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AXSES ArcRes Travel Platform- St. Lucia


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ArcRes Brochure St. Lucia

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AXSES ArcRes Travel Platform- St. Lucia

  1. 1. PO Box 16B, Baslen House, Kingston Terr St. Michael, Barbados BB11090 T (1) 246 429 2653 F (1) 246 436 5704 website: knowledge engineering AXSES arcRes Product Brochure "arcRes is so easy to manage. 99% of my bookings come from arcRes. The support I get is awesome. I love it. I attribute my success with Ocean Bliss to AXSES." Ocean Bliss, Suzanne Payne From advertising to bookings Technology | Branding | Direct Travel Shopping | Destination Marketing
  2. 2. AXSES arcRes base beta AXSES travel shopping experience calendar combines Google-like search, Expedia-like travel pricing, with RSS AXSES branding, advertising and expert systems for Direct sales Accra Beach Hotel and Resort arcRes Platform and Distribution, in a ONLINE This elegant Hotel sits on RESERVATION Arrival Date(dd/mm/yy) nights/adults single marketing 23 Apr 10 Ages of children ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 Check Availability platform Special Offers A Tourism Marketing Engine AXSES arcRes is a direct tourism marketing engine that drives many e-commerce and marketing applications AXSES arcRes is a marketing arcRes can load room descriptions, Content platform for hotels, villas, condos, photos, rates, property content and apartments, car rentals, tourism booking widgets to Facebook pages Bookings Engine 1 activities and destinations. It is a where fans can get instant quotes Dynamic rates & website booking engine, a central and book direct. accommodation 2 reservation system, a travel publishing Content Management 4 system, an interactive advertising arcRes is a collaborative marketing system and technology to help solution (Booking-Partners) where Specials/Packages 5 manage and market travel. hotels and activity operators market Booking-partners 6 each others products and services. arcRes powers many marketing Themes Marketing 7 channels where travelers shop, Destination marketers and tourism RealHolidays 8 compare, create packages, add authorities use arcRes to offer a rich Social Media/Facebook 9 items to a shopping list, get quotes travel shopping and bookings and book online. experience. Bookable-ads/maps 10 Direct Shopping Channels 11 arcRes publishes rates, specials and arcRes destination sites include packages to an international network interactive advertising and Destination Marketing 12 of sites, including Global Distribution booking applications for personal BookingsFranchise 13 Systems (GDS), social sites, blogs, and effective advertising, marketing mobile phones, affiliated travel sites and branding. Print On Demand 14 and travelers. 1
  3. 3. One Bedroom Apt 1 (apartment-ov.1(1/1)2|dlx) Top level apartment overlooking the roof top terrace, the pool and cove. ONLINE AirCondition | Ceiling-Fan | WaterHtr Dining | Coffee-Maker | Toaster | MicroWave | Kettle | Fridge | Wash/Dryer Iron | Hair-Dryer | BathTub | Shower | TV | Cable | Phone | NoSmoking | RESERVATION Booking Dates: 7 nights from 23 April 2010 to 30 April 2010 Subject to availability Arrival Date(dd/mm/yy) nights/adults Occupancy: 1 person (s): 1 Adult(s); 0 senior(s); 0 child(ren); 0 infant(s); 23 Apr 10 Unit Cost: 1,020.60 US $ (Ave. 145.80 US $ / Night ) Ages of children Value Added Tax (8%): (included) Service Charge: Discretionary ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 Total Cost (all taxes):1,020.60 US $ (75.60 VAT included Check Availability Special Offers Save to MyWebsite Reserve add to Select List NEXT > > Two Bedroom Apt 2 (apartment-pv.1(2/2)4) “Visitors to our website find it very useful to be able Top level 2 bedroom overlooking the rooftop terrace the pool and the to calculate the total cost of their stay and we have cove. the ability to contact them with any special offers, AirCondition | Ceiling-Fan | WaterHtr even if they haven't made a booking." Dining | Coffee-Maker | Toaster | MicroWave | Kettle | Fridge | Wash/Dryer Iron | Hair-Dryer | BathTub | Shower | TV | Cable | Phone | NoSmoking | Subject to availability Plum Tree Club - Ann Smith, General Manager, Booking Dates: 7 nights from 23 April 2010 to 30 April 2010 Occupancy: 1 person (s): 1 Adult(s); and Kristine Hoad Reservation manager 0 senior(s); 0 child(ren); 0 infant(s); Unit Cost: 1,265.53 US $ (Ave. 180.79 US $ / Night ) Value Added Tax (8%): (included) Service Charge: Discretionary Total Cost (all taxes):1,265.53 US $ (93.74 VAT included) AXSES arcRes Bookings-Expert - your branded booking engine Features/Benefits Bookings • • arcRes-Bookings Expert is a flexible and customisable • collaborative marketing engine that can be configured for any set of terms, • specials and packages business rules, payment and inventory options. family plans, group rates • It is more than a booking engine, managing both flexible inventory options • reservations and marketing leads (contact request, block request, allocation, freesell • management and direct mailing). It manages multiple direct email marketing • rate plans and bookings on your site and on affiliate air travel option networks like Facebook and mobile applications. • affiliate marketing flexible terms Quotes & Specials • flexible payment options online gateway, offline process, no cards With arcRes you can offer clients immediate quotes, flexible guarantee options best rate guarantees, special occasion pricing, loyalty prepaid, credit card guarantee, deposit, programs, family plans, group rates and online discounts. open customisable 2
