83
  84. 84. 84
  85. 85. 85 The power unleashed by atomic bombs is similar to the power unleashed by the sun.
  86. 86. 86 But the effect is different : One provides life on earth, The other is capable of extinction of life on earth.
  87. 87. 87 We have the power of choice :
  88. 88. 88 A Waste - land
  89. 89. 89 Or a refreshing day. Every day