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The 7 Must Have Books on Career Manageme

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The HungryPeople Career Guide

  1. 1. The HungryPeople Career Guide 7 Must Have Books On Building Your Dream Job by Jay Michael O. Jaboneta @jayjabonetaHungryPeople wants YOU to succeed thats why we are sharing with YOU the list of the most helpful and thought-provoking books on the art of making a living out of your passion. The individuals behind these books have builtentire businesses out of their passion (not to mention building their personal brands along the way as well). Learnnot only how to love what YOU do but also do what YOU love all at the same time.We guarantee that reading these 7 books will free your mind to create a plan on how to build abusiness around your passion, around your interests and around things that drive you.If YOU are a fresh college graduate looking at starting on your dream job. Why not build it yourself? Learn thesecrets to creating your own career path.If YOU are a manager whos tired of the corporate life. Are YOU tired of the daily grind? Tired of working morethan 8 hours per day? Join the career renegade revolution!If YOU are a business leader, this list will open your mind to the coming revolution from the workforce. And willhelp YOU prepare compelling policies and environments to attract the best talent out there.A decade ago, The Cluetrain Manifesto was written and captured the imagination of the online world. Today,thousands are joining a workforce revolution aimed at building work out of our passions and interests. Theconversations that the Cluetrain manifesto spawned led people to build online businesses (even offline businesses)that leverage on their passion and strengths. Workers are saying goodbye to bad-ass bosses and depressingcompany environments.(Click on the book title to get the detailed description from
  2. 2. TOP 1 – The Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss Probably the book that fired the first salvo in this worker revolution, Tim Ferriss highly engaging guidebook and how-to book spawned a worldwide revolution on our concept of work. Promoting not only a balanced work-life dichotomy, Tim Ferriss challenged our primary assumptions on the definition of work and our idea of a healthy lifestyle. Coming from various failures in his life, Tim shares with us how he built his personal brand, built a business around his passion and discovered the ideal lifetyle design. He wrote this book not only to share with us his amazing discovery in the true art of living but also to provide the long-awaited attack on corporate excesses. This is the most ideal book to read if YOU are preparing yourself to take the less traveled road and become a career renegade. Are YOU ready to work for less than 4 hours per week (and yes, thats per week not per day)? Read this amazing book.
  3. 3. TOP 2 – Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields Jonathan Fields has changed his game. After working as a hedge- fund lawyer for most of his adult life, he embraced the alternative lifestyle and probably the first person to popularize the notion of the career renegade. In his book with the same title, he provides one of the best offline resources on the art of making a living outs of your passion. He not only offers clues but also concrete examples as to how YOU can build your dream business or dream job around interests and things that drive YOU. Coming off from his successful ventures into business, he decided to share powerful and practical insights to us on this coming revolution. Thousands have taken up arms. Are YOU ready to embrace the Renegade lifestyle? Isnt being a renegade much more fun than just following the status quo? Join now!
  4. 4. TOP 3 – Crush Itby Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk is the next best thing in Social Media or so they say. In fact, what fascinates most of us about Gary is that he has built his dream job not out of thin air as most renegades do but out of his familys business. More than a decade ago, Gary was just one in the many wine store owners in the world. But due to a great insight into web opportunities, Gary built an online business through his video blogs and winelibrary tv. His story is an amazing one as he built not just a business but a global personal brand. Gary is now the undisputed guru on wines. And in this book with the title “Why Now Is The Time To Crush It! Cash In On Your Passion,” he shares with us intimate insights and ideas on the art of building (again) a business out of your passion. He is probably one of the best examples of people who have leveraged social media tools to grow their existing businesses to greater heights. How hard can it be? Crush the creative juices out of YOU now and get going!
  5. 5. TOP 4 – Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition by Guy Kawasaki Youre probably wondering how a book written by an owner of a venture capital company is part of this list. Though Guy Kawasaki is already a made man, his insights in Reality Check are worth a read. His book hands down is the start-up bible. As YOU embrace the career renegade lifestyle, YOU become sort of a de facto entrepreneur. As we stated in our other list, The HungryPeople Dozen, we deeply encourage every entrepreneur out there who is starting out and even those who have already started to buy the book, read it in one sitting, read it again, read it some more and then apply it. And then read it some more. It is probably better to read it together with his other amazing book The Art of the Start. And Reality Check really offers many solutions to the challenges that every starting entrepreneur faces. It is not only a guide-to-book but also a great source of inspiration. Guys blog entitled How to Change the World is a good addition to this book. Are YOU ready to start your gig? Check your assumptions first!
  6. 6. TOP 5 – Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim Pam Slim has changed her game. Much like how Jonathan Fields left the corporate world to pursue his passion, Pam Slim provides interesting and exciting insights into this art. Her book explores not only the how-to of starting up your own business but also the emotional issues involved. Her take is refreshing as she has delves deeper into the art and science of entrepreneurship and provides critical clues as to common pitfalls after you leave your corporate life. She writes “Hating your job intensely is not a business plan.” Are YOU ready to escape the daily grind YOU probably hate? Read on.
  7. 7. TOP 6 – Talent, Tom Peters Essentials by Tom Peters Who could argue against Tom Peters? In this slim but highly-engaging book, Tom shares with us his fascinating insights into the future of work and talent. Creativity and Innovation are surely the new metricr by which workers are graded but only a Tom Peters can dissect the how-tos and the coming shifts that every worker and individual out there ought to hear. This book is an offshoot of his other more comprehensive take on the future of business, Re- Imagine. This book is a great guide on how to build your personal brand whether online or offline. A good addition to this book would be Daniel Pinks A Whole New Mind and Richard Floridas The Rise Of The Creative Class. Whats your Personal Brand? Do YOU even have one? Learn how to differentiate yourself. Make yourself UNIQUE. Read this book.
  8. 8. TOP 7 – The Power Of Less By Leo Babauta Youre probably wondering how this book came into our list. Leo Babauta talks about simplying life. In The Power Of Less, he shares with us thought-provoking insights into the art of simple living. We, at HungryPeople, believe that in order for us to succeed in living the career renegade lifestyle, we must learn to do more with less. Effectiveness is the key to the game. But efficiency will carry us day-to-day. Are YOU ready to make your life simple? Are YOU ready to unclutter your mind? Read this book.
  9. 9. One WarningThese books wont help YOU when YOU are still lost as to what and where your passion is. In order to benefitgreatly from reading these books, learn first what drives YOU. YOU can start by reading What Is The Color OfYour Parachute? By Richard Bolles. Or if thats too long for YOU, try Paulo Coelhos The Alchemist.ConclusionNowhere is it more exciting to build a business around your passion than today. The emergence of the Internet andother tools on the web has enabled us to reach people and organizations much faster, quicker and easier. Socialmedia tools have allowed us to open conversations with everyone on the planet. Businesses can truly be started witha few clicks of a mouse button. The experts behind these books are living examples.The webs invention is truly leading us to a global community where people not only share and collaborate but alsotrade goods and services as in the old days. In 1998, The Cluetrain Manifesto stated markets are conversations.And today, conversations have also become markets. If youre willing to embrace the creative renegade lifestyle,read these books and we guarantee youre in for the most exciting adventure of your life! So there YOU go! The HungryPeople Career Guide. Read it. Learn it. And more importantly, APPLY IT! YOU should follow me on Twitter @jayjaboneta.