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Mozilla Summit 2013 - What to expect

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Expect Summit

  1. 1. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Mozilla Summit 2013 October 4–6 BRUSSELS TORONTO SANTA CLARA The Summit is a human conference. A meet-up of grand proportions. A full 72 hours/4,320 minutes/259,200 seconds of magic, wholly dedicated to our awesome community (that's you). Come prepared for a dash of connection, a heap of calibration and whole lot of celebration as we align around our mission, strategic direction and priorities for the future. See you soon. SUMMIT 2013
  2. 2. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community A note from Mitchell Baker about the Summit mzl.la / 1fvAvRu Five Ways to Have a Great Summit mzl.la / 18wrtMz
  3. 3. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Through a small handful of keynotes, interactive fairs and sessions to develop a shared understanding of who we are as Mozilla, what we’re trying to accomplish, and how we go about doing so. Focus of 2013 Mozilla Summit A note from Mitchell Baker about the Summit 
  4. 4. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community To develop shared understanding about our traits — openness, freedom to innovate, interoperability, decentralized decision-making and user control — how to meld our values with the practical realities of online life. Develop A note from Mitchell Baker about the Summit 
  5. 5. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Have looked at these values and the future of our products. Have a clearer idea of our product strategy and how it moves our mission forward. Leave stronger as a community with a clearer picture of the world we want to build. We will A note from Mitchell Baker about the Summit 
  6. 6. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community A lot of fun, long days filled with questions, explorations and problem-solving, Getting to knowing a lot more Mozillians, Returning home with new tools for moving Mozilla’s mission forward. Expect A note from Mitchell Baker about the Summit 
  7. 7. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community 12 months planning 9 am to 6 pm each day 26 Hours of content 1811 Mozillians registered 84 languages spoken 97 countries represented SUMMIT by the Numbers
  8. 8. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Participate Five Ways to Have a Great Summit Embrace a new idea, ask a dumb question, lead a session, close your laptop. If a session does not move you, find another that does (it’s okay to shift). You get to decide what interests you, stretches you and ultimately helps you grow.
  9. 9. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Make room Five Ways to Have a Great Summit We don’t all understand English fluently. When speaking, do it slowly and clearly. Some of us have physical limitations that make getting around difficult. Make room (literally and metaphorically) for all before anyone has to ask. Seek to understand, then to be understood.
  10. 10. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Five Ways to Have a Great Summit Be your true self and to respect others’ as well, even if it bothers you. Respect their space and freedom and uniqueness. Take care of yourself, body and mind. Rest, eat, drink water, laugh a lot. Take care of the space and each other. Pick up trash. Share your power cord. Practice respect
  11. 11. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Five Ways to Have a Great Summit If you see a problem, try to help. If you can’t, find someone who can. Don’t quietly tolerate unacceptable behavior. Stand up for your fellow Mozillians. If someone’s words make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable — a comment, a joke, a slide — consider involving an intermediary. If you’ve made someone feel uncomfortable, be open to adjusting your presentation or public speech and apologize. Be helpful
  12. 12. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Five Ways to Have a Great Summit The Summit is our opportunity to pause and celebrate who we are and all that we have accomplished. It’s a chance to meet other amazing humans, to connect, to dance, to build things, to break them too. It’s your moment to dig in and have fun. Have fun
  13. 13. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Wait and See. He’ll be there, promise! Firefox
  14. 14. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community What you need to do this weekend 1. Update your Mozillians.org profile 2. Review the schedule wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013/AgendaAllDays 3. Check that you’ve received your hotel confirmation Email mozillasummit@shworldwide.com if you’re missing it. 4. Ensure you have all of your entry documents, print everything out Travel itinerary, invitation letter, hotel confirmation, Directions from the airport to the hotel... 5. Sign-up for Social Events wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013/Experiences/signups
  15. 15. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Traveling & Arriving 1. Wear something that has ‘Mozilla’ or ‘Firefox’ on it. 2. If arriving on the 3rd, you will be picked-up at the airport. If not, traveling from the airport to the hotel. wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013TravelSpecs 3. Would be best to find a buddy. What to do when you arrive at the Hotel: 1. Visit the reception desk to pick up your welcome pack and badge. 2. Check-in to your room and take a rest (you will be tired!) • Check-in will begin at 3pm. • You may need a credit card/cash for hotel to hold USD$ 50/day. • Welcome Reception beginning Thursday at 6pm. 3. Start reading through your guide to the weekend.
  16. 16. mozillaMozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community IRC: #mozsummit SNS hashtag: #MozSummit Mozilla: summit2013 @ mozilla.com Event Vender: (travel/hotel/registration questions) MozillaBrussels @ shworldwide.com MozillaToronto @ shworldwide.com MozillaSantaClara @ shworldwide.com Wiki: wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013 aka, the source of all truth Irvin: +1 (336) 926-NNNN Peter: +1 (714) 232-NNNN CONNECT