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William is our Dinosaur


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To our best Mozillian & friend William Quiviger

Published in: Leadership & Management
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William is our Dinosaur

  1. 1. William is our Dinosaur mozilla
  2. 2. mozillamozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community mozilla ReMo 2013
  3. 3. mozillamozillamozilla Indonesian community
  4. 4. mozilla William Quiviger is a community knight, coffee lover, great friend, capitalist, International Klein Blue fan, rule breaker, jazz enthusiast, sambal mule, fellow Jedi and devoted sponsor. Someone we can count on when things are almost impossible. We ❤ you. — by Ina
  5. 5. mozillamozilla
  6. 6. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community mozilla MozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community
  7. 7. mozilla Thank you for inspiring us