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Virtual Worlds Preso For Bates 130807


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the intro of SL as a user

Published in: Technology
  • isis - excellent stuff. - but how will you build any business for VIACOM from this presentation - ?
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Virtual Worlds Preso For Bates 130807

  1. beyond real life the virtual immersion
  2. media become HUMAN
  3. EVERYBODY IS an artist
  4. today softwares enable anybody to become an author, journalist or film maker self representation through avatars ( virtual community & online gaming) voice (podcasts) actor (video) author (weblogs)
  5. the digital numbers 2.7B google there are over searches performed on last month the number of text messages sent each day exceeds the total population of earth your my space 11st largest country in the world is the avatar gamer is 32yrs old the average 38% of online gamers are women 400 million there are active gamers worldwide
  6. participating culture sharing and participating is spreading in the DIGITAL world
  7. think about it 1814 everybody was on foot 1914 on train 1940 in cars 2040 100 millions avatar in the synthetic world ??
  8. it will happen sooner!! 18/10/2006 SL population hit 1m 10 months later 10/8/2007 8.6M SL nowadays population is and it’s growing massively fast
  9. by 2011 80% of active internet users will have a virtual life “gartner”
  10. think about it is it a synthetic world? what is between real & synthetic worlds? A MEMBRANE so called new media
  11. the evolution is there any gap between human & machine? this gap create emotional virtual agents
  12. IN THE FUTURE from a 2d environment, the internet will rapidly transform into a 3d environment from then, everyone needs an avatar in the 3D world!
  13. virtual worlds as distinct from MMORPGs MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role- playing games e.g. neverwinter nights, everquest. world of warcraft, ultima online, runescape virtual world massively multiplayer (but NOT role- playing games) e.g., second life, big world... the users generate the content NOT A GAME : a 3d social community terminology: virtual world or virtual social environment MUVE (multi user virtual environment synthetic world....)
  14. let’s start our virtual journey in Second Life!
  15. the grand tour
  16. second life a 3D virtual world all content created by residents run by linden lab populated by avatars, aka residents state 8.6m user accounts and growing fast 1.6m logged on in the past 60days 30-40K concurrently online not a game a place for meeting, building, selling, collaborating and exploring active economy millions of US change hands every month media coverage BBC, Wired, economist, business week, observer, sunday times, guardian, channel 4, cbs, usa today, the register, frobes.................................... everyone
  17. why is sl so successful? user generated sl is a completely personalized environment. residents can view and modify the world, create, buy and sell property, houses, services and other virtual items (from clothing to technology) own currency sl has its own economy and a currency referred to as linden dollars (L$). though the exchange rate fluctuates, as of feb 2007 it is reasonably stable at around USD 1 to L$ 270. residents trade real currency via credit card or paypal into L$. the SL currency exchange acts as a real financial market explorative interaction & communication users are called residents and appear as avatars. SL provides an advanced level of social networking service combined with general aspects of a metaverse (3d virtual world)
  18. sl demographic march 2007
  19. second life account basic entry is free currency inside is Linden money USD1 = L266
  20. second life land average island/server/sim cost USD 1,675+ need to pay monthly tier USD 30+ ( as a form of land tax) if you own land there
  21. second life identity every avatar has a name you can finely adjust your body figure & feature by numbers on the net NO ONE knows you are a dog or cat even you are a guy, you can be a female avatar appearance can change instantly this second you are human, next second can be a fox or bear!!
  22. second life building & scripting basic SL unit is called prim adjust prim parameters to make different objects in world insert different textures to make objects in different formats use scripting to animate objects
  23. second life communications private IM public chat with instant translation real voice chat group notice or announcement
  24. second life transportation “TELEPORT” = “TAXI” “landmark” = “sURL” just one click, then you can go to monaco from paris!! from one sim to another!! from one island to another!! flying high in the sky or diving deep in the sea!! there is NO BOUNDARY in SL!!
  25. the search land place people etc the map landmark category land info etc the inventory clothes skin building all objects
  26. second life multimedia LIVE MUSIC streaming music URL link nicecast is the live broadcast application to stream music from your HD in sl world, and share with the avatar in the same sim
  27. a real & second life DJ example DJ Marquez iLL he plays in SL live to promote his mix in real life clubbing in berlin
  28. second life multimedia LIVE 3D photo streaming
  29. second life multimedia LIVE video streaming
  30. fashion shopping in second life
  31. living shopping in second life
  32. second style magazine third party media about SL fashion & style
  33. surfing wear party wear woman casual chic advertisement model styling celebs interview on second style magazine haute couture woman skin
  34. avastar weekly third party media about SL community news
  35. SL exchange is a marketplace L$ balance when u buy in world out of world pay in world buy outside world
  36. SL group on flickr third party media about SL community sharing group post gallery set sl friends contact
  37. second life’s first real life possibilities - immersion millionaire into virtual world at the end of november marketing 2006, second life spat brand promotion out its first millionaire. design the millionaire is anshe media & entertainment chung, whose fortune in education (e-learning, blended learning) second life includes training (rehearsal) virtual real estate, cash conferences holdings in linden community events dollars, and several networking and collaborations brands in second life. modeling (visualization, simulation...) she also has significant research, including monitoring (data mining) virtual stock market investments in second life. born in china, she is currently a citizen of germany
  38. brands in second life several real world brands are starting to set up a presence in sl and translate real life products and services into the virtual domain of sl 20th century fox, adidas, apple, reebok, american cancer society, axel springer ag-bild, t-online, bbc radio, centric, creative commons, dell, disney, endemol - big brother, eudoxa, ibm, leo burnett, lichtenstein creative media, max march industries, mazda,, mtv, intel, the new media consortium, pa consulting group, reuters, sun microsystems, telus mobility, text 100, toyota, universal motown records group, mercedes benz, bmw, deutsche post, pontiac, wired magazine, sony bmg, sony ericsson, calvin klein, loreal, abn amro, bcv, bnp paribas, ing bank, saxo bank, wells fargo
  39. shop front iphone promotion video streaming arena apple shop in second life mac book counter training center ibook counter
  40. CD shop MV theatre teleport map sony bmg in second life HD theatre JT promotion JT MV
  41. “GO TO PAGE” click thru traffic from SL to official URL for CD purchase
  42. direct URL link shop front direct URL link adidas in second life new model rack new model rack
  43. new C class on the road direct LM offered mercedes in second life test drive instruction detail dashboard design text drive panel
  44. welcome board new w880 display rack new phone video streaming sony ericsson in second life lucky draw shop outlook contest record labels associate
  45. IBM meetings
  46. the power of virtual world .............. changes the way we think about our life!
  47. what’s next after second life?
  48. are you ready for your virtual life!?
  49. isis shek senior regional account director Viacom brand solutions apac born to be in media industry she started her media advertising career with her first job in a fashion publication house (marie claire & b international) since 1994 to regional broadcasters (star, phoenix satellite ) since 1999 she is currently the senior regional account director VBS asia, mtv networks asia
  50. isis bade second life resident, born in 01/02/07 member of iGroup, business starters, bussiness woman of sl, code red lounge, cube - gallery & lounge, marquez tone, dogglounge, flicks glamour girls, give us more, hed kandi official group, land selling, macintosh users, sands exclusive members, tfinder texture, oracles of sl land owned : 10,000 sq meters, sands island prim owned: 7,800 prim
  51. thank you