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Cycling and Health R&D Center

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Chc public

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. About Us Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) is a Taiwanese Technical Research Institute for Bicycle & Fitness Industry and established in June, 1992. CHC locates in Taichung Industrial Park. Since 1997, we assisted Ministry of Economic to execute the project of “Core Technology of Bicycle Business”. The main service includes, modeling design, machinery design, product development and standard test. Concerning the changes of society construction and life style, now, CHC extends the service in developing high additional value product which relates to bicycle technology. For example, light electric scooter, fitness & rehabilitation equipment and moving assisted equipment. Also, we build alliances like “ESSA”, aiming to connect the related industry together. CHC plays an important role in bicycle business. Since 1994, our center help traditional bicycle business develop new service and we devote in promoting bicycle tour in Taiwan. Our goal is to build “Green Commutation” in Taiwan.
  3. 3. Established in June 1992….. Industry Government Academy Research <Mission> • R&D Technologies for the Industry • Establishing the Testing Center • Intergrading the Resources Electronically • Devoting to Business Modernization <Prospect> • Enriching the Constitution of Taiwan Cycling & Health Industry • Upgrading the Competence in the International Market Background & Mission
  4. 4. This is our departments. General Manager Planning Department Testing Department R & D Department Foresighted Creation Team Bicycle Testing Fitness Equipment Testing Medical Equipment Testing Bicycle Development Fitness Equipment Development Medical Equipment Development Media Development
  5. 5. Foresighted Creation Team • Design: Turning design concept into real product. • Interaction: The connection of international technology and talent. • Holding International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC). IBDC
  6. 6. • The bicycle design competition is sponsored by the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and managed and produced by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center. • The competition were welcomed with great enthusiasm by Korean and Japanese participants, as well as those from Taiwan. Origin of International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC)
  7. 7. IBDC
  8. 8. IBDC has bred bicycle creative business for 15 years. There are 10372 designers from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania to participate the annual competition. The contest gathers excellent designers, choosing the most creative works among all the contestants. These are the precious resources to bicycle business and we always discover foresighted concept from the designers. It is the desire from young generation which pushes us to develop more new design, new material and new function for bicycle business. Introduction of the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) Collect Design Concept Feasibility Analysis Product Producing Commercialization
  9. 9. From Concept to Product !
  10. 10. 2008 Second Prize Title: Anytime Country: Taiwan Designer: Larry Chen ANYTIME is a folding bike with removable power assistant unit called “power pack”. It allows users to remove and install with a quick-release system. One can have the bike with power pack for daily commuting, or without power pack for weekend exercise. The front and rear wheels are positioned paralleled to each other after fully folded, of which also allows for towing the bike whilst walking. It is a commuting and exercise equipment perfect for people who live in big city and don’t have big rooms at home.
  11. 11. 2008 Excellent Prize Title: WinSolar Country: Taiwan Designer: Chun-Tung Chen / Kuoh-Siang Chen WinSolar is an intelligent green-powered bicycle. It stores electric ties transformed by wind energy, solar energy, shock energy and pedalling power collected during normal ridings. A spoiler covered with solar panel is affixed below the handles of the bike to produce a lifting force for lightening the overall weight load of the bike.
  12. 12. R&D Department • Media Development: Connecting computer and equipment and develop game system to go with it. • Bicycle Development: Promote new technology of bicycle to related business. • Medical Equipment Development: Develop advanced medical equipment, ex, Intelligent Lying-Down Power Wheelchair. • Fitness Development: Develop intelligent fitness equipment.
  13. 13. Planning Department • Collecting related market information and promoting it to business. • Assisting & counseling business in the latest technology. • Regularly publishes monthly magazine to promote the newest information.
  14. 14. Testing Department • Carrying out One-Stop Solution Service -- cooperate with TUV. • Developing testing skill • Improve the testing equipment and service --TAF Laboratory Certification --Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (for short EPAC) security standard --Assign ILAC-MRA compact --Set CNS standard of electric scooter, assist business to acquire CE Marking, the permission of FDA on the market. --Official Website:
  15. 15. The Following are CHC’s Products.
  16. 16. Product 1:Interactive-VR Exercise Bike
  17. 17. Product 2: VR Game Bike Trainer • Adjustable platform, suit for 16” to 26” bicycles. • Providing physiological info, like heartbeat, speed and calorie. • Dual mode operation, resistant program included.
  18. 18. Product 3: Interactive Balance Trainer • Simulate skiing sport to train balance. • Compatible with various skiing or ball- rolling. • Stimulate the sense of vestibule.
