SharePoint 101 For The Busy Project Manager


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SharePoint is a lot of things to a lot of people; Intranet, search, document management, partner extranet, records management platform … the list goes on. Simplified however, SharePoint is a place to collaborate on your “stuff” from virtually anywhere, anytime, on just about anything. For your PM “stuff”, you have a multitude of features you can utilize and approaches you can take. This session seeks to help clarify what SharePoint is, demystify the myriad of options available (on premise, online and from 3rd parties), and map SharePoint capabilities to the common Project Manager’s needs - however big or small they may be.

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SharePoint 101 For The Busy Project Manager

  1. 1. SharePoint 101 for the Busy Project Manager Sean Wallbridge – SharePoint MVP, itgroove
  2. 2. Who is this guy? Sean Wallbridge  20 years as a technology consultant & trainer  10 years as a business owner (itgroove)  SharePoint MVP (5 years)  Learn More: • • • Company Web Site: My Blog: Twitter: @itgroove I’m a reluctant PM
  3. 3. What am I about?  SharePoint Tour Guide  SharePoint Jedi  Bob Ross of SharePoint Jedi Master Norris The Sith are screwed now…
  4. 4. Agenda    Project Challenges & Why Use SharePoint? Options for the Busy PM Demo – Empower a Project Team
  5. 5. A successful project requires…  A Great Team  Good Governance  Best in Class Tools
  6. 6. Oh the Pain… Primary Pain Points of the Busy PM  Email is familiar but a lousy sharing tool  Lack of quality tools for sharing other project artifacts  Our Internal & External teams are just not connected
  7. 7. Why SharePoint? It’s already the place you put some of your stuff Likely
  8. 8. What is SharePoint? “The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web”
  9. 9. TM SharePoint is AwesomeSauce
  10. 10. What is SharePoint Really?  Internet, Intranet and Extranet  xMS  Search for Content and People  House View (Dashboards)  What’s on Today, This Week, This Month SharePoint is a website to put & find your stuff. So, why not your Project Stuff?
  11. 11. SharePoint is not a tool … SharePoint is a framework Applications, Business Processes, Databases and Projects SharePoint Data Silos One Strategic (Go To) Platform • No Scale • Corporate Intranet, Extranet and Internet • • Some software, some websites Separate support lifecycles • • Unified Presentation Layer – the “House View” First choice for prototypes/solutions to new problems • Introverted, no desire or ability to share • • Scalability, Reporting, Dashboards Anytime, Anywhere on Anything
  12. 12. Anytime Access Staff Partners Customers Anyone Your Stuff Anything Anywhere
  13. 13. SharePoint Deployment Scenarios Internet Extranet Enterprise I need to know about my tasks We need to share Project data with Vendors, Partners and Customers Division Teams Management needs Project visibility Individual And Project Teams
  14. 14. Options for the Busy PM Project Server, Office 365, SharePoint … Oh My?
  15. 15. So what about my Project Stuff? Two Options. (But) they’re both SharePoint Project Server SharePoint
  16. 16. Project Server In 2 minutes or less…
  17. 17. “We require an end to end Program/Portfolio Solution with Visibility & Control, Scheduling & Insights” Project Server/Project Online
  18. 18. Project Server Benefits Just SharePoint •The New PMO •The Mature PMO  Project and Portfolio Management  Visibility and Control  Project Server Scheduling and Insight
  19. 19. Project Server Gallery Portfolio View Team Members View
  20. 20. Project Server Licensing Project Server SharePoint Standard CAL Project Server CAL Project Professional SharePoint Enterprise CAL SharePoint Server
  21. 21. Whew. Ain’t got no time for that…
  22. 22. “Dude. We just need to collaborate as a team on projects” SharePoint
  23. 23. SharePoint Benefits •No established PMO •Light Project Management •Managing Existing PMO Artifacts Project Server  Project Collaboration  Task Management  Just SharePoint Scheduling and Insight synched with Project Professional
  24. 24. SharePoint & the Project Pipeline Process: Create SharePoint Team Site when Project Approved 3 4 5 Project Pipeline PMO Dashboard     Schedule Management Contract Management Scope Management Change Management     Budget Management Resource Management Risk Management Status Control / KPI Reports Reporting & Visibility Project 1 Project 2 Work flows Documents Project Documents Work flows Project Workspaces Status Reports Schedule Status Reports Schedule Artifacts Issues Scope Changes Issues Artifacts Scope Changes
  25. 25. Recipe for Success  PMO Global Site = Organizational Visibility  Sites + Libraries + Lists = Great Project Team Tools  Tasks (via Work Management) = Assignments & Accountability Corporate Teams Projects HR Project X Finance Project Y Sales Knowledge Base
  26. 26. What would Bob Say? Set the Canvas and bring on the Happy Clouds and Van Dyke Brown
  27. 27. Project Collaboration  Project Team Site  View Project Data Anywhere, at Anytime on Anything  Search and Visibility of all content  Dashboards and BI
  28. 28. Document Management  Document Libraries • “One Version of the Truth” • Collaborating with links • Approval & Feedback Workflows
  29. 29. Project Tracking  SharePoint Lists & Forms  Project Site Lists  Risks  Issues  Tasks   Contacts  Calendars  Decisions Global Project Registry List
  30. 30. Project Visibility  Dashboards  Real Time Reporting & Visibility  What’s On?  Today? This Week? This Month?  Concerns & What Requires Attention?  What is waiting on me?  What are my peers working on?  What risks are outstanding or tasks that are overdue?
  31. 31. Bits and Bobs Just didn’t fit anywhere else…
  32. 32. What’s new in SharePoint 2013? Already using SharePoint 2010 or 2007? Here’s the best of what’s new…  Project Site Template with Timelines & Summaries  Work Management – “A task is a task is a task”  Inline Search
  33. 33. Office 365 in one slide… SharePoint Team Sites & Dashboards Lync Instant Messaging Exchange Email Services Also SharePoint Public Website Other Goodies Project Online Yammer Software CRM More…
  34. 34. Umm. I don’t know about this cloud thing Pro’s of On Premise Pro’s of the Cloud Complete control over your data Predictable Costs via Rental Model Complete control over customizations Always current Control of timing of upgrades Easy to Scale
  35. 35. OneNote. The Secret Weapon  Manage Notes and Meetings in the weekly “campfire”  Assign a checklist as a single task  Synchronize your project notes on a PC, mobile device and browser
  36. 36. 3rd Party Tools  Workflow Tools  Outlook to SharePoint integration  Apps for Mobile Devices (and Offline forms)  Office 365 App Store & Other Web Parts
  37. 37. Stop. Demo Time. Empower a Project Team
  38. 38. The Project Team Site and Where it Fits
  39. 39. The Project Team Site and Where it Fits Brian Burke Jr. Corporate Teams Projects Marketing Parade Route Finance Archives : Luongo Sales Knowledge Base
  40. 40. Questions? Go Leafs…