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Emil Pulido on Schema for The Chrysalids

Background topics covered in preparing to teach novel, The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham

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Emil Pulido on Schema for The Chrysalids

  1. 2. One of my favourite covers
  2. 3. Sci.Fi. Or Sy.Fy: Space Ships
  3. 7. Also about interacting with new technology
  4. 8. Extrapolation: What if?
  5. 9. International nuclear radiation symbol: RUN!
  6. 10. Nuclear Powers
  7. 11. Famous Mushroom Cloud!
  8. 12. Nuclear missiles with multiple warheads
  9. 13. Harnessing power of the sun: nuclear explosion
  10. 14. Nuclear Winter!
  11. 15. Hiroshima victim
  12. 16. Those nearest blast were vaporized leaving shadows on walls and pavements
  13. 17. DNA
  14. 18. Mutation damages DNA in chromozomes
  15. 19. Petra, David, Rosalind…The Chrysalids!