  19. 19. Product 4:Intelligent Anti-Clip Seat Lifting & Lying-Down Power Wheelchair • With seat lift function, the seat ca be raised 250 mm. • 180 degree lie down function convenient for wheelchair and bed transfer. • Safety anti-clip design, resistance force 2.5 kgf.
  20. 20. Senior Citizen Health-Promoting Activities Sponsor: Cooperate:
  21. 21. Current Services Since its inception, Hondao has been actively cultivating the field of senior citizen welfare throughout the years. Our core services for senior citizens have included: Award for families residing with three generation--building respect and care for the parents and grandparents; Nation-wide Volunteer Stations and Volunteer Services Nationwide, providing volunteer opportunities; Time Dollar—Mutual Support Coupons; Hot Meal Services; Community Care Checkpoints; Domestic Care Service; Senior Citizen Day Care Service; Halfway House-Short Stay; Senior Citizen Leisure Activities;Senior Citizen Welfare Service Consultation. For 13 years, we have continuously provided care and service for senior citizens without interruption. We couldn’t have accomplished this without the active assistance and resources provided by numerous friends of the Foundation. Now, we look forward to your participation and assistance, in the hope that Hondao can continue to its work in the great cause of Senior Citizen Welfare.
  22. 22. Senior Citizen Day Care Service Since May 2005, the Northern Taiwan Service Center took over the management of Taipei Municipal Elderly Day Care Center, serving elderly persons that are 65 years old or above and are mildly or moderately disabled as well as persons that are 55 years old or above and suffering from dementia and require day care or human company. The Day Care is run by a professional team of social workers, nurses, and caregivers who jointly offer services through case management, daily care, rehabilitation, bodily revitalization training, basic nursing care, leisurely activities, support for family members, transportation services, and more. By providing a sense of community and regular contact with the society, the Day Care seeks to increase the senior citizens’ ability to take care of themselves, slow down the aging process, and provide a breathing space for their family members. Not only do the elderly receive proper care during the day and return home to enjoy family life at night, it also allows their children to work during the day.
  23. 23. Assist Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd to Launch New High- End Bicycle Rental Business with Multi-Service (1) Since the end of year 2004 to now, the BikeLane Project assists the Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd to launch the new high-end bicycle rental business with multi-service. There are 23 shops/service stands around Taiwan at present. They are still extending according to their overall arrangement. This new business is leading the traditional bicycle industry changing toward service scope; moreover, it brings good influence on the traditional bicycle rental business market. (Low price competition  High-end & Multi-service)
  24. 24. Assist Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd to Launch New High- End Bicycle Rental Business with Multi-Service The BikeLane Project not only assists the Giant to launch the bicycle rental business, also transfers the RFID technology to improve the efficiency of their business operation. 置車區 電腦1 Rader Rader 2.交付人卡 1.租車(填單)) 3進 入 車 庫 4選 車 停車處 5.出遊 感 應 區 置車區 電腦1 Rader Rader 2.交付人卡 1.租車(填單)) 3進 入 車 庫 4選 車 停車處 5.出遊 感 應 區 (a) Rental Procedure: (b) Return Procedure: (c) Staff / per shop: 5mins/per bike 5mins/per bike 5 staff 3mins 2mins 4 staff   
  25. 25. Racing on ARTC Proving Ground (1) The Automotive Research & Testing Center has a standard proving ground for car-test. The high-speed circuit is designed with total length of 3575 m and a banking angle of 38°. The designed neutral speed is 160km/h. The oval- shaped circuit is divided into 3 lanes. This high-speed circuit specially opens for BikeLane Annual Bicycle Racing for 1 day each year. Through this racing, the BikeLane project can obtain the entrant's feedback information on high- end bicycle quality and the performance, then feedback it for manufacturer's reference.
  26. 26. Racing on ARTC Proving Ground (2) The BikeLane Project develops a RFID tracing technology, and has applied to this racing. This technology offers the correct and fairness of the racing, and reduces judgement manpower. Signal Range Reader Reader/Writer Antenna Control System
  27. 27. Intelligent Bicycle Safekeeping System The BikeLane Project develops an intelligent bicycle safekeeping system, and builds the prototype to make it known to the public. Now the BikeLane Project is seeking the industrial cooperation to mass-produce the bicycle safekeeping system which accords with various kinds of demands. The following goal is to push the bike-sharing in Taiwan. Technology Modular Form the View Shelter Anti-Stolen
  28. 28. Taiwan Bike Day The BikeLane Project cooperates with bicycle industry, association, community and fleet of bicycle to urge the Government to proclaim that the 1st weekend of May every year as the “Taiwan Bike Day”. The first “Taiwan Bike Day” was May 5, 2007.
  29. 29. Welcome to visit our laboratory!
  30. 30. Thanks for!