  4. 4. RATES (Per Unit) US $ Unit Type Winter Season 09/10 Summer 2010 16 Dec 2009 - 16 Apr 2010 - 15 Apr 2010 15 Dec 2010 1. DELUXE STUDIO 150.01 (2 persons) 100.00 (2 persons) (Max. Occ. 4 persons) Extra person 20.00 Extra person 20.00 2. TWO BEDROOM PENTHOUSE SUITE 225.00 (2 persons) 175.00 (2 persons) (Max. Occ. 4 persons) Extra person 20.00 Extra person 20.00 3. DELUXE GROUND FLOOR TWO BEDROOM SUITE 275.01 (2 persons) 200.00 (2 persons) (Max. Occ. 6 persons) Extra person 20.00 Extra person 20.00 4. DELUXE TOP FLOOR TWO BEDROOM SUITE 300.02 (4 persons) 225.00 (4 persons) (Max. Occ. 6 persons) Extra person 20.00 Extra person 20.00 "arcRes managed sites are very user friendly and you can enhance and update the site on your own. We encourage everyone to be part of arcRes distribution in getting your product and services out there." Ground level; 2 bedrooms tropical garden Rostrevor Apartment Hotels - Jennifer Howard view with two private terraces. Spacious and clean, tastefully decorated with ratan, wicker and Caribbean colours. Fully equipped to make your stay comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Dynamic Rates Post your rates and booking terms and conditions directly on your website. Once updated in arcRes, your new rates show up immediately on your website! Features/Benefits Dynamic Accommodation • Easy to use • Easy to implement, learn and manage Consistent Content Post your room descriptions, amenities and photos arcRes changes are automatically • directly on your website. Once updated in arcRes, updated on website your new accommodation information shows up immediately on your website! Save time No need to update rates & descriptions, amenities and photos on Website 3
  5. 5. point and click web design and content management Content Management System (CMS) - web content made instant and easy Features/Benefits • Accessable / Instant / Secure / Easy Your website can be updated quickly from anywhere, at any time and by anyone (who is authorized). • arcRes Content Management System (CMS) No technical skill or knowledge required Flexible / Re-useable / Consistent makes it easy for Separation of design and content makes non-technical users to • maintain their website, re-designs and upgrades quicker and less costly Content can be reused throughout the website and including adding new photos, • other applications (mobile, web, social media) changing text and adding additional pages. • Encourages consistent look and feel across the website A vibrant website that contains informative and persuasive content Components and widgets Easily add photo galleries, guest books, postcards, events calendar, • Google maps, frequently asked questions, news, mailing lists, and links is critical for online marketing success. AXSES CMS is the tool Customised you use to create just that! • Custom functionality can be easily built on request Search Engine Marketing Search engine friendly architecture helps with high placement in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 4
  6. 6. Your Specials published to hundreds of sites including AXSES mobile " Axses represents more traffic to the Atlantis Submarines applications International website than any other destination website including Hawaii." like Caribbean Atlantis Submarine - Roseanne Myers Travel shopping Specials & Packages Marketing - publish to the world Specials Features/Benefits • Create seasonal specials in arcRes and display them on your website and on hundreds of affiliate sites. A change in Publishing arcRes will instantly update all channels Specials are published to social media sites and your website. Travelers can get immediate like Facebook, Google shopping, Google quotes, reserve or book hotels, resorts, car rentals, calendar, mobile apps, international travel and activities online in real time. Specials portals and to travelers subscribers who • added or edited in arcRes are instantly updated subscribe to our RSS across all channels and on your website Marketing Packages AXSES Specials marketing network including • and all AXSES bookings portals Like Specials, arcRes Packages Immediate Interaction may be displayed and booked Travelers can get immediate quotes, on your website and marketed reserve or book hotels, resorts, car rentals, • through the AXSES network. and activities online in real time Channel Management Specials added or edited in arcRes are instantly updated across all channels and on your website 5
