Picasso, Shakespeare & Me


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Picasso, Shakespeare & Me

  1. 1. Picasso, Shakespeare & ME
  2. 2. ED NE of on ati cre a OT N E, IR ES fD no tio rea ac is EN M
  3. 3. There are ONLY two types of women Goddesses and Doormats Pablo Picasso
  4. 4. ART is a LIE that enables us to realize the TRUTH Pablo Picasso
  5. 5. Accidents, try to change them it's impossible. The accidental reveals man. Pablo Picasso
  6. 6. Bad artists COPY Good artists STEAL Pablo Picasso
  7. 7. I am always doing that I CANNOT do in order that Imay LEARN how to do it Pablo Picasso
  8. 8. Everything you can IMAGE is REAL Pablo Picasso
  9. 9. It take a LONG time to BECOME YOUNG Pablo Picasso
  10. 10. If MUSIC be the food of LOVE, PLAY ON..... William Shakespeare
  11. 11. f rse o cou VE The E LO TRU VER NE un r did th oo sm Wil lia mS hak espe are