Cyber Crime


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Cyber Crime

  1. 1. Contents No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Topic Introduction History of cyber crime Definition Categories of cyber crime Types of cyber crime Cyber criminals Prevention Conclusion Reference
  2. 2. Introduction   The internet in Malaysia is growing rapidly. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field such as entertainment, business, sports and education. There are two sides to a coin. Internet also has its own disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is Cyber crime.
  3. 3. History of cybercrime  The first recorded cyber crime took place in the year 1820  In 1820, Joseph-Marie Jacquard, a textile manufacturer in France, produced the loom.  This device allowed the repetition of a series of steps in the weaving of special fabrics.
  4. 4.  This resulted in a fear amongst Jacquard's employees that their traditional employment and livelihood were being threatened.  They committed acts of sabotage to discourage Jacquard from further use of the new technology. This is the first recorded cyber crime!
  5. 5. Definition Offences that are committed by using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet and mobile phone as a subject to steal a person’s identity or illegal imports or malicious programs
  6. 6. Categories of Cyber Crime The Computer as a Target : >using a computer to attack other computers.  The computer as a weapon : >using a computer to commit real world crimes. 
  7. 7. Types of Cyber Crime Theft of proprietary information System penetration from outside Denial service 11% 17% 20% 25% 27% 85% 71% Unauthorized access of insiders Employee abuse of internet privilage Viruses Financial Fraud 79% Sabotage of data/networks
  8. 8. Cyber Criminals  Kids (age group 9-16 etc.)  Organized hacktivists  Disgruntled employees  Professional hackers (corporate espionage)
  9. 9. Safety tips for Cyber Crime       Use antivirus software’s Insert firewalls Uninstall unnecessary software Maintain backup Check security settings Never give your identity to strangers
  10. 10. Conclusion  Within the law enforcement agencies, a  set of rules must be developed  to address the various categories of  computer crime.  As such, investigators will know what  and which materials to search the  electronic evidence to recover, and the  chain of custody to maintain .
  11. 11. Reference    %22threats%20to%20harm%22%20cybercrime& pg=PA91#v=onepage&q=harm&f=false
  12. 12. THE END