  7. 7. Present the complete destination experience and buying incentive at the point of decision ** Book and Save! ** Select a partner We’ve teamed up with partners to offer you deals and savings when booking! Select a ONLINE partner above for details on special offers. How it works Book or get a quote RESERVATION Arrival Date(dd/mm/yy) nights/adults 23 Apr 10 Ages of children ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 Check Availability AXSESʼ arcRes Booking-Partners Special Offers - partners in destination marketing Features/Benefits • Reduce marketing costs • Eliminate and overseas payment, Hotels and Tourism Operators partner to cross market each others products. This effective marketing occurs at the point of purchase or when a traveler visits a partner site. Wholesalers • Save foreignmoney in the destination and foreign exchange and administration Most activity operators work with hotel concierges after the guest has arrived. This does not exchange showcase the product nor make it an integral Keep more part of the incentive to visit. give the traveler a better deal, passing on • Convenience engine completes 2 transactions gives the traveler a fun and useful shopping savings experience, enhancing the destinationʼs marketing effort. • Extended Marketing market each other One booking Select a travel provider to see special offers Website Quote Booking Adulo Apartments Partner Deals for Rostrevor Hotel Atlantis Submarines Booking-Partners cross and are promoted on AXSES network, Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) Inc. Book now and save Direct Car Rentals • Targeted guest at the moment that it $10 on your next “must do” submarine adventure!!! (website) Facebook and Twitter Baywatch Resorts Direct Car Rentals BOOK NOW AND RECEIVE Rostrevor Hotel 5% DISCOUNT RENTALS (website) Catch the counts - when they are ready to pay 6
  8. 8. The right message, in the right channel with the right process Themes Marketing - make your message fit the occasion AXSES pioneered the concept of Features/Benefits Holiday Themes Marketing combining: • Personalised search, comparison shopping, dynamic content, dynamic packaging, quotations, bookings, search engine marketing Targeted messages and Niche Marketing and branding. The right message to the right audience at • the right time and with the right process Create arcRes themes with content and images to suit the occasion. All updates in Holiday Planning arcRes instantly change all theme channels Travelers get specific suggestions on all pages. according to their holiday needs and • personality The themes process includes all aspects of the shopping cycle, giving travelers a rich Dynamic Packaging interactive experience with options to shop, Travelers add options to create their own compare, reserve and book hotels, tourism package activities and holiday packages. 7
  9. 9. Matching travelers with operators of complementary character, creating custom packages dynamically Holidays made to measure arcRes powered RealHolidays - expert systems & dynamic packaging RealHolidays is an arcRes powered travel expert Features/Benefits system. Travelers can customize a search across • multiple themes. arcRes Expert system matches accommodation and activities to the specific needs and character of the traveler. Extensive Matching travelers on multiple themes, • All interactions, clicks and choices are converted mood and personality to holiday options into a unique psychological profile and matched against similarly profiled hotels. Profiling Matchmaking travelers and hotels by • personality Holidays made to measure! Travelers select multiple themes and activities. Travelers create their own custom packages matching their • needs and personality Personal website Travelers can revisit their website to change preferences 8
  10. 10. for Facebook, loads and updates your information, rates images and booking options to your Facebook page “Twitter and Facebook sites are impacting the Caribbean region more significantly than travel brochures can and provide a buzz among computer users. Thank you Axses, for your team effort in guiding us through Social Media." Cobblers Cove Hotel, Monica Blackman Social Media applications - - Facebook feeding the conversation Features/Benefits • FaceBook users are able to view rates, • Facebook Bookings Peer review Guests use these media to write comments obtain quotes, reserve and book online and recommendations on properties, activities • Automatic automatically updated when • directly from Facebook pages and services updates Public relations Rates are Suppliers can respond to complaints and changes are made in arcRes thereby discuss brand issues • New marketing car rentals, etc. are able preventing inconsistencies Hotels, resorts, to market their products and services to new markets and in a new way 9
  11. 11. Advertising is moving from static print to a fully Accra Beach Hotel and Resort This elegant Hotel sits on one of the island's most spectacular beaches - a interactive application sun-kissed stretch of soft, white sand that is home to the gentle waves of the Caribbean sea. Read more... ZOOM IN MyHotels Compare to MyHotels arcRes is the power Rooms Online quote direct from Accra Bech Hotel Rates Resort behind the new interactive Photos Add to MyHotels l Compare to MyHotels bookable-ads pioneered by AXSES "AXSES Google map application is a leading Interactive shopping solution, it is credited as a top contributor by Google" arcRes bookable-ads/bookable-maps From a simple quote button on a text link to interactive systems for bookable-banners and multimedia Features/Benefits advertising, Interactivity increases users participation and improves click through rates. Research has shown that booking widgets on a hotel website increase • requests and bookings by 25%. Bookable-maps AXSES advertising management system (acAds) Delivering location information as • provides detail tracking and reporting on every click a shopping cart and cost performance for each ad, ad place, ad type and client. With AXSES Map and Ad tools, Ads can Maps published to Google be managed and optimised, created, published and AXSES arcres map points are • managed by an authorised administrator, from any used by Google browser. Ads that act get attention Shoppers spend more time with • Interactive Website Viewer (use arrows to scroll) ads that interact Point of purchase in an ad Shoppers can get quotes, add to <--- Quote Units Rates Photos Website ---> shopping list and buy 10
