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Are company kick-off events really worth all of the time, money and resources they exhaust?

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  1. 1. Company Kick-off Events Are they even worth it?
  2. 2. "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” - Henry Ford
  3. 3. Get to the Point! C l e a r M i s s i o n a n d V i s i o n = E m p l o y e e s o n t h e S a m e P a g e
  4. 4. Put it in Context Opportunity to celebrate last year's successes. A chance to recognise where improvements are needed.
  5. 5. Define the Tribe
  6. 6. Define the Tribe Defining the Organisational Structure is pivotal to your success, even if you think it's already clear. A strong structure improves efficiency and recognises responsibilities and progression paths. Discuss the structure at the Kick-off - don’t just show it. Reinforce points of authority in the team.
  7. 7. Eye on the Prize Establish clear, measurable and realistic goals. Monitor progression. Celebrate as a team when you achieve and exceed your goals!
  8. 8. Motivate and Energise! All businesses will experience fatigue, it's natural when your team is working hard. Management need to recognise this and take precautions to keep the team energised. This in turn increases employee motivation and staff retention. Fun team building activities at your kick-off to keep energy levels high. Have fun together outside of the workplace!
  9. 9. “Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success” Ted Sundquist
  10. 10. Kick-off's unite the workforce and help promote company culture. These are the conditions where creativity and innovation thrive. This will help achieve your goals and attract the best talent.
  11. 11. Think Big!
  12. 12. Think Big!
  13. 13. Think Big! Keep your kick-off as an open forum for employees to input ideas… Opinions should be valued Being heard keeps employees motivated and helps with staff retention A new and great idea may surface!
  14. 14. Did you know? Lots of companies host small quarterly kick-offs. Which is especially useful for companies having to change their structure and goals when experiencing rapid growth and volatile business environments.
  15. 15. These events are also important to your clients! Tweet and market your kick-off, let your customers know you are taking the time to go bigger and better this year!
  16. 16. When will you host your company Kick-off ?