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Mapping to fight Female Genital Mutilation

Presentation at FGM Mapathon as part of ICPD25 in Nairobi - 25 years since the Cairo Declaration of Womens' RIghts. An overview of the value of OpenStreetMap and community mapping to help activists and the police better find and protect girls at risk of FGM in rural Tanzania.

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Mapping to fight Female Genital Mutilation

  1. 1. Fighting Female Genital Mutilation with Maps
  2. 2. Local FGM survivor and Hope Director Rhobi Samwelly Hope for Girls and Women supports: • Local Activists • Outreach work • Safe Houses
  3. 3. Girls are typically rounded up during the ‘Cutting Season’ when they are on school holidays BUT Change is coming.. Many girls refuse to be cut
  4. 4. But girls cannot find the safehouses: And safehouse staff and the police cannot find them:
  5. 5. This is rural Tanzania: This is Dar es Salaam:
  6. 6. Activists in rural Tanzania need MAPS!
  7. 7. We are making them!
  8. 8. data from
  9. 9. Over 600 online volunteers manually added schools and clinics
  11. 11. We have trained over 1600 local activists to map their communities in Tanzania, around 40% female
  12. 12. We were invited to organise a mapathon at UNFPA in New York in September 2018. It was attended by 60 people from UNFPA, UNICEF, HOTOSM, Youthmappers and others
  13. 13. To coincide with this we held a global mapathon events in 60 countries. Including at the Ministry for Women in Somalia, in Mali, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Uganda and many others.
  14. 14. Please join us and help map to help protect girls from FGM! Janet Chapman @Crowd2Map
  15. 15. Now let’s start mapping..
  16. 16. eos/873491619459013/?t=0