Writing Content That Resonates With Influencers


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  • They’re amazing words because they are the business we’re all in.Marketing / PR / SEO / Customer Service / Social / Copywriting / Branding / Journalism / DM / Promotion / Sales / Sponsorship / Design
  • Your communications have been received& understood
  • But just because your audience has understood doesn’t mean you’ve influenced them.To do this you’ve go to changetheir behavior& achieved your objectives
  • So we always need to do both.
  • Mentions & LinksTweets / Likes / SharesRankings / Traffic / ConversionsAwareness
  • Let’s talk about our audience.Usingthe few influential to get to the many – right!Or broadcasting to the many lots of times.Permission marketing.All of the above.
  • How many people have read these books?
  • How many people have read these books?
  • How many people have read these books?
  • Philip is here today and his book is a MUST read on this topic alongside another one by Paul Adams.It’s not just more complicated than the idea that influencinga few influential people ensures success. It’s wrong.There’s no evidence for it. At all.
  • It’s the people we have strong relationships with that drive success.People like our friends and our customers.The ones we know well.Which means.Connect with people before you need them.Get to know them.Develop deep relationship.Don’t be a fair weathered friends.
  • Ask apple the value of amazing customer.
  • Instead of looking for overly influential people, businesses should look for regular people who are likely to be interested in what they have to say.
  • It’s so much easier when you’ve invested in establishing relationships
  • In fact, it turns out that there is no substitute for quality.You REALLY can‘t make a silk purse our of a sows ear. No matter who you get to push it.
  • Invest in experts that can write content.And experts that know experts.
  • Invest in experts that can write content.And experts that know experts.
  • Invest in relationshipsWhere possible turn them into friendshipsOut of sight / out of mind
  • It’s also a two way process
  • In Nancy Duarte’s book on resonating, she notes how important it is to step back from the spotlight and make your audience the hero. What are the problems they need to overcome? What are your insights and how will it impact them? What are the dangers ahead (the opportunity cost) if they don’t listen to you?!Most importantly, she emphasises that the greater benefit of this relationship should be for the hero (here the influencer). There’s no better way to win someone over than to help them and take responsibility for their success – even above your own need for your ideas/product to be shared or invested in (that comes naturally later :D).
  • You don’t always have to drive the agenda.
  • Breaking newTriggersExcitementPeakOld NewsDone
  • Add value to the conversationGraphicsQuotesPollsNews hijackingMedia alerts
  • You could also be a thought leader
  • It’s sometimes hard, but you’ve always got to eat your own dog food.
  • Writing Content That Resonates With Influencers

    1. 1. Writing Content That Resonates With InfluencersMatt Roberts, Co-founder, VP Product @Linkdex
    2. 2. My two favorite words
    3. 3. Because we’re all need to do it
    4. 4. Resonated if communications have beenreceived & understood
    5. 5. Influenced if changed behavior& achieved objectives?
    6. 6. Resonate & influence combined Communications ReceivedObjectives MessageAchieved Understood Changed Behavior
    7. 7. We’re at a content conference.What does success look like? • Mentions & Links • Tweets / Likes / Shares • Rankings / Traffic / Conversions • Awareness
    8. 8. So who are we going to resonate with tomaximize influence
    9. 9. Who’s read these?
    10. 10. Influence the few and reach the many
    11. 11. What if it wasn’t true!
    12. 12. And it’s way more complicated Read these books!
    13. 13. REAL key to is influenceare human relationshipswith those closest to us
    14. 14. People like your customers
    15. 15. Market experts
    16. 16. You chose agencies because they haveestablished relationships
    17. 17. Only the best contentcan be promoted
    18. 18. Need to invest in the best content
    19. 19. Great writers also have existingrelationships in the right circles
    20. 20. Establish & maintain deep relationships 150 – 290 PlatesDunbarKillworthNumber
    21. 21. Resonate in the right place
    22. 22. Take responsibility influencer success? Read Nancy Duarte’s book ‘Resonate’
    23. 23. Flexible about who drives the agenda?
    24. 24. News is dynamic and moves fast…be ready
    25. 25. Monitor thenews agenda
    26. 26. Offer opinions on today’s conversation
    27. 27. Supplement the news agenda
    28. 28. As well BIG ideas driving the agenda
    29. 29. Even own BIG ideas (that might be wrong)
    30. 30. Does it work?
    31. 31. I eat it…it’s tasty!
    32. 32. We wanted to talk Geo Rankings• Whitepaper• Think Tank• Lunch Briefing• Guest Posting
    33. 33. Then…our amazing authorship data
    34. 34. If I’ve resonated you’ve heard &understood that• We all need to resonate + influence• Finding and maintaining relationships with people is key• Taking part in today’s conversation is as important as starting your own
    35. 35. I will have influenced you if…• You change the way you work because of what you’ve heard• You come and find out more about Linkdex
    36. 36. Matt Roberts, Co-founder, VP Product @Linkdex