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GoMobile Generate

A marketing presentation I created to effectively present and convert channel sales partners. Educating on the future of mobile along with showing how partners can make money with the platform were amongst the main goals. Presented on conference calls this presentation allowed us to easily sell across the country

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GoMobile Generate

  1. 1. Generate new revenues with GoMobile’s mobile web marketing platform
  2. 2. The Mobile Web is rapidly becoming the standard forweb browsing Traditional mass media • Print - late 15th century Mobile web – from the • Recordings – late 19th century 2000’s and beyond… • Cinema – from the 1900’s • Radio – from the 1910’s • Television – from the 1950’s • Internet - from the 1990’s Generate new revenues by selling mobile websites • Mobile web is rapidly overtaking desktop browsing by a margin of 8 times faster than 90’s internet adoption* • Mobile web browsing will over take desktop browsing by 2013** • 2011 Smartphone sales are surging globally, increasing 74 percent in the second quarter compared to last year and selling a total of 428.7 million units*** Mobile offers unique benefits that cannot be replicated by the six traditional mass media Source: *Google **Gartner ***Gartner
  3. 3. What is the Mobile Web?  The Mobile Web refers to the use of browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, connected to a wireless network.*  The shift to mobile Web access has been accelerating with the rise since 2007 of larger multitouch smartphones, and of multitouch tablet Use of computers since 2010.* mobile  Although most mobile devices may web render Web documents, the user experience when browsing the Web on a mobile device is often poor when a Web document hasnt been designed with mobility in mind.** Source: *Wikipedia**W3C Commons
  4. 4. Why is the Mobile Web so important? With the rise in tablets and the increases in mobile capability end users now expect mobile optimized content and a better mobile web browsing experience. 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site they had trouble accessing* Use of 40% would go and visit a competitor mobile instead* web This will only rise as smartphone adoption increases For mobile web users it is no longer acceptable to ‘pinch and drag’ to access content on their mobile device Source: *Wikipedia**W3C Commons
  5. 5. GoMobile is the partner that helps you go mobile! What we offer How you will benefit • A proprietary software platform built • Start selling mobile within a week as exclusively for the mobile your companies “own solution” web, companies can sell as their own • Bypass intensive hardware specific • Worldwide device and platform support mobile application development for compatibility with 1,000s of devices • Use your existing team and start • NO CODING NECESSARY – By One producing mobile sites in a week. No Click Publishing™ almost anyone can intensive training required create a mobile site within minutes • The platform makes promotion of a • Automatically generated QR codes mobile site easy, adding instant value to and brandable short URLs a your website • Browser redetection serves mobile • Enhance all existing digital media browsers • Delegate responsibilities between • Multi-tiered user accounts for large developers and mobile web marketers and small organizations • Sell multiple mobile landing pages at a • Excel spreadsheet batch upload for time unique pages • Easy to quantify, keep track and sell • Robust analytics to track and monitor
  6. 6. Generate new revenues by going mobile An example selling with the GoMobile Platform#:• Mobile ad revenue will be US$3.3 billion in 2011. This will sky rocket to $0.00 Page Creation Fee $20.6 billion in 2015, more than $18.75 GoMobile Website per doubling each year.* month $225.00 Total cost for the year• Brand spending on mobile advertising for rapidly deployed will grow from 0.5 percent of the total GoMobile site advertising budget in 2010 to over 4 percent in 2015.** $500 - $1,500 Total potential partner• Local ad spend will grow from US$404 revenue million to $2.8 billion.*** 100%-500% PROFIT Source:*Gartner **Gartner ***BIA/Kesley #Years 1-Infinity – Full Year 50% Pre-pay option available ($112.50 Total Cost) #Bulk discount pricing available upon request
  7. 7. Find out how GoMobile can work for you Bonn Lahouti Co-Founder and Technical Lead 1-520-358-1211 Jacob Lebo Principle and Director of Sales 1-480-370-8004 +971-50-911-9440