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Take back the web - Cheng Kung University team review


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Mozilla Campus Campaign 2016
coached by Irvin with the help from BobChao

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Take back the web - Cheng Kung University team review

  1. 1. Take Back the Web Mozilla Campus Campaign 2016
  2. 2. Irvin & BobChao Taipei, Taiwan
  3. 3. Why I became a Coach • I’llliketo learn how the “difference” of this campaign is and how is it prepared • I’m wonder if any of the local students will join (because it’sa non-localized campaign) • And if anyone join then I can help them get involve into greater Mozilla community
  4. 4. Campaign highlights as coaches • I had 3 teams and 1of them reallycame from local Taiwan university! • Really surprisedme because basically we didn’t do any promotion • Taiwan team had survivedtil the end (and 2 others drop sadly ;(
  5. 5. Insert photo of your team! Team Cheng- Kung University Tainan, Taiwan
  6. 6. Why they got involved • 1st year collegestudent, not so techie background • Totally new to Mozilla, never joinany of our events before • Interesting in Mozilla, heard of us • They wanna to tryrun a campaign with teams around the world • And learn the culture differences between countries
  7. 7. What the team had learned • They learned how to protect their on-line privacy • Growsthe skillsof prepare and leading workshop • Explain technology issuesto non–techie isharder than we thought
  8. 8. • 3 test rounds of Change Behaviorworkshops, with their friends and classmates, improved each time • Created a reallydetailed scenario plan and scripts* for their workshop * bsrFWExRJS2#:h=流程 Highlights of the team
  9. 9. Highlights from coach side • We had weekly call during the campaign, and we had fun time mentoring new people, discussMozilla’s culture and our way • We saw their activity skillsgrowingthrough the campaign • We had help them think deeply on why they want to promoting security, and why people need to learn more about those topic
  10. 10. Lessons learned • In different country we might need different strategies & contents (eg., we may need to focus on high school / K12 students in Taiwan) • Timing isreallyimportant for both for the team’s present and for their workshops • We do need to prepare “next step” in the beginning
  11. 11. Copyright This slideis licensed under CC BY 4.0 IrvinChen, with the help from Bob Chao