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  1. 1. Success calls for those who continuously set higher standards for themselves.Capacity is a state of mind.Success Combo: Do what you do better and do more of what you doMonopolize listeningI am important. I do what it takes. I am a first-class performer. My work is important.TO be enthusiastic, think enthusiastically: Build in yourself an optimistic, progressiveglow.Executive Thinkers:promote and influenceemulate commandself assuranceLeaders Give:trust building a trycompassionstabilitymake hopeStrategic ThinkingFocus: could bemaximizing decisionsstretch thoughts:aim for the futureConnect reading to people you have met. This helps you get involved in the reading andnot become bored, and you will better remember what you read and generate moreinsights.If you get bored quickly, think about how you can expand your world. your socialnetwork, your academic opportunities, and your community involvement.Allow yourself ample time for thinking. If you rush through a reading assignment, youare less likely to be engaged with it.You love to generate ideas. Find a partner who would enjoy helping you implement yourideas.Attack your assignments immediately. Refuse to procrastinate. Turn in your work aheadof schedule. Enjoy the satisfaction of being done. Analyze how to avoid the pitfalls ofanalysis paralysis and excessive preparation.Make decisions, act without delay.Notice nuances in subjects, flag topics for scrutiny.