  12. 12. Combining interactive technology, search, advertising, branding, shopping and buying "I have tried other avenues and in the end most of the business comes from advertising with AXSES marketing channels." Bay Watch Resorts - Geeta Chatrani arcRes Direct Shopping Channels - direct marketing for hotels and activities AXSES many marketing channels such as are direct travel shopping systems. AXSES channels provide travel shoppers with cost comparison options, allowing travelers to view all units, rates, descriptions, photo-galleries of selected properties. Properties may be added to a shopping list for detailed analysis and to get quotes, reserve or book on-line. AXSES RSS feeds, Global Distribution System (GDS), Mobile applications and Social Media connect you to an international distribution market. Destination shopping - hotel search, cost compare, dynamic packaging, travelerʼs websites, bookings 11
  13. 13. Destination marketing destination Tourism Marketing for the Destination Technology, products and services to market the destination. For destination authorities, chambers of commerce, hotel and tourism associations 12
  14. 14. Combining interactive technology, search, advertising, branding, shopping and buying - your own destination travel shopping engine AXSES BookingsFanchise is a travel portal in a box. We can create a multi-page, multi-featured travel portal giving you all the tools to manage rates, content, advertising and bookings. BookingsFranchise can be customised to your requirements. The out of the box solution is suitable for chains, travel marketers and destination authorities and associations. BookingsFranchise technology is a hybrid of advertising, branding and bookings, offering a wide range of services and business models. BookingsFranchise is a modular system. You can Modules like special, packages, themes, and start with the minimum configuration including the activities can be added as required. accommodation search engine, cost-comparison shopping and bookings. The portal manager tools technology: allow your hotel and tourism operator clients example: (suppliers) to manage their content, reservation request and guest bookings. 13
  15. 15. No inventory required - print or download current e-doc as needed, when needed, where needed Publishing/Printing On Demand - magazine/brochure as needed, where needed The AXSES travel shopping experience includes provision for publishing and printing high quality magazines/brochures. arcRes content is used to produce the accommodation and activities listing. AXSES calendar of events can also be captured and published to the destination brochures and magazines. Our graphics artists animate the final print ready document which is published online to our e-magazine. Travelers may download a PDF magazine for FREE. Printed copies may be ordered on line, printed and shipped to the address provided. AXSES print network includes print shops in Canada, USA, UK. Printing can be done at the point of purchase. Sponsorships are available for Turnkey solutions Print on Demand requires no inventory. All printing is include brand story writing, publication and online done from a single online document which may be distribution. kept up to date and modified at any time. Prices for large orders and single copies are highly competitive. 14
  16. 16. PO Box 16B, Baslen House, Kingston Terr St. Michael, Barbados BB11090 T (1) 246 429 2653 F (1) 246 436 5704 knowledge engineering website: > "I can't sing the praises of AXSES enough. They are doing a fantastic job of tourism marketing." Nautilus Beach Apts. - Betty Bayley Photography ©
 Kristine Dear For further information contact: AXSES arcRes is a powerful marketing platform. It can be used for hotels, villas, condos, apartments, car rentals, tourism activities and destinations. arcRes is also a booking engine and a central reservation system. The booking engine comes with easy to install widgets AXSES Saint Lucia office: for any website. The central reservation system can Keitha Glace be a simple widget or a full destination website. Office: (758) 451-7825 arcRes is also a travel publishing system. Cell: (758) 485-4020 Rates, specials, packages and destination content Business Solutions in arcRes can be published to channels such as Unit 21 – Gablewoods Mall mobile phones, social media and travel portals. Sunny Acres, Saint Lucia Special promotions may be sent directly to travellers via email, RSS and special purpose applications developed by Axses. arcRes systems help you to organise, manage and market your travel business. World Leaders in The Direct Travel Shopping Experience AXSES Inc. 211 Kennedy Road, Boutiliers Point, B3Z 1V5 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T 902 826 2440