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Arcres Multi-units Booking


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booking Many units for families and groups

Published in: Travel
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Arcres Multi-units Booking

  1. 1. knowledge engineering arcRes – Multiple Units Group Bookings Marketing the Tourism with a Unique Travel Platform 12 years building technology for tourism suppliers Booking Multiple Units with arcRes
  2. 2. . Knowledge engineering arcRes Bookings-expert for Large Group Bookings Can accommodate 1. Bookings of Multiple Single Units and 2. Multiple Bookings of Several different Units
  3. 3. . Knowledge engineering Guest Choose Unit type and Select Party numbers on Booking Form A guest enters the total number of person in the group Total Adults, Total Seniors and ages of the children in the group ages
  4. 4. . Knowledge engineering If the Group is greater than the max occupancy of the unit selected A suitable unit is suggested If no units are large enough The Guest may book several of the selected unit (1) In this case arcRes will calculate the number of rooms and cost it at the best rate per person The Guest is also advised that they may go back and make several Separate booking (2) for the different parties in the group
  5. 5. . Knowledge engineering More that one of the selected Units is chosen Costs are calculated Per Person Using the MAX-Occupancy Rate (as set in arcRes Admin) Child Rates are used where applicable Adult Rate used $103.68. Child Rate used $10.00 1. Bookings of Multiple Single Units
  6. 6. . Knowledge engineering Family Plan and Child Rates (set in arcRes admin) If MAX Children is set to 0 – No child rates will apply If MAX Children is set to 1 – 1 child per unit will be permitted (if 4 units are select max children will be 4) If the Child Rate and Infant Rate is Blank No child rates apply
  7. 7. . Knowledge engineering 2. Multiple Bookings Guest can make several bookings, By using the form to book each party (family/sub group) Each New booking may identify the party This takes more time but insures That families are assigned to the right units Several units of a single type are not always the best fit for a large group on a family